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Stainless Steel Kick Bucket Manufacturers


#83, 3rd Main Road, N.S. Palya,, Bangalore - 560076 Karnataka, India

Phone :--918026786133/26786081
Fax :--918026786133

Business Profile : Stretcher Trolley, Stainless Steel Instrument Trolley, Anesthetist Trolley, Dressing Trolley, Ward Dressing Trolley, Bedside Locker, Vertical Sterliser, Revolving Stool, Stainless Steel Kick Bucket, Stainless Steel Saline Stand, Cardiac Table, Wheel Chair, Hydraulic Table, Operation Theatre Equipment, Custom Built Hospital Ss Furniture, Ot Lights, Tables, Equips., Baby Incubators, Unique Obstetric Tables, Photo Therapy And Radiant Warmers, Icu Cots, diagnostics & Anesthesia, Scissors, Homeostatic Forceps, Dressing & Tissue Forceps, Icu/ccu Cot With Side Railing, Fowler Cot, Semi Fowler Cot, Baby Cot, Strecher Trolley With 6"wheels, Crash Cart Trolley Stainless Steel, Obstetric Labour Table Stainless Steel, Labour Table, Baby Bassinet S.s, Dressing Trolley With Bowl & Bucket, Mayo Trolley S.s, Bedside Locker With Stainless Steel Top, Vertical Sterlizer 16", 24", Revolving Tools With Wheels, Kick Bucket, Saline Stand S.s With Heavy Base, Hydraulic Table With 5 Section, Trolley With 5 Shelves, Cane & Sticks, Patient Trolley, Washer, Walker, Wall Crab Bars, Screen, Surgical Scrab Station Health Care Equipment

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