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Pipette Manufacturers


401, shantam complex, Nr. ageta tennis court, gurukul road, memnagar, Ahmedabad - 380052 Gujarat, India

Phone :--+917940054009
Fax :--+917927461944
Mobile :-+919825035896

Business Profile : we are the largest manufacturer of agricultural sprayers. We have our own Export House deals in engineering items,stationery items , paint related items and surgical items. we can provide any material with good quality and cheap price. Agricultural sprayers : 1.Knapsack hand operated sprayer, Unique products below : most effective to save pesticides ,time and human energy, 2.Battery operated Ultra Low Volume sprayer, 3.Battery operated Ultra Low Volume Three side sprayer, engineering items : 'o' ring,oil seals,mechanical seals,'v' belts,packing machine,welding rod,grinding wheel stationery items : STAPLER,RULERS,TAPE DISPENSERS ,STAPLE REMOVERS,PENCILS,PENCIL BOXES,PAPER PRODUCTS,DUSTER ERASER ,PEN ,BALLPEN ,GELPEN ,CRAYONS ,WHITE CHALK PAINT RELATED ITEMS : PIGMENTS ,SAND PAPER ,EMERY PAPER ,ALOXITE PAPER ,STAINER ,MASKING TAPE ,ALL TYPES OF TAPES Textile products : Guar gum, Gum Grains : Non basmati parboiled rice spices : all types surgical items : Infusion Set ( 'Y' Set With Luer Lock ), Infusion Set ( With Built in Air Vent ) Infusion Set ( Without Airway ) Micro Flow Air Micro Drip Set Micro Flow Eco Blood Transfusion Set ( Double Chamber ) Blood Transfusion Set ( Single Chamber ) Blood Donor Set Scalp Vein Set Measured Volume Set I.V. Cannula NEEDLE PTFE CATHETER A.V. Fistula Needle Peritoneal Dialysis Transfusion Set Disposable Syringes Disposable Needles Lab Equipments Test tube Auto burrette Pipettes Beakers. All glass wares jwellery : fashion jwellery imitation jwellery bengals ring jadatar jwellery bridal sets silver - american diamond sets

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J. Mitra & Co. Ltd, New Delhi

Corporate Off: A-180-181 Okhla, Industrial Area Phase I, New Delhi - 110020 Delhi, India

Phone :--26818971/72/73
Fax :--011-26818970/0945

Business Profile : Fcty: A-180-181 Okhla Industrial Area Phase I New Delhi 110020. Branches: (1) 300 Rishabh Apartment Off S.K. Bole Road Dadar (W) Mumbai 400028 (Ph: 022-4220228); (2) D-2 J.P. Tower 7/2 Nungambakam High Road Chennai 600034 (Fax: 044-28258624; Ph: 28279042); (3) 1D Manhar Mahal 4 Bakul Bagan Row Behind Lansdowne Market Calcutta 700025 (Ph: 2748856; Fax: 033-2747135); (4) W-306 Sunrise Chambers 22 Ulsoor Road Bangalore 560042 (Ph: 5597125; Fax: 080-5494830); (5) 505 Kanchenjunga Complex King Kothi Road Hyderabad 500001 (Ph: 040-23236558); (6) 41/2503 B1 First Floor Vattolly Trade Centre St. Benedict Road Opp. North Railway Station Cochin (Telefax: 0484-2394258; 2390979); (7) Flat No. 4 Rajratna Apts Dr Mfr: Digital lab systems Clinical chemistry reagents Lab system analysers Auto pipettes Auto dispensers Blood sugar analysers Blood grouping reagents. Sole Rep for: (1) Olympus Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore; (2) Dakopatts A/S Denmark.

