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Torque Meter Manufacturers

Sumitron Exports Pvt. Ltd., Delhi

27, Community Centre Naraina, Phase - 1, Delhi - 110028 Delhi, India

Phone :--91-011-51410631, 51410632, 51410633, 51410634, 51410635
Fax :--91-011-51410494, 25691761, 25259550

Business Profile : Soldering / Desoldering Stations, Robotic Dispensers, Electric Screwdrivers, Torque Meter, Tools / Tool Kits for electronics Industry, Cable Ties, Static Control Solutions nd Meters, Solder (Bar, Paste, Preforms)Material

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Sumitron Exports P.Ltd, Delhi

27, Community Centre, Naraina, Phase-I, Delhi - 110028 Delhi, India

Phone :--011-51410631, 5141032
Fax :--011-51410494

Business Profile : Electric Screw Drivers, Torque Meters, Soldering/Desoldering Materials, Tools & Tools Kits, Cable Ties & Tie Mounts, Heat Shrink Tubing, Ststic control Products including Static Meters.

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Sumitron Exports Pvt.Ltd., Delhi

27, Community Centre, Naraina,Phase-I, Delhi - 110028 Delhi, India

Phone :--011-41410631/4141632/41410633, 41410634, 41410635
Fax :--011-41410494/25891761/2525955

Business Profile : Torque Meters and AC/DC Fully Automatic & Semi -Automatic Electric Screwdrivers.

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Popular International Traders, Mumbai

4, Laxmi Nivas, 355,, V.P.Road, Mumbai - 400004 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--91-175-2229812
Fax :--91-175-2215742

Business Profile : Torque Wrenches, Torque Testers, Torque Tools, Spanners, Torque Screw Drivers, Hammers Drill Bits, Torque Meters, Torque Transducers, Screw Driver Bits, Electronic Pilers

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Advance Tech Services, New Delhi

709-710 GD-ITL Towers, B-8 Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura Ring Road, New Delhi - 110034 Delhi, India

Phone :--47002024-27
Fax :--011-47002029

Business Profile : Lead free temperature controlled Soldering/desoldering stations Soldering iron SMD rework station BGA rework station Solder pot Lead forming machine Desolder wick Tool kits Torque controlled electric screw drivers Torque controlled electric screw drivers with 90 deg Bend digital torque meter Balancer for screw drivers Hand tools like crimping Tools/Cutter/Stripper/Nose pliers/Tweezers/Extractor PLCC and IC and various type of Special Hand Tools Pneumatic Cutter Soldering tips for Weller/Hakko ERSA Stations Tip cleaning sponge Conductive pen Peelable mask Liquid dispensers Solder paste No clean soldering flux Flux pen Spray fluxing machine Wave solder bath Treatments Solder wire Illuminated magnifier Inspection system ESD product like ESD coats Wrist band Glove High quality Rubber mat Fume absorber Slipper and Shoes Vacuum pickup pen and Tool

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Sumitron Exports Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

27 Community Centre, Naraina, Phase - 1 P. O. Box: 10227, New Delhi - 110028 Delhi, India

Phone :--41410631/32/33/34/35
Fax :--011-41410494/25891761/25259550
Mobile :-98103 44240 - Vinod Bajaj

