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Toroidal Transformers Manufacturers

Essaar Engineers, Alligarh

F5, Sector-2, Tala Nagari, Alligarh - 202001 Uttar Pradesh, India

Fax :+91-0571-2761550
Mobile :+91-09897179980 / 9868331002

Business Profile : Essaar Engineers is one of the leading manufacturers of Toroidal Transformers Winding and Tapping Machines and catering to the needs of electrical industry, Winding Machine SRW - 340, Winding Machine SRW - 150, Winding Machine SRW - 460, Winding Machine SRW - 340V, Winding Machine SRW - 240 and Tapping Machine SRW - 340T.

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Sarvottam electronics, Delhi

A-41/20, Gurudwara Road, Dilshad Garden, Delhi - 110092 Delhi, India

Phone :+91-011-55649243, +91-011-64583561
Mobile :+91-9810240816

Business Profile : We are Manufacturers and Suppliers of; Home Inverters, Voltage Stabilizers, EI Transformers, Toroidal Transformers and Many other types of Electronics.

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Sai Enterprises, Mumbai

H.O.: 11 Tinwala Building, Ground Floor Tribhuvan Road, Near Dreamland Cinema, Mumbai - 400004 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--65766102/23082437
Fax :--022-3008 6102
Mobile :-98923 76102

Business Profile : Sales Off: 11 Tinwala Building Tribhuvan Road Near Dreamland Cinema Mumbai 400004 (Ph: 022-65766102). Dtr for: Access control systems CVT electonic ballast Laser components Laser equipments & optical fibres from various foreign companies. Also distribute Single/three phase variacs & Transformers Toroidal transformers Servo stabilisers AC/DC drives UPS systems single/multi colour moving display/animated display systems Energy savers and controllers Ignition transformers SMPS/DC-DC converters upto 5000 watts. Solidstate stabilisers Current transformers All types of Telecom products Computers/Internet security Software Security products Cordless and Digital answering machines PDAs digital cameras Solar based panel & emergency lights Cyber law/security solutions Bluetooth/Wi-fi products & solutions. Ptnrs: Mrs Sangeeta A. Lalwani Mrs Ishwari T. Lalwani; Mgr: Anoop T. Lalwani.

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Electromatic Power System (India), Delhi

C-503, Street No. 11, Majlis Park, Azadpur, Delhi - 110033 Delhi, India

Mobile :-09811513888

Business Profile : Dealers/ Distributors inquiries are solicited for all kinds of Automatic Voltage Stabilizers, Servo & Toroidal Transformers, Air Conditioners.

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Bharij Electronic, Kapurthala

Aujla Road , Kapurthala - 144601 Punjab, India

Phone :91-1822-230210
Mobile :91-9357644005, 91-9888123500

Business Profile : Mfrs. of: Toroidal Transformers

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Torotech Sysyems & Controls, Delhi

1552, David Street, Darya Ganj, Delhi - 110002 Delhi, India

Phone :--91-11-41791667, 43587396

Business Profile : Wall Mountable Stablizer Kits Toroidal Transformers & Digital Servo

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Flux Fields, Faridabad

#535 Sector 21-A, Faridabad - 121001 Haryana, India

Phone :--0129-4061000/4062000/4065000
Fax :--0129-406500

Business Profile : Mfr: Isolation transformers Constant voltage transformers (CVTs) Auto transformers Toroidal transformers Transformer for UPS & Invertors Transformer for step-up/step-down Transformers for custom designed. Prop: Deepak Talwar.

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Svtronicks, Chennai

2 Aringer Anna Street, Kottur, Chennai - 600085 Tamil Nadu, India

Phone :--24413199
Fax :--044-24404281

Business Profile : Mfr: Toroidal transformers. Prop: N. Subramanian.