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Multiflo Instruments Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

Unit No. 232. Bharat Industrial, Estate CTS 227., LBS Marg Bhandup (W), Mumbai - 400078 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--25913397/25913673
Fax :--022-25671791

Business Profile : Suppliers of: Push-pull gauges Digital force gauge Procession spring scales Spring testers Plating thickness measuring instruments Hot air tools Contact less hot air de-soldering and soldering stations Techometers Troboscopes Vibration meters Sound level meters Light meters Anemometers Spectrophotometers pH electrodes Refractometers Lab chemistry calculators Mass flow controllers Flow meters and Digital pipettes and Burets.

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Arun Engineers , Bangalore

No.: 97, 3rd Main, 3rd Stage, , 3rd Block, , Basaveshwarnagar,, Bangalore - 560079 Karnataka, India

Phone :--080 - 23223111
Fax :--080 - 41535134
Mobile :-+91- 9448015492

Business Profile : ALL TYPES OF LABORATORY EQUIPMENTS: - Autoclave, Bacteriological Incubator, BOD Incubator, Blood Bank Refrigerator. - Carbon & Sulphur Determinator, Constant Temperature Bath, CO2 Incubator, Deep Freezer, Environmental Chamber, De-Humidifier. - Hot Air Oven, Vacuum Oven, Hot Plate, Furnaces, Heating Mantle, Heating Tape. - Humidity Chamber, Fume Hood, Magnetic Stirrer, Melting Point Apparatus, Oil Bath, - Phosphorous Determinator, Rotary Flask Shaker, Test Sieve, Sieve Shaker, Stirrer, Seriological Water Bath, Vacuum Pump, Water Distillation Plant, Tray Drier. LABORATORY CLEAN ROOM SYSTEMS : - Laminar Flow Cabinet, Bio-Safety Cabinet, Fume Exhaust Hood, Sterile Air Tent, Air Curtain, Garment Storage Cabinet, Material Storage Cabinet, Wall Storage Cupboard, Chemical Storage Cupboard, Revolving Stool, Inoculation Hood. : 2 : OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS: • Medical Microscope, Inclined Microscope, Binocular Microscope • Digital Video Microscope, Metallurgical Microscope • Trinocular Research Microscope, Multipurpose Stereo Microscope • Student Dissection Microscope, Profile Projector ALL TYPES OF LABORATORY GLASS WARES: - Beakers such as – Low Form, Graduated, Tall Form. - Bottles such as – B.O.D., Reagent, Dropping, Washing, Gas Washing. - Burettes such as – Single/Double Bore Screwcock, Center Filling Glass - Condensers such as – Liebig, Jacketed Coil Vertical, Combined Double Coil, - Cylinders - Measuring, Nessler, Crow Receiver, Desiccators with Cover - Flasks such as – Boiling, Flat Bottom / Round Bottom / Two Neck / Three Neck, Distilling, Conical With Screw Cap, Iodine, Volumetric, Le Chatelier. - Funnels such as – Buchener, Plain, Powder, Separating - Pipettes such as – Automatic with Overflow, Bacteriological, Measuring, Volumetric, Pyknometer & Crucible such as – Gooch. - Still Heads such as – Plain Still Head, Splash Head, Steam Distillation Head, Thermometer with adjustable PTFE Cone, Drying Tubes. - Stirrers such as – Fixed Paddle, Anchor, Centrifugal, Blanded. - Tubes such as – Centrifuge, Test Tube with Screw Cap, Test Tube Stopper, Melting Point Tubes, Calcium Chloride Tubes, Blood Sugar Tubes, - Adapters such as – Reduction, Expansion, Multiple Adapters - Assemblies such as – Reflux, Reaction, Distillation, Preparation, Fractionation, Steam Distillation, Vacuum Sublimation, Solvent Recovery - Apparatus such as - Arsenic Determination, Particle Determination, Alkoxyl Group Determination, Acetyl Determination, Bas Analysis, Bag Burettes

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8, Chandivali Studio Road,, Mumbai - 400072 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--912228575050
Fax :--912228575050

Business Profile : Diagnostic Kits, Clinical Chemistry Analyzers, ELISA readers and washers, Pipettes, Urine Strips & Readers, ELISA kits Medical, Diagnostic & Hospital Supplies

