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Revolving Stool Manufacturers

Arun Engineers , Bangalore

No.: 97, 3rd Main, 3rd Stage, , 3rd Block, , Basaveshwarnagar,, Bangalore - 560079 Karnataka, India

Phone :--080 - 23223111
Fax :--080 - 41535134
Mobile :-+91- 9448015492

Business Profile : ALL TYPES OF LABORATORY EQUIPMENTS: - Autoclave, Bacteriological Incubator, BOD Incubator, Blood Bank Refrigerator. - Carbon & Sulphur Determinator, Constant Temperature Bath, CO2 Incubator, Deep Freezer, Environmental Chamber, De-Humidifier. - Hot Air Oven, Vacuum Oven, Hot Plate, Furnaces, Heating Mantle, Heating Tape. - Humidity Chamber, Fume Hood, Magnetic Stirrer, Melting Point Apparatus, Oil Bath, - Phosphorous Determinator, Rotary Flask Shaker, Test Sieve, Sieve Shaker, Stirrer, Seriological Water Bath, Vacuum Pump, Water Distillation Plant, Tray Drier. LABORATORY CLEAN ROOM SYSTEMS : - Laminar Flow Cabinet, Bio-Safety Cabinet, Fume Exhaust Hood, Sterile Air Tent, Air Curtain, Garment Storage Cabinet, Material Storage Cabinet, Wall Storage Cupboard, Chemical Storage Cupboard, Revolving Stool, Inoculation Hood. : 2 : OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS: • Medical Microscope, Inclined Microscope, Binocular Microscope • Digital Video Microscope, Metallurgical Microscope • Trinocular Research Microscope, Multipurpose Stereo Microscope • Student Dissection Microscope, Profile Projector ALL TYPES OF LABORATORY GLASS WARES: - Beakers such as – Low Form, Graduated, Tall Form. - Bottles such as – B.O.D., Reagent, Dropping, Washing, Gas Washing. - Burettes such as – Single/Double Bore Screwcock, Center Filling Glass - Condensers such as – Liebig, Jacketed Coil Vertical, Combined Double Coil, - Cylinders - Measuring, Nessler, Crow Receiver, Desiccators with Cover - Flasks such as – Boiling, Flat Bottom / Round Bottom / Two Neck / Three Neck, Distilling, Conical With Screw Cap, Iodine, Volumetric, Le Chatelier. - Funnels such as – Buchener, Plain, Powder, Separating - Pipettes such as – Automatic with Overflow, Bacteriological, Measuring, Volumetric, Pyknometer & Crucible such as – Gooch. - Still Heads such as – Plain Still Head, Splash Head, Steam Distillation Head, Thermometer with adjustable PTFE Cone, Drying Tubes. - Stirrers such as – Fixed Paddle, Anchor, Centrifugal, Blanded. - Tubes such as – Centrifuge, Test Tube with Screw Cap, Test Tube Stopper, Melting Point Tubes, Calcium Chloride Tubes, Blood Sugar Tubes, - Adapters such as – Reduction, Expansion, Multiple Adapters - Assemblies such as – Reflux, Reaction, Distillation, Preparation, Fractionation, Steam Distillation, Vacuum Sublimation, Solvent Recovery - Apparatus such as - Arsenic Determination, Particle Determination, Alkoxyl Group Determination, Acetyl Determination, Bas Analysis, Bag Burettes

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Phone :--912265235614
Fax :--912228781783

Business Profile : MEDICAL & LABORATORY EQUIPMENT, medical & surgical, Hospital Furniture, surgical Instrument Hospital Bed, ICU Bed, Recovery Bed, Semi-Fowler Bed, Manual Back Rest Bed, Fowler Bed, Plain Hospital Bed, Electric Bed With 4 Movements, Hospital Table, Operation Table (Height Adjustable) [D4S 20], Labour Table (Foot End Folding) [D4S 22], Labour Table (Telescopic)[D4S 23], Examination cum Gynec Table [D4S 31] Hospital Trolley, Stretcher Trolley (Folding) Dressing Trolley, Stretcher - On - Trolley Drug Trolley, Casualty Trolley, Baby Trolley, Instrument Trolley, Mayo's Trolley, Food Trolley Emergency Trolley, Monitor Trolley (Scopic Surgery), Kick Bucket and Bowl Stand, Recovery Trolley, Hospital Locker, Bed Side Locker (Multipurpose), Bed Side Locker (Delux), Bed Side Locker (Standard), Instrument Cabinet, Hospital Couch, Gynec Examination Couch, Examination Couch Hospital Equipments, Multipurpose Stool, Saline Stand, Revolving Stool, Bed Side Screen, Hospital Supply Cabinet, Folding Wheel Chair, Handicap Wheel Chair, Operation Theatre Table, Hydraulic Operation Table [Delux Model], operation Tables Accessories, Mayo's Instrument Trolley, Infant Incubator, Electro Surgical Unit, Ceiling O.T Lamps, Medical Disposables, Surgical Instruments, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Suction Apparatus, Auto Claves, Anaesthesia Apparatus Laboratory Glassware & Equipment

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Phone :--917925734150/26577099
Fax :--917925734067