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Advance Industries, Mumbai

11 Tinwala Building, Tribhuvan Rd., Near Dreamland Cinema, Mumbai - 400004 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--65766102/30086102
Fax :--022-30026102
Mobile :-98923 76102 - Anoop Lalwani

Business Profile : Mfr: Float chargers Power plants Power supplies (for EPABX/RAX multioutput type IC type) Selenium rectifiers All types of transformers and coils like Single/three phase type Auto type Control transformers Potential transformers Toroidal transformers Instrument transformers Line transformers Isolation (computer grade) transformers Line driver/line output transformers Matching/power Step-up/step-down (230V/110V AC) transformers (up to 100 KVA)-- Manual-type voltage regulators Industrial and automatic battery chargers Float chargers Battery eliminators (regulated and unregulated) Voltage stabilisers (automatic digital & servo type) Emergency lights Audio/video & Pancake erasers DC-DC converters Switched mode power supplies Sine-wave and square-wave inverters Tubelight inverters Selenium and silicon rectifier stacks Battery eliminators for telephone extension (from 50V-2amps to 50V-200Aamps) DC units for electroplating Power supplies Uninterrupted power supplies (online/offline up to 100 KVA) Air/atmosphere purifiers Frequency stabilisers Three phase stabilisers Three phase variacs Constant voltage transformers Three phase UPS system Variacs Current transformers Ignition transformers Toroidal transformers Solid-state stabilisers Industrial/personal security systems Solar based products R-core transformers Computer and Mobile accessories Solar panels & products. Ptnrs: Tikamdas H. Lalwani Anoop T. Lalwani.

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H K S Enterprises, Delhi

15 Lehna Singh Market, Near Malka Ganj Chowk, Delhi - 110007 Delhi, India

Phone :--23854018
Fax :--011-23854018
Mobile :-98116 86506 - S. K. Nangia

Business Profile : Mfr: Wirewound resistors : 1W -2000W (silicon coated ceramic encased axial/vertical mounting PCB mounting and heat-sink type radial/axial type) Resistors (high voltage inductive/pure non-inductive for high frequency Fiber-cord mica wound epoxy moulded Wire Wound Potentiometer: 1W-2000W (open closed ring back-plate graded and ganged type) Rheostats (single-tube double-tube and multi-tube sliding gear open closed Lead Screw Motion type) thick-film metal oxide Resistive Load Bank upto 1000Amps Industrial rheostats Toroidal Transformers Auto Transformers :2A-3000A electric heating resistors Shunts :1A-3000A Precision resistors Resistance Banks Resistance Coils Resistance boxes Resistance wire from 3mm to .06mm. Ptnrs: S.K. Nangia Ms Surbhi Nangia.

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Ashish Enterprises (P) Ltd, Noida

C-88 Sector 4, Noida - 201301 Uttar Pradesh, India

Phone :--91-24443425/2520421
Fax :--0120-4340665
Mobile :-98100 30665 - Ashish Aggarwal

Business Profile : Mfr: Servo voltage stabilisers Toroidal transformers Toroidal cores (CRGO) Auto transformers (variacs) AC synchronous servo motors Digital voltmeters Control circuits of servo stabilisers and Control circuits of AVR. Mgr: Lalit Gupta.

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Delta electronics Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

C-120 Naraina Indl Area, New Delhi - 110028 Delhi, India

Phone :--25796150/51411112
Fax :--011-41411119

Business Profile : Mfr: Magnetic proximity switches Reed relays Reed switches Transformers (laminated/ferrite) Toroidal transformers Chokes Adapters and other Wound components. Extv Dir: Mrs K.G. Singh.

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Efficient Toroidal Coil Corporation, Pune

Unit No. 11, businesspagesctronic Sadan - 1, MIDC Bhosari, Pune - 411026 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--27129614/30689099
Fax :--020-27129614
Mobile :-98226 14244 - Naroor Rajan

Business Profile : Mfr: Toroidal coils High wattage resistors Non-inductive resistors Wirewound resistors Current & potential transformers Instrument transformers Isolation transformers Toroidal transformers Transducers (displacement/LVDT based/line frequency/linear motion) Potentiometers motorised/servo/sliding/toroidal/wirewound) Potentiometer ganged wirewound/Linear motion and Rheostats. Prop: Naroor Rajan.

