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Static Voltage Regulators Manufacturers

Craftsmans electric, Coimbatore

33 Kasthuribai Street, Ganapathy, Coimbatore - 641006 Tamil Nadu, India

Phone :--2531764
Fax :--0422-2532048

Business Profile : Mfr: UPS Battery chargers Inverters Static voltage regulators Constant voltage transformers Float chargers Frequency converters Start CVT systems Sine wave inverters AC-DC adapters DC-DC converters. Prop: C.K. Sridhar.

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Aplab Limited, Thane (W)

HO & Fcty: Aplab House, A-1-3-5-6 Wagle Indl. Estate, Thane (W) - 400604 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--25821861-63
Fax :--022-25823137

Business Profile : Mfr. VLSI & Embedded System Tool (VEST) 200 MHz-32 Ch. Logic Analyser 100 MHz-32Ch Digital Pattern Generator Oscilloscope (Upto 100 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscopes Oscilloscope trainer X-Y Monitors & Test-Labs). Test & Measuring Instruments (Signal sources/Generators ? RF signal generators with Digital frequency read out. Pulse/sweep/function generators upto 20 MHz. Bench type true RMS multimeters. Universal counters upto 3.4 GHz frequency counters upto 26.5 GHz universal scaler timer. Component test equipments LCR-Q meter with sorter & GPIB/RS232 interface IC testers Battery capacity Analyser. PCM Test equipments FDM Test equipments like Digital psophometer transmission measuring set selective level meter/oscillator. True RMS Line power meter (with built-in printer as option) 9 in 1 Test Lab or 5 in 1 multiple test instruments Distortion Analyser AF Power meter AC millivoltmeter etc.) Automated Test systems multichannel multimeter multioutput; bus addressable DC power supplies DC DC Converters; Battery Chargers; Ultra Isolation Transformers from 400VA to 100KVA multichannel active DC loads TRUE-RMS AC power meter portable automatic test equipment (PORT-ATE) ATE power supply test system Smart Card based electronic transaction control systems IC memory card readers ATM Image basd cheque deposit systems Kiosk for banks Industrial monitoring and control systems (universal multichannel data scanners/loggers alarm annunciator systems temperature monitoring/control systems application specific custom built industrial control systems) UPS (1KVA to 800KVA 1ph input / 1ph output 3ph input / 1ph output & 3ph input / 3ph output) Inverters (48VDC input / 50Hz output 1KVA to 10KVA) Frequency Converters (1KVA to 200KVA 50Hz input to 50 / 60 / 83.33 / 400 / 1000 Hz output) Isolation Transformers (1ph to 1ph or 3ph to 1ph or 3ph to 3ph upto 100KVA DC power supplies (IEEE/GPIB DC power supplies Frequency converters upto 100 KVA/50 to 60 or 400 Hz single or three phase Static voltage regulators with ultrafast response upto 150 KVA Single phase or three phase special purpose custom designed power systems with adjustable voltage and adjustable frequency 45 Hz to 440 Hz. Mains power generators Industrial and systems software (automatic test system software distributed control systems software networking and communication software). Aplab-Seba electronics Ltd. formed in collaboration with APLAB Seba Dynatronic GmbH West Germany with Metrotech Corp USA has set up a plant in Pune to manufacture cable pair identification instruments cable test vans etc. Contact Mftg. Philip Harris electronics equipment for school and college laboratories for Findel plc of UK. Also computerized lottery machines for Playwin Infravest of Zee Telefilms Intelligent Fuel Dispensers Station Automation for Fuel Stations.Extv Chmn: P.S. Deodhar Mg Dir: U.S. Potnis.

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