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12/4B, Tilak Nagar,, NEW DELHI - 110018 Delhi, India

Phone :--911128541458
Fax :--911128541458/28545838

Business Profile : Importers of Usp-nf, Liquid Handling Products, Super Gradient Solvent, Flash Cartridges, Nist Traceable/aas/icp Standards, Hplc Column, Nist Traceable Volumetric Standards, Uplc Solvents /lcms Solvents, Nmr Solvents, Solid Phase Extraction Columns, Hydrogen Gas Generator, Thermo, Scientific Instruments, Pefrence Standard, Liquid Handling System, Cromatography, super Gradiant Solvent, Fixed & Variable Volume Microliter Pipettes, Multichannel 8 / 12 Fixed & Variable Volume Pipettes, Electronic Single Channel Pipettes, Electronic Multichannel 8 / 12 Pipettes, Handy Step Manual / Electronic, Accujet Pro Motorised Pipette Controller, Dispensette Iii, Dispensette Organic, Hf Dispensette, Bt Dispensette, Seripettor, Macro / Micro Pipette Controller, Pipette Tips, Pcr Vials & Tubes, Glasswares & Thermometers, Irregular, Angular & Spherical Silica Gels, Functionalized Silica Gels, Flash Cartridges For Biotage, Isco & Jones, Silica Bound Scavengers, Analytical & Bulk Chromatographic Media, Cosmosil, Denali, Agilent, Water, Merck, Preparative Column, Ph Buffers Traceable To Nist, Hiperpur Acids For Trace Metal Analysis, Potassium Bromide For Ir / Ftir Spectroscopy, Erquim Antiseptic Solution, Pharmacopeia Grade Products, Uplc Solvents ?Çô Acetonitrile, Methanol & Water, Lcms Solvents ?Çô Acetonitrile & Methanol, Head Space Solvents ?Çô Dmf, Dmso, Dma, Dmi, Safe Dry Solvents, Acetic Acid-d4 Or 1, 2 Dichlorobenzene-d4, Acetone-d6 Or Diethylether-d10, Acetonitrile-d3 Or Dimethylformamide-d7, Aniline-d7 Or Dimethylsulfoxide-d6, Benzene-d6 Or Dioxane-d8, Bromoform-d Or Methyl Alcohol-d1, N-butanol-d10 Or Methyl Alcohol-d3, Chloroform-d Or Methyl Alcohol-d4, Cyclohexane-d12 Or Toluene-d8, Deuterium Oxide Or Trifluoractic Acid-d, Reverse Phases: C-2. C-8, C-18, Phenyl & Cyclohexyl, Polar Phases: Silica, Cyanopropyl, Nh2, Diol, Alumina & Florisil, Ion Exchange Phases : Sax, Scx, Deap, Cba, Mixed Mode Phases: C4-sax, C4-scx, C4-deap, C4-cba, Pfp, C8-scx, C8-sax, C18-scx, C18sax, Vacuum Manifold, Cartridges For Biotage & Jones Flash, Chromatography Systems, Solid Phase Extraction Accessories, Empty Columns, Fritted Columns & Accessories. Scientific Instruments

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J. Mitra & Co. Ltd, New Delhi

Corporate Off: A-180-181, Okhla, Industrial Area, Phase I,, New Delhi - 110020 Delhi, India