Business Profile : HOSPITAL, OFFICE & EXCLUSIVE STEEL FURNITURES, HOSPITAL EQUIPMENTS, I.C.C.U. bed, Modern fowler bed, Modern semi fowler bed, New design fowler position bed, Sheet : fowler position bed, New design semi fowler bed, Sheet semi fowler bed, New design sheet bed with backrest, Sheet bed with backrest, New design sheet bed, Simple sheet bed, Bed side locker, Bed side locker with drawer, Saline stand with castor base, Bed side stool, Visitor seat cum bed with matterss, Patient seating benches, Adjustable bed side table, Over bed table, Crib with stand, Backrest, Three fold screen., Patient care equipments like Transfer trolley system, Stretcher on trolley (Heavy duty), Stretcher on trolley, Examination table, Examination cum gynaec table, Examination couch, Examination couch (Flat top), New Design labour table, Labour table, Double step stool, Single step stool, Revolving stool, Plain instrument trolley, Mayo's trolley, Plain instrument trolley with railling, Wash basin stand (Two tier), Solid Linnen trolley, Kick bucket with castor, Oxygen trolley, Surgical instrument cabinet, Ward dressing trolley, Crash cart, Monitor trolley, Fixed wheel chair, Folding wheel chair, Saline arrangement, Sliding safety side rails, Section mattress suitable for bed, Crib with two pipe. Furniture, Furniture Fittings & Fixtures

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Plot no.206, Industrial Area, Phase-II,, PANCHKULA - 134109 Haryana, India

Phone :--911722595334
Fax :--911722591992

Business Profile : Manufacturers & Exporters of Hospital Beds and Examination Tables, Bedside Lockers / Tables and Bedside Screens, Wheel Chairs and Trolleys, Bedside Revolving Stools and Dustbins, Operation Theatre Equipments, Bowl Stands and Saline Stands, Foot Steps and Crash Cart, Hospital Garments and Blankets Medical, Diagnostic & Hospital Supplies

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#83, 3rd Main Road, N.S. Palya,, Bangalore - 560076 Karnataka, India

Phone :--918026786133/26786081
Fax :--918026786133

Business Profile : Stretcher Trolley, Stainless Steel Instrument Trolley, Anesthetist Trolley, Dressing Trolley, Ward Dressing Trolley, Bedside Locker, Vertical Sterliser, Revolving Stool, Stainless Steel Kick Bucket, Stainless Steel Saline Stand, Cardiac Table, Wheel Chair, Hydraulic Table, Operation Theatre Equipment, Custom Built Hospital Ss Furniture, Ot Lights, Tables, Equips., Baby Incubators, Unique Obstetric Tables, Photo Therapy And Radiant Warmers, Icu Cots, diagnostics & Anesthesia, Scissors, Homeostatic Forceps, Dressing & Tissue Forceps, Icu/ccu Cot With Side Railing, Fowler Cot, Semi Fowler Cot, Baby Cot, Strecher Trolley With 6"wheels, Crash Cart Trolley Stainless Steel, Obstetric Labour Table Stainless Steel, Labour Table, Baby Bassinet S.s, Dressing Trolley With Bowl & Bucket, Mayo Trolley S.s, Bedside Locker With Stainless Steel Top, Vertical Sterlizer 16", 24", Revolving Tools With Wheels, Kick Bucket, Saline Stand S.s With Heavy Base, Hydraulic Table With 5 Section, Trolley With 5 Shelves, Cane & Sticks, Patient Trolley, Washer, Walker, Wall Crab Bars, Screen, Surgical Scrab Station Health Care Equipment

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B-74, NARAINA INDL. AREA, PHASE-II,, NEW DELHI - 110028 Delhi, India

Phone :--911127750496/27750497/32482171/32482173
Fax :--911127750495

Business Profile : METAL EQUIPMENTS, SURGICAL EQUIPMENTS, OPERATION THEATER EQUIPMENT, BEDS, ORTHOPAEDIC APPLIANCES, Hospital Furniture, Baby Trolley And Crib, Children's Cot, Back Rest, Hospital Bed, Bowl Stand, Instruments Cabinet, Oxygen Cylinder Trolley, Crash Cart, Drum Stand, Transfer Trolley, Foot Stool, Kick Bucket / Soiled Dressing Container, Bed Side Cabinet / Locker, Patient Transport System, Saline Stand, Bed Side Screen, Revolving Stool, Delivery Table, Examination Table Overbed Table / Mayo's Instruments Table, Operation Table, Trolley, Dressing Trolley, Soiled/Clean Linen Trolleys, Waste Receiver, Walking Frame, Wheel Chair, Stainless Steel Hospital, Hollowares, Surgical Tray With Cover, Kidney Tray, Catheter Tray, Cidex Tray With Cover, Bed Pan, Urinal, Irrigator (Douche Can), Jar, Ointment With Cover, Wash Basin, Basin Solution, Deep Taper Type, Bowl Solution, Bowl Sponge, Spitting Mug With Lid, Gallipot, Forceps Jar, Thermometer Jar, Feeding Cup, Bucket, With Cover Orthopaedic Implants & Instruments

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