Business Profile : Branch: (1) Bangalore. (Ph.: 080-22223593/22228178/41125584; Fax : 080-22244783; email:; (2) Mumbai: Ph. 022-55983237; Fax no. : 022-25779522; email:; (3) Chennai (Ph: 22281447; Telefax: 044-22281727; email:; (4) Pune : Ph. 020-56207695; email: ; (5) Kolkata: Ph. 098310-68327; email: Dtr/Stockists for: (1) Hakko Corporation Japan for Soldering/De-soldering stations (2) Koki Tec Corpn. Japan for Wave/Reflow Soldering Machines electronic Moisture-Proof Storage Cabinets (3) Aven Tools Inc. U.S.A. for Tools & Tool Kits (4) Ideal Industries Inc. U.S.A. for Wire/ Cable Stripping & Crimping Tools and Equipment (5) Techni Tool U.S.A. for Tools/Tool-kits Adhesive/Cleaning supplies Test Instruments (6) Kilews Industrial Co. Ltd. Taiwan for electric Screwdrivers & Torque Meters (7) I&J Fisnar U.S.A. for Manual Semi-automatic Fully-automatic (Robotic) Liquid/paste Dispensers (8) EBSO Gmbh Germany for Component Lead Forming & Cutting Machines (9) Genitec Technologies Co. Ltd. for Various PCB assembly equipment. (10) Toyo Living Co. Ltd. Japan for electronic Moisture Proof Storage Cabinets (11) Kester Components Pte Ltd. Singapore for Solder Bar Solder Wire Solder Paste Fluxes (12) ITW Chemtronics ( Circuit Works?) U.S.A. for Flux Pens Conductive Pens Overcoat Pens Gold Guard Pens Solder Mask Soder Wick and Hand-Guard Lotion (13) Hellermann Tyton Singapore for Cable Ties Heat Shrinkable Tubing & Application Tooling (14) K.S. Terminals for electrical Terminals Connectors and related tools (15) ACL Inc. U.S.A. for Static-Control Solutions Wipes and Static Measuring Instruments (16) Static Control Components Inc. USA for ESD Products including Wrist-Straps Packaging Bags and Meters/Monitors (17) MegaPhase LLC U.S.A. for Specialized Cables and Cable Assemblies for RF & Microwave applications (18) NIC Components Asia Pte. Ltd. Singapore for Chip & Leaded Resistors Capacitors and other passive components (19) RCD Components U.S.A. for a broad range of standard & custom built SMD/ Conventional Components (20) RARA electronics Corpn. Korea for High Power/High Voltage Resistors and Resistive applications (21) Winchester electronics U.S.A. for electrical/ electronic Connectors & Connector Systems (22) Toyo Communication Equipment Co. Ltd. Japan for Quartz Crystals Filters and Crystal Oscillators (23) Tag International U.S.A. for electronic Materials & Supplies (24) Beam Works Inc. U.S.A. for Automated Selective Assembly Systems; (25) The Eraser Company Inc. USA for a Wide range of wire/cable stripping & cutting machines; (26) ITW Texwipe Singapore for Cleanroom mops Sterile and Pre-wetted wipes. Mg Dir: S.K. Jain.

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Sumitron Exports Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

27, Community Centre,, Naraina,, Phase - 1, P. O. Box: 10227,, New Delhi - 110028 Delhi, India

Phone :--51410631/32/33/34/35
Fax :--011-51410494/25891761/25259550

Business Profile : Branch: (1) Bangalore (Ph. 080-2223593/2228178/51125584; Fax : 080 -2244783;;);(2) Mumbai (Ph.: 022-55983237; Fax No. 022 û 25779522; E-mail:; (3) Chennai (Ph. 044 -22275727; E-mail :; (4) Pune (Ph: 020-56207695; E-mail:; (5) Kolkata (Ph: 98310 68327; Email: Dtr/Stockists for: (1) Hakko Corporation, Japan for Soldering/De-soldering stations; (2) Koki Tec. Corpn, Japan for Wave/Reflow Soldering Machines; (3) Aven Tools Inc.,U.S.A. for Tools & Tool Kits; (4) Hilpress GmbH, Germany for Cable Cutting, Stripping & Crimping Tools; (5) Ideal Industries Inc., U.S.A. for Wire/ Cable Stripping & Crimping Tools and Equipment; (6) Techni Tool, U.S.A. for Tools/Tool-kits, Adhesive/Cleaning supplies, Test Instruments; (7) Kilews Industrial Co. Ltd., Taiwan for Electric screwdrivers & Torque Meters;(8) I&J Fisnar, U.S.A. for Manual, Semi-automatic, Fully-automatic (Robotic) liquid/paste Dispensers; (9) EBSO Gmbh, Germany for Component Lead Forming & Cutting Machines; (10) Kester Components Pvt Ltd, Singapore for Solder Bar, Solder Wire, Solder Paste, Fluxes; (11) ITW Chemtronics, USA for Circuit Works brand Flux Pens, Conductive Pens, Overcoat Pens, Gold Guard Pens, Solder Mask, Soder Wick and Hand-Guard Lotion; (12) Hellermann Tyton, Singapore for Cable Ties, Heat Shrinkable Tubing & Application Tooling; (13) ACL Inc., U.S.A. for Static-Control Solutions, Wipes and Static Measuring Instruments; (14) Dai Ichi Shoji Co. Ltd., Japan for Automatic Tape Dispensers, TME Microwave/RF Components & Instruments, Industrial-grade Lock Staplers; (15) MegaPhase, U.S.A. for Specialized Cables and Cable Assemblies for RF& Microwave Applications; (16) NIC Components Corpn., Singapore for Chip & Leaded Resistors, Capacitors and other passive components; (17) RCD Components, U.S.A. for A broad range of standard & custom built SMD/ Conventional Components; (18) Winchester Electronics, U.S.A. for Electrical/ Electronic Connectors & Connector Systems; (19) Toyo Communication Equipment Co. Ltd., Japan for Quartz Crystals, Filters and Crystal Oscillators; (20) Tag International, U.S.A. for Electronic Material & Supplies; (21) Start International, USA for battery/electric operated electronic tape/label dispensers and non-adhesive cutters; (22) Beam Works Inc., U.S.A.for Automated Selective Assembly System. Mg Dir: S.K. Jain.

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