Phone :--26818971/72/73
Fax :--011-26818970/0945

Business Profile : Fcty: A-180-181, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase I, New Delhi 110020. Branches: (1) 300, Rishabh Apartment, Off S.K. Bole Road, Dadar (W), Mumbai 400028 (Ph: 022-4220228); (2) D-2, J.P. Tower, 7/2, Nungambakam High Road, Chennai 600034 (Fax: 044-28258624; Ph: 28279042); (3) 1D, Manhar Mahal, 4 Bakul Bagan Row, Behind Lansdowne Market, Calcutta 700025 (Ph: 2748856; Fax: 033-2747135); (4) W-306, Sunrise Chambers, 22, Ulsoor Road, Bangalore 560042 (Ph: 5597125; Fax: 080-5494830); (5) 505, Kanchenjunga Complex, King Kothi Road, Hyderabad 500001 (Ph: 040-23236558); (6) 41/2503, B1 First Floor, Vattolly Trade Centre, St. Benedict Road, Opp. North Railway Station, Cochin (Telefax: 0484-2394258; 2390979); (7) Flat No. 4, Rajratna Apts, Dr Radhakrishna Marg, Opp. Jain Temple, Nehru Nagar, Char Rasta, Ahmedabad 380015 (Telefax: 079-26465595). Mfr: Digital lab systems, Clinical chemistry reagents, Lab system analysers, Auto pipettes, Auto dispensers, Blood sugar analysers, Blood grouping reagents. Sole Rep for: (1) Olympus Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore; (2) Dakopatts A/S, Denmark. Mg Dir: Lalit Mahajan; Dirs: Anila Mahajan, Nitin Mahajan, Jatin Mahajan.

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687, MALKA GANJ, MAIN ROAD, (NEHRU KUTIA),, Delhi - 110007 Delhi, India

Phone :--911123854233/23858003/27569144 (R)

Business Profile : MICROPIPETTE, PLASTIC LAB WARE Laboratory Glassware & Equipment

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26, Deepak Building, 13, Nehru Place,, NEW DELHI - 110019 Delhi, India

Phone :--911126476106/26420769
Fax :--911126212026/26221441

Business Profile : SURGICAL GOODS, MEDICAL, SCIENTIFIC, LABORATORY & EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTS, MICROSCOPES, LARYNGOSCOPES, RESUSCITATORS, SUCTION MACHINES, STAINLESS STEEL HOLLOWARE, PLASTIC & GLASSWARE, ORTHOPAEDIC IMPLANTS, REHABILITATION, MEDICAL DISPOSABLES, SUTURE NEEDLES, BLADES, WEIGHTS, STETHOSCOPES, BLOOD CHEMISTRY, Adapters, Air Leak Tube/Gas Inlet Tube, Beakers, Bottles, Buchner Funnels, Burettes, Chromatography Apparatus, Clasien Heads, Clevenger Apparatus, Condensers, Cones, Dropping Funnels, Drying Tube, Essential Oil Determination Apparatus, clevenger type, Filter Pump, Flasks, Fractionating Columns, Hoffmans Volta meter, Interchangeable Ground Joints Assemblies, Jars Kipps Apparatus, Manometer, Measuring Cylinders, Micro Funnel, Moisture Determination Apparatus, Pipettes, Recovery Heads, Retorts, Separating Funnels, Sockets, Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus, Splash Heads, Still Heads, Stoppers, Thermometer Pocket, Tubes, Utility Sets Surgical Equipment

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15-A, Road No. 2, Mundka Udyog Nagar, Mundka Extn.,, NEW DELHI - 110041 Delhi, India

Phone :--911165159712
Fax :--911128341234

Business Profile : CENTRIFUGE MACHINES & ALL KIND OF MILK TESTING EQUIPMENTS, CREAM SEPARATOR, LOCK STOPPER, MILK CAN, TILT MEASURE, MILK PIPETTE, Mini Electro Centrifuge, H.O Classic Centrifuge, H.O Basic Centrifuge, Midi Electro Centrifuge, Mini Square Electro Centrifuge, Super Electro Centrifuge, Hand Operated Lab Centrifuge, Cream Separator Testing & Measuring Equipment

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C-54, Sardar Industrial Estate, Road no. 4, Ajwa Road,, VADODARA - 390019 Gujarat, India

