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Rope Washing Machine Manufacturers

K. B. CORPORATION, Ahmedabad

2, JALDARSHAN BUILDING, NR. H K ARTS COLLEGE, ASHRAM ROAD,, Ahmedabad - 380009 Gujarat, India

Phone :--917926588818/26576635
Fax :--917926580354

Business Profile : Wet Processing Machines, all kind of processing machinery, sizing & colour kitchen equipment for denim, washing machine, storage tank, textile wet processing machinery & colour sizing kitchen equipments for denim & yarn industries, continuous dryer for fibre/cotton, industrial pressure cooker, pressure cooker for textile machinery, size storage vessel, wet fibre opener, chamber drier, yarn twist setting autoclave, hank dyeing machine ( cabinet Type ) , Hydro extractors, vacuum strainer, textile wet processing machinery, Pressure Kier & Kier Piler, Automatic Traveling Bin Piler, Automatic Rectangular Piling Apparatus For Chemic Or Sour Cistern, Slack Rope Washing Machine, TIGHT ROPE WASHING MACHINE, Scutcher, Jigger Dyeing & Bleaching Machine, Colour Cooking Pan, HIGH SPEED VACUUM STRAINER, Tensionless Washer, Hank Dyeing Machine (Cabinet Type), Chamber Dryer, Cabinet type Hank Dryer M/c, Wet Fiber Opener, Yarn Twist Setting Autoclave, Continuous Dryer For Poly. Fiber / Cotton, Braiding Machine, Accumulator of LCD, High Temperature & High Pressure Dyeing Machine, Size Cooker, Size Storage Vessel,Size Pre-Mixer, Different textile size Storage Vessel, Gear Pumps For Transferring The Size, Rotary Drum Washer for ready made garments, Hydro Extractor for ready made garments machinery, Tumble Dryer for ready made garments, Hot Press for ready made garments, Pressure Kier & Kier Piler, Bailing Press For Packing, Stirrers, Hank Dryer Machines, Hydro Extractor & Vacuum Strainers Processing Machines & Equipment

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432-B, Opp. Sharda Estate, Near City Gold Multiplex, Anil Road,, Ahmedabad - 380025 Gujarat, India

Phone :--917922200977
Fax :--917922200593

Business Profile : TEXTILE MACHINERY, FOOD PROCESSING MACHINERY, PHARMACEUTICAL MACHINERY, DAIRY EQUIPMENT, J - Box Continuous Bleaching Plant, Tensitron Washer, Pressure Kier, Auto Bin Piller, Cistern Piller, Slack Rope Washing Machine / Tight Rope Washing Machine, Wet Fiber Opener, Hydro Extractor Centrifuge, Semi Automatic Jigger, High Tech Jigger, Hank Dyeing Machine, Rotary Hank Dyeing Machine, Soft Flow Dyeing Machine, H.T.H.P. Dyeing Machine, Chamber Dryer, Continuous Chamber Dryer For Fiber, Continuous Narrow Width Fabric Finishing Dryer / Rope Yarn Dryer, Cooking Pan, Vacuum Stainer, High Speed Stirrer, Yarn Twist Setting Auto Clave, Size Cooker & Storage Vessel, Rotary Drum Washer, KB Drying Tumble Machine, Fabric Inspection Machine, Electric Balling Press, Hydraulic Balling Press, CONTINUOUS STEAM STERILIZER, ETO STERILIZER, MBR FUMIGATION MACHINE, RETORT STEAM STERILIZER, MASS RIBBON PADDLE BLENDER (MIXER), CONE MIXER, S.S. LIQUID MIXING VESSELS, S.S.(HYGIENE) CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS, VACUUM DRIER, CONTINUOUS CONVEYOR DRYER, TRAY DRYEr, BOTTLE / POUCH FILLING MACHINE, FRUIT and VEGETABLE CUTTING MACHINE, CHATNI COOKING KETTLE, PINEAPPLE SKIN REMOVER, CONTINUOUS FRUIT & VEGETABLE WASHER, MATERIAL & PACKAGING CONVEYORS, WALK IN COLD ROOM. Dairy Equipment

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