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Square Wave Generator Manufacturers

Allied electronics Mfg Co, Chennai

11 48th Street 9th Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai - 600083 Tamil Nadu, India

Phone :--24892269/24891368
Fax :--044-24895307

Business Profile : Mfr: Signal sources (audio generators decade audio generators audio oscillators and square wave generators function generators pulse generators) Voltage and power meters (vacuum tune voltmeters electronic multimeter EHT probe AC millivoltmeters audio power meters). Analysers (digital frequency counters and timers) Audio frequency meters Absorption wave meters Distortion factor meters Signal tracers Breakdown testers Component testers (Digital capacitance meters analog capacitance meters wheatstone bridges impedance bridges Q-meters resistance meters) Megohmmeters Valve testers TDZ (transistor-diode-zener) testers IC testers (linear and digital Attenuators Standards and decade boxes Power supplies (adjustable regulated dual regulated dual transistorised transistorised regulated universal IC) IC power supply (with meter) Educational electronic trainers and teaching aids (electronic training boards transistor trainer designers computer trainers digital system designers industrial electronic trainers operational amplifier trainers linear intergrated circuit trainers valve characteristic units devices characteristic units arithmetic logic unit demonstrators). Patch cords IC sub-system plug-in PC boards Logic probes Fibreoptic transmitters/receivers and multiple output regulator power supplies Antenna systems laboratory and Laser communication trainers. Prop: K.V. Sastri.

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Balaji electronics, Mumbai

28-B/2 Navjivan Society, R. C. Road, Chembur, Mumbai - 400074 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--022-25298523

Business Profile : Dtr for: Multimeters (digital analog) Frequency meters Capacitance meters LCD meters RPM meters (tacho meters) pH meters pH electrodes Conductivity meters/cells Variable power supplies Fixed power supplies Sine/square wave generators Function generators AF-RF generators Pattern generators DC micro voltmeters DC micro ampmeters AC milli voltmeters Output power meters High voltage flash testers (breakdown testers) Resistance meters (ohm meters) Milli amp calibrators (sources) RTD calibrators Lux meters Temperature cum humidity meters Temperature indicators/controllers Temperature sensors watt meters Power factor meters Oscilloscope probes Bridge meggars Cable fault locators Earth resistance testers Cell testers Phase sequence indicators Meggars (digital insulation testers) Insulation testers Servo controlled voltage stabilisers Constant voltage transformers(CVTs) and Isolation transformers Cable Length Meter Portable Cable Locator Digital Sound Level Meter Pressure Calibrator Temperature Calibrator Micro Hardness Tester Portable Microscopes Senior Kelvin Bridge CCTV Camera Zoom Microscope Portable Wheatstone Bridge Decade Megohm Box Decade Resistance Box Air cooled DC Shunt Lux Meters Anemometers Prop: Haresh S. N.

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Balaji Electronics, Mumbai

28-B/2, Navjivan Society,, R. C. Road,, Chembur,, Mumbai - 400074 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--022-25298523

Business Profile : Mfr: Multimeters (digital, analog), Frequency meters, Capacitance meters, LCD meters, RPM meters (tacho meters), pH meters, pH electrodes, Conductivity meters/cells, Variable power supplies, Fixed power supplies, Sine/square wave generators, Function generators, AF-RF generators, Pattern generators, DC micro voltmeters, DC micro ampmeters, AC milli voltmeters, Output power meters, High voltage flash testers (breakdown testers), Resistance meters (ohm meters), Milli amp calibrators (sources), RTD calibrators, Lux meters, Temperature cum humidity meters, Temperature indicators/controllers, Temperature sensors, watt meters, Power factor meters, Oscilloscope probes, Bridge meggars, Cable fault locators, Earth resistance testers, Cell testers, Phase sequence indicators, Meggars (digital insulation testers), Insulation testers, Servo controlled voltage stabilisers, Constant voltage transformers(CVTs) and Isolation transformers, Cable Length Meter, Portable Cable Locator, Digital Sound Level Meter, Pressure Calibrator, Temperature Calibrator, Micro Hardness Tester, Portable Microscopes, Senior Kelvin Bridge, CCTV Camera Zoom Microscope, Portable Wheatstone Bridge, Decade Megohm Box, Decade Resistance Box, Air cooled DC Shunt, Lux Meters, Anemometers, Prop: Haresh S. N.

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