Phone :--912652570008
Fax :--912652570008

Business Profile : Laboratory & Industrial Glassware, Beakers, Measuring cylinders, conical flask, volumetric flask, round bottom flask, bureetts, pipettes, multiple adapters, bends, heat exchanger, columns, pipe sections, pipe reducers, reflux divider, sintered columns, jacketed columns, vessels, valves, kettles, leads, product cooler, stirrers, spherical vessels, shell and tube heat exchangers, fractional cum distillation assemblies, reaction distillation unit, jacketed reactor, glass line reactor assemblies Scientific Instruments

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PLOT NO. 4803, PHASE-IV, G.I.D.C., VATVA,, Ahmedabad - 382445 Gujarat, India

Phone :--917925841967/25840661
Fax :--917925841009


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Shop No. 5, Tulip Corpo's, Opp. V.S. Hospital, Under Pakwan Dining Hall, Near Parmanand Tailor, Ellisbridge,, Ahmedabad - 380006 Gujarat, India

Phone :--917926579877
Fax :--917926584898

Business Profile : Testing Equipments / Instruments for R & D Laboratories of Soil, Cement Concrete, Agrregate, Survey, Petroleum, Grease, Wax, Foundry, Pharmaceutical Paper, Leather, Rubber Paints & PATHOLOGY LABORATORIES like Oven, Incubator, Muffle Furnace, Bunsen Burners, Hot Plates, Water Bath, Oil Bath, Stirrers Magnetic Stirrers, Heating Mentles, Sieve Shakers, Vacuum Pumps, Distillation Units, VDRL Rotators, Ball Mills, PH Meters, Conductivity Meters, Carbon - Sulphur Apparatus, Colori Meter, UV-VIS Spectrophoto Meters, Techo Meters, DHONA, KEROY, Electrical & Mechanical Balances, Electronic Weighing Scale,Thermometer, Dial Thermometer, Electronic Temperature Meter, Hygrometer-Humidity Meter, Thermo Paper, Hydrometers, Beaker, Bottles, Burettes, Cylinders, Condensers, Dessicators, Petridishes, Distilation, Assemblies, Sohxlet, Flasks, Reaction Vessels, Funnels, Separating Funnels, Pipettes, Test Tubes, Sintered Crucibles & Funnels,Trays, Bowls, Buckets, Commod Pots, Dishes, Dyepots, Measure Jugs, Crucibles, Evaporating Dish, Combustion Boats & Tubes, Pastle, Mortar, Dyepots, Lab Inst. For Schools & College (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Zoology) Overhead Projector, Film-Slide Projector, Microcopes, Models, Charts, Prepared Slides, Transparences Bottles

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RAC EXPORTS, Ambala Cantt

Science House, 14, Pooja Vihar, Kardhan Road,, Ambala Cantt - 133001 Haryana, India

Phone :--911713293762
Fax :--911712699559

Business Profile : Manufacturers & Exporters of Hospital Instruments & Disposables, Anaesthesia Products, Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery Products, General Surgery Products, Gynaecology Products, Medical Disposables, Transfusion & Dialysis, Urology Products, Auto Pipette, Dressings, Plasters, Bandages, Hospital Suction Units, Weighing Scales, General Medical & Surgical Products (X-ray View Box, Eye Testing Drum, Fetal Heart Monitor Etc.), Analytical Laboratory Instruments, Micro Processor Based Ph Meter, Microprocessor Based Spectrophotometer, Microprocessor Based Uv Vis Spectrophotometer, Digital Spectrophotometer, Microprocessor Based Conductivity Meter, Digital Conductivity Meter (Lab.), Water & Soil Analysis Kit, Digital Nephelometer, Digital Turbidity Meter, Digital Flame Photometer, Photo Colorimeter 5/8 Filters, Ophthalmic Instruments, Keratometers, Lens Meter, Operating Microscopes, Slit Lamps, Test & Measuring Instruments, Digital Multimeters, Digital Lcr Multi Meters, Digital Capacitance Meter, Analogue Clamp Tester, Voltage/ma Calibrator, Voltage/current Calibrator, Function Generator, Digital Frequency Multifunction Counter, Digital Ac/dc Clamp Meter, Digital Clamp-on Power Meter, Digital Insulation Tester, Digital Earth Resistance Tester, Fully Automatic Voltage Tester, Digital Non Contact Infra-red Thermometer, Digital Infra-red Thermometer Cum Thermo-hygro Meter, Microscopes, Dissecting Microscope, Student Microscope, Medical Microscope, Binocular Microscope, Trinocular Research Microscope, Metallurgical Microscope, Stereo Microscope, Advance Stereoscopic Binocular Microscope, Slide Projectors, Over Head Projectors, Physical Instruments & Equipments, Hospital Instruments & Furniture, Hospital Furniture, Surgical Trays, Stethoscopes, Scissors, Disposable Syringes, Binoculars, Hand Tools, Laboratory Glassware, Educational Charts, Fiber Glass Models, Pharma Instruments, Autoclaves, Moisture Meters. Scientific Instruments

