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Floating Suction Manufacturers


Bibwewadi Indl Estate,, 39, Electronic Cooperative Estate,, Pune-Satara Road,, Pune - 411009 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--24220505/24223375
Fax :--020-24215670

Business Profile : Branch Offs: (1) Mumbai (Fax: 022-5230236; Ph: 5222824/5242520; E-mail:; (2) Chennai (Fax: 044-4412947; Ph: 4451235/4412947; E-mail:; (3) New Delhi (Fax: 011-6969679; Ph: 6969679/6560647; E-mail:; (4) Vadodara (Fax: 0265-330906; Ph: 335196; E-mail: Mfr: Automatic tank level gauges, Servo gauges, Smart tank data transmitters, Averaging temperature sensors, Communication interface units, Tank inventory management systems, Float gauge based tank inventory management system, Servo gauge based tank inventory management systems, Hybrid servo gauge based tank inventory management systems, Integrated float, Servo, Hybrid servo and Radar gauge based, Tank inventory management systems, LPG servo gauge based liquid inventory management systems, SBem tank inventory management softwares, Level measurement and Control products, Open scale target reading type (float & Board) level indicators, Automatic tank level gauge, Loss of head and rate of flow indicators, Open channel flow meters, Magnetic float switches, Displacer type level switches, Float type level switches, Conductivity type level switches, Capacitance type level switches, RF admittance type level switches, Paddle type level switches, Vibrating fork type level switches. Reps: (1) HMT Rubbaglass Ltd, London for Innovative tank accessories and fittings for floating roof tanks, Primary and secondary vapour saving seals, Pivot master roof drain system, Aluminator - Aluminium internal floating decks, Floating suctions, Sump master, Separation valve, Gauge ploe float and sleeve; (2) Nivelco process control Co. Ltd, Hungary for Ultrasonic indicators/transmitters/switches/ open channel flow meters; (3) LTH Electronics Ltd, UK for Water quality monotoring sustems e.g. pH/Redox/conductivity/dissolved oxygen sensors, indicators, transmitters and controllers. Dir (Tech. & Mktg:): N.K. Bedarkar.

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