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Insulation Resistance Tester Manufacturers

Sivananda Electronics, Nashik

Deepak Mahal Lam Road, Devlali, Nashik - 422401 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--0253-2491129, --0253-2591423
Fax :--0253-2492291

Business Profile : C& Tan & Bridge, Oil Insulation test kit, Transformer Ratio meter, Insulation Resistance Tester, Micro Ohm Meter, Oil Loss Angle Meter, Dilelectroc constant Meter, Transformer winding Resistance Meter,

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S P I Engineers Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

701 Siddharth Building, 96 Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110019 Delhi, India

Phone :--26211351/26473479/26427188/65668067/68
Fax :--011-26211352

Business Profile : Dtr for: (1) Tektronix USA for Digital storage oscilloscopes Digital phosphor oscilloscopes Hand-held battery operated oscilloscopes Power analysers Logic analysers Arbitary/function generator Curve tracers Real time spectrum analysers Communication signal analysers Current measuring systems Voltage Differential & Curent probes; (2) Sanwa electric Instruments Co. Ltd Japan for Digital multimeters Analog multimeters Clamp meters Insulation resistance testers Earth testers Optical/laser power meters Cord testers Tachometers Thermometers Lux meters Logic testers and Test leads; (3) Good Will Instrument Co. Ltd USA for Analog oscilloscopes Spectrum analysers Function generator FM/AM signal generator RF generator Audio generator Programmable DC power supply DC power supply Triple output power supply Switching DC power supply AC power source Dual display digital multimeters Bench type digital multimeters AC power meters Watt meter Hand held LCR meter High precision LCR meter Milli-ohm meters IC testers Flash writer Digital frequency counter Automatic distortion meters and AC millivolt meters; (4) Hong Kong Texas Co. Ltd for Oscilloscope/Multimeter probes (all types); (5) JDSU Acterna for Communication components Telecom protocol analysers SDH/Sonet analysers Advanced network tester Optical network testers Optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) Optical power meters/attenuators/light source DWDM spectrum analysers Digital broadcast field test tool Data network analysers Advanced modular tester for fiber characterisation ATM analysers Optical transmitter/receiver Hand held triple play tester Custom optics Commercial lasers Photonic power; (6) Mechatronics Test Equipment(I)Pvt.Ltd Pune for Virtex5 Development Board Virtex4 Development Board Spartan3 Development Board Spartan3 PCI Board VirtexII Pro Video Processing BoardSpartanII Universal Board SpartanII VLSI Training Unit VirtexII Pro Protoboard Spartan3 DSP-IN-VLSI Trainer ASIC Tester Model NIKKI ASIC-I Cable Tester Model NIKKI CAB-I Telephone Tester Model NIKKI Tele-I NIKKI Tele-II. Dir: Sandeep Arora.

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17,Bharat Industrial Estate, T.J. Road,Sewree (W), Mumbai - 400 015 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--022 24124540
Fax :--022 24149659

Business Profile : Electronic Test and Measuring Instruments like Digital Multimeter, Digital AC & AC/DC Clampmeter, AC/DC Current Adaptor, Digital & Analog Insulation Resistance Tester, Digital Tachometerdigital Lux Meter, Digital Sound Level Meter, Sound Level Calibrator, Network Cable Tester, Infrared Thermometer upto 1650 C, Digital Hand Held Temperature Indicator, Digital Thermo Hygrometer, Digital Thermo Anemometer, Distance Meter, Wood Moisture Meter, Paper Moisture Meter, Signal Transmitter, Power Transducer, Oscilloscope, Currency Counting Machine, Intelligent Power Factor Regulator, AC Power Clamp Meter, Digital Power Meter / Energy Analyser / Maximum Demand Controller, Digital Earth Resistance Tester, Phase Sequence Indicator, Calibrator for Calibrating Digital Instruments, Stroboscope, High Voltage Phasing Sticks upto 44 kV, High Voltage Proximity Detector upto 275 kV, Calibrator for Process Control Temperature & Loop Signals

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Phone :--911125715284/25723899
Fax :--911125735481

Business Profile : High Voltage Testing Equipments, Primary/ Secondary Current Injection Test Set, Transformer Oil Test Set, Transformer Turn Ratio Test Set, Digital Panel Meters (Ampere/Volts), Digital and Energy Meters, Maximum Demand Indicators / Controllers, Power Analyzers and Load Managers, Power factor Improvement Capacitors and Relay, Insulation Resistance Testers (Mergers), Earth Testers, Clamp on Meters (Tong Testers), Electric Motor Checkers, Digital Clamp Meters, Digital Multimeter, Earthing Rods, Hydraulic Compressor, Come Along clamps, Pulleys Measurement & Meter

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S P I Engineers Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

701, Siddharth Building, 96 Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110019 Delhi, India

Phone :--26211351/26473479/26427188
Fax :--011-26211352

Business Profile : Dtr for: (1) Tektronix, USA for Digital storage oscilloscopes, DPOs, Hand-held oscilloscopes, Logic analysers, Power supplies, Function generators, Frequency counters, Arbitary waveform generators, Curve tracers, Communication signal analysers,Spectrum analysers, Current measuring systems, Voltage and current probes; (2) Sanwa Electric Instruments Co. Ltd, Japan for Digital multimeters, Analog multitesters, Clamp meters, Insulation resistance testers, Earth testers, Laser power testers, Thermometers, Tacho meters, Lux meters, Logic testers and Cord testers; (3) Aplab Ltd for Bench top multimeters, 10-100 MHz dual trace oscilloscopes, Oscilloscope trainers and X-Y monitors, Oscilloscope probes & accessories, Fundtion generators, Pulse/sweep generators, AM/FM generators, Synthesized signal generators, Frequency counters, LCR-Q meters, Distortion meters, DC regulated power supplies, Line interactive computer UPS; (4) Hong Kong Texas Co. Ltd, Hong Kong for all types of Oscilloscope probes; (5) Xerox Modicorp Ltd for Analog copiers, Digital, Networked B/W colour copiers & Printers, Multifunction products, Wide format printers, Print production & publishing systems, Industry document management solutions, Outsourced services, Fax machines, Office supplies. Dir: Sandeep Arora.

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Power Electronical, Nashik

D-24, , MIDC , Ambad, , Nashik - 422015 Maharashtra , India

Phone :91-253-6602387
Fax :91-253-2536602388

Business Profile : Oil BDV test sets, Oil Tan-Delta test sets, HV Capacitance & Tan-Delta test systems, Hipot testers, High Voltage probes, Insulation Resistance testers

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