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Durvankur 55 Nageshwar Society, Behind D.N.C. School Ground, Dombivli East,, VADODARA - 421201 Gujarat, India

Phone :--912652881892

Business Profile : Laboratory Chemicals, Laboratory Glassware, B.O.D Incubator, PH Meter, Culture Media & Micropipette, Quartz & Glass Double Distillation Unit, HPLC Solvent, School Lab Apparatus, Indicator Paper & Solution, Disposable Laboratory Plastic Ware Lab Chemicals & Supplies

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2623, Kalibari Road, Timber Market,, AMBALA Haryana, India

Phone :--911722600788/4000788
Fax :--911722642788

Business Profile : Sockets, Cones, Socket Double, Cone Double, Expansion Adapters, Multiple Adapters, Swan Neck Adapters, Receiver Adapters, Recovery Bend, Recovery Bend Vertical, Claisen Heads, Splash Heads, Steam Distillation Heads, Adapter Cone to Rubber Tubing, Adapter Socket to Rubber Tubing, Drying Tube, Thermometer Pocket, Air Leak Tube, Flask Round Bottom, Flask Flat Bottom, Flask Round Bottom Two Neck, Flask Round Bottom Three Neck, Flask Round Bottom Three Neck Parallel, Flask Pear Shape, Flask Pear Shape Two Neck, Flask Pear Shape Three Neck, Flask Pear Shape Distillation, Flask Pear Shape Claisen, Flasks, pear shape, claisen-vigreux, Flasks Vigreux with side neck, Flask Kjeldhal, Flask Conical (Erlenmeyer), Flask Iodine, Flask Distillation, Flask Buckner, Flask Conical With Teflon Liner Screw Cap, Flask Kjeldhal Long Neck, Tube Culture Media, Tube Culture Media with Screw Cap, Screw Cap for Culture Tubes, Centrifuge Tube, Centrifuge Tube Conical Bottom, Centrifuge Tube with Screw Cap, Test Tubes, Test Tube Round or Flat Bottom, Burette without stopcock class "B", Burette with straight bore, Burette with screw type rotaflow stop cock, Burette with straight bore PTFE Key Stop cock, Burette Automatic Zero, Pipette Transfer Volumetric with one mark, Measuring Pipette, Pipette Artificial Insemination, Pipette Pasteur, Flask Volumetric, Flask Volumetric with screw cap., Flask Volumetric for sugar estimation, Kohlraush Flasks (Mug Flask), Measuring Cylinder with plastic base, Measuring Cylinder with spout, Measuring Cylinder with interchangeable, Polyethylene stopper, Cylinder Rain Measure, Nessler Cylinder, Crow receiver, Separating Funnel, Separating Funnels with Rotaflow Stop cock, Separating Funnel with PTFE Key, Dropping Funnels Cylindrical, Dropping Funnels with rotaflow stopcock, Dropping Funnels Graduated, Separating Funnel Pear Shape, Pressure Equalising Funnels, Pressure Equalising Funnels Pear Shape, Air Condensers, Leibig Condensers, Coil Condenser Graham, Reversible Type COndenser, Double Coil Condenser, Davies Condenser, Jacketed Coil Condenser, Inland Revenue Condenser, Allihn Condenser, Friedrich Condenser, Ether Condenser, Fraction Columns Vigrex, Fraction Columns Dufton, Fraction Column Plain, Soxhlet Extraction App., Plain Chromatography Column, Moisture Determination Apparatus, Clevenger Apparatus, Beaker Low Form with Graduation, Beaker Tall Form with graduation, Flask Erlenmeyer, Flask Erlenmeyer with neck, Flask Round Bottom, Flask Wide Neck, Retorts, Funnel Fittings, Thistle Funnel, Connection Tube T-Shape, Filter Tube with side tube, Dishes Crystallizing, Dishes Evaporating, Petri Dishes Electronic Instrument