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Compak Controls (P) Ltd, Delhi

208 Shri Balaji Complex, 34-35 Veer Savarkar Block, Vikas Marg Shakarpur, Delhi - 110092 Delhi, India

Phone :--22468284/22469251
Fax :--011-22469251

Business Profile : Fcty: Jagat Khana Nalagarh Distt Solan HP. Mfr: Plastic moulded UPS cabinets Volt meters/amplifiers/switch/ sockets/PCB cards Thermocol packing UPS kits Toroidal Transformers. Traders: Note counting machines and Webcams. Mg Dir: Vivek.

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Guru Amardass International Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

C-144 Phase-1, Naraina Industrial Area, New Delhi - 110028 Delhi, India

Phone :--25798192/25792455
Fax :--011-25793292

Business Profile : Mfr: TV deflection components Degaussing coil for CTV and monitors Toroidal transformers for energy meters. Dir: Mr S.S. Anand.

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Integ electronics, New Delhi

DSIDC Shed No.59 Phase II, Scheme III, Okhla Indl Complex, New Delhi - 110020 Delhi, India

Phone :--26386345/26386048/7855
Fax :--011-26388816

Business Profile : Mfr: SMPS transformers Ferrite wound components Lamination filled transformers Line filters Inductors Toroidal transformers Degaussing coils Automatic line voltage corrector Servo voltage stabilisers electrical fitting & decorative fitting HPSV fitting Invertors Exhaust fans CFL fitting and UPS. Railway items: Fittings for 2tube for railways as per ICF/STD-7-6-001 Night light fittings Acrylic covers (poly carbonate & other types) Battery chargers Step down transformers Pre cooling battery chargers Invertors for railways Ballasts. Ptnrs: A.K. Dhar Indra Dhar.

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Shakti Industries Pvt Ltd, Delhi

33/17 Shakti Nagar, Delhi - 110007 Delhi, India

Phone :--23845950/23840647
Fax :--011-27137647

Business Profile : Mfr: Toroidal transformers Wall mounting voltage correctors. President: Rajeev Bansal.

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Salzer electronics Ltd, Coimbatore

samichettipalayam, Coimbatore - 641047 Tamil Nadu, India

Phone :--422-2692531
Fax :--422-2692170

Business Profile : Mfr: Rotary switches (AC/DC) DC switches Single phase starters Automatic phase changers Cable ducts Isolators Terminal connectors Change-over switches Proximity switches Toroidal transformers Limit switches and Foot switches. Dtr for: Larsen & Toubro for Indian market; Crompton Greaves Ltd for International Mktg. Chf Extv: Rajesh Doraiswamy.

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Rajgopal And Associates, New Delhi

3/116 First Floor, Subhash Nagar, New Delhi - 110027 Delhi, India

Phone :--25132281
Fax :--011-25111401
Mobile :-93122 65086 - Raj Gopal

Business Profile : Dlr/Dtr for: (1) Welwound brand Voltage stabilisers and Toroidal transformers Subaku brand CTV/DVD/VCD DTH/Home theatre systems Universal brand Power supply cords KB brand RO treatment plants DM plants Water softner Waste water treatment plants and Sea water treatment plants SONNET brand solder wires and sticks Maguire brand Power transformers (EI) and several kinds of electronics weighing balances and laboratory instruments. Prop: Raj Gopal.

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Radio electric Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

Lamington Chambers, Dr Bhadkamkar Marg, Mumbai - 400004 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--(O) 23886951/(F) 28523975
Fax :--022-23870689

Business Profile : Mfr: Variacs and Toroidal transformers. Mg Dir: Umesh D. Marathe; Dir: ,Mrs S.V. Chitnis.

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