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TIMBER MARKET, , AMBALA - 133001 Haryana, India

Phone :--911712632489/2651323/4002489
Fax :--911712640938

Business Profile : Door Fittings, Aldrops, Door Handle, Gate Hook, Window Stay, Door Hinge, Tower Bolt, Biology Lab Equipment, Microscope, Slide Projectors, Dissecting Microscopes, Slides, Microtomes, Kymograph, Biology Charts, Slide Cabines, Plastic Model, Human Skeleton (Fiber Glass), Pipette, Burette, Test Tube, Flask, Measuring Cylinder, Beaker, Thermometers, Reagent Bottles, Spirt Lamp, Glass Slab, Lens, Chemistry Lab Equipment - Ovens, Incubator, Hot Plate, Distillation Apparatus, Water Bath, Centrifuge, Muffle Furnace, Melting Point Apparatus, Heating Mantals, Sieves, Magnetic Stirrer, Shaking Machine, Ear Tags and Applicators, Scientific Microscope, Physics Lab Equipment - Ammeter, Voltmeter, Rheostats, Bunsen Burner, Gas Cocks, Swanknack Water Taps, Telescopes, Projector, Bakelite Terminals(5A, 15A, 30A, 100A) Bottles

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5309, ANAJ MANDI,, Ambala Cantt - 133001 Haryana, India

Phone :--911712633027/3293186
Fax :--911712640566

Business Profile : SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Glassware, Ring & Ball, Tangent Galvanometer, Magnetic Compasses, Test Tube Stand, Physical Balance, Spectrometer, Galvanometer, Ph Meter, Spectrophotometer, Measuring Cylinder, Reagent bottle, Wash Bottles, Prisms, Volumetric Flask, Lenses, Test Tubes, Slabs, Beaker, Magnifiers, Pipette, Slides, Separating Funnels, Burettes, Condenser, Microscope, Student Microscope, Projection Microscope, Binocular Microscope, Medical Microscope, Over Head Projector, Inclined Microscope, Chemical Scientific Instruments

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14 Industrial Estate,, AMBALA - 133001 Haryana, India

Phone :--911712698184/2698185/2643090/2645139
Fax :--911712643246/2698390

Business Profile : Burette & Pipette, Volumetric Flasks, Measuring Cylinders, Flasks, Glass Bottles, Tubes/Vials/Bottles, Filtration Apparatus, Miscellaneous Laboratory Glassware, Laboratory Requisites (General), Glass Water Still Bottles

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9, Tilaknagar Industrial Area, Tilaknagar,, NEW DELHI - 110064 Delhi, India

Phone :--911142138307
Fax :--911142138307

Business Profile : colorimeter, centrifuge, phmeter, needle syringe destroyer, Glucometer, Digital B.P Instrument, Micro Pipettes, Bio Chemistry, Centrifuge, Analyzer, Nitrogen Cylinders, Spectro-photometer, Blood Pressure Monitors, Thermometers, Consumables Medical Equipment

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