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Profile Projector Manufacturers

Guru Krupa Electronik Services, Chennai

323 B, SIDCO Industrial state, Ambattur, Chennai - 600098 Tamil Nadu, India

Phone :--044-42189177/87
Fax :--044-42189199

Business Profile : CNC Milling Machines, Manual Milling Machines, Table type Milling Machines, EDM, Optical Profile Projector & accessories, Display Units, Linear Scales & Accessories, Linear Encoders & Rotary Encoders.

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Mitutoyo South Asia P.Ltd., Delhi

C-122, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase I, Delhi - 110020 Delhi, India

Phone :--011-26372090
Fax :--011-26372636

Business Profile : 3D non contact vision measuring machines, CNC form measuring machines, Digital readouts, Calibration instruments, Gauge blocks, precision measuring Tools, hardness testing machines, 2D linear height with Data Processor, Gauge Blocks, Profile Projector, Roundness measuring machine, Surface roughness tester, 2D vision measuring system, Linear height

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Sasths Scientific Agencies, Bangalore

314, 8th 'E' Main, 4th Cross, Kalyan Nagar, HRBR 1st Block, Bangalore - 560043 Karnataka, India

Phone :--080-25424670,(M): 9845192860
Fax :--080-25424670

Business Profile : Video Measuring Systems, Profile projector hardness Testers, UTM,Micro Vickers,Microscope etc.

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Lipak Metrology P.Ltd, Delhi

F-90/1, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase - I, Delhi - 110020 Delhi, India

Phone :--011-26211688, (M): 9810014158
Fax :--011-26211689

Business Profile : Profile Projector - Vertical & Horizontal, 2D Linear Height Gages, 3D Co-ordinate Measuring Machines, Video Inspections Systems, Surface Roughness Testers, contour Measuring Machins etc.

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Mitoya Instruments, Panchkula

415 Industrial Phase -I, Panchkula - 134113 Haryana, India

Phone :--0172-2564600, (M): 09815664600
Fax :--0172-2571289

Business Profile : Profile projector, Tool Room Microscope, Linear Bearing & Slides, CNC Tool Presetter

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Sipcon Instrument Industeies, Ambala Cantt

116, Hsidc, Industrial Estate, Jagadhri Road, Ambala Cantt - 133006 Haryana, India

Phone :--91-171-2699668, 2699120
Fax :--91-0171-2699768

Business Profile : Profile Projectors, Video Inspection Microscope, Depth Measuring Microscope, Industrial Zoom Microscopes, Tissue Processors, Refractometers, Digital Microscopes, fluorescent Ring Illuminators, Photo Micrography Equipments, Precision Tooling System, 2D Coordinate Measuring machine, Moisture Balance Etc.

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Top Metrology P.Ltd, Bangalore

B-176, 2nd Stage, Peenya Industrial Estate, Bangalore - 560058 Karnataka, India

Phone :--080-28365918
Fax :--080-41172345

Business Profile : Profile Projector, Scales, Machine Parts

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Trimos Metrology (I) P. Ltd., Thane

205/207, Hamilton, 'A' Wing Hiranandani Business, Thane - 400607 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--022-67999552/3/4/5
Fax :--022-67999551

Business Profile : hardness Testing Machine, Profile Projector, Tool Presetter with Accessories

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Trimos Metrology (I) pvt. Ltd., Thane

205-207, Hamilton, A-Wing Hirnandani, Business park, Off Ghodbunder Road, Patipada, Thane - 400607 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--91-022-55999552, 55999553
Fax :--91-022-55999551

Business Profile : Height Measueing & Calibration Solutions, Profile Projectors, Hardness Testers & Micro Hardness Testers, Video Inspection, Solutions, Camshaft Inspection Solutions, Gear Inspection, Solutions, Surface Roughness & Contour Measurment Solutions, Bore Measureing Solutions, 3 Point Internal Micrometer, Portable Material Testing Solutions, Coating Thicknes Solutions, Portable Cmm, Gauge Management Software, Statistical Process Control Software.

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Optomech Engineers P.Ltd., Hyderabad

5-36/221,222, Prashanthi Nagar, Hyderabad - 500072 Andhra Pradesh, India

Phone :--040-23078371
Fax :--040-23077104

Business Profile : Profile Projector, Tool Pre-Setter

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Praka Engineering, Panchkula

100 Industrial Area, Phase II, Panchkula - 134113 Haryana, India

Phone :--0172-2591267
Fax :--0172-2593802

Business Profile : profile Projector, Microscope

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Radical Instruments, Ambala

123 HSIDC, Industrial Estate, Ambala - 133006 Haryana, India

Phone :--0171--2699137/ 138
Fax :--0171-2699238

Business Profile : Microscope, Profile Projector, Analysis software, Imaging System

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Radical Instruments, Ambala cantt

123, HSIDC Industrial Estate, Ambala cantt - 133006 Haryana, India

Phone :--0171-2699137, 0171-2699138,(M): 09812056666
Fax :--0171-2699238, 0171-2699543

Business Profile : Manufacturing Profile Projectors, Industrial Microscopes & Analysis Software.

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menzel Labortechnik, Mumbai

404, A-Wing, Bezzola Complex, Sion Trombay Road, Mumbai - 400071 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--022-67993158
Fax :--022-67993159

Business Profile : Image Analysis System, Video Microscopes, Metallurgy Microscopes, Stereo Microscopes, Profile Projector, Part Insputer, Procilica cameras, Pulnix cameras, Watec cameras etc

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Banbros Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Delhi

105, Usha Chamber, , New Rajdhani Enclave, , Vikash Marg, Delhi - 110092 Delhi, India

Phone :--91-11-22418432, --91-11-22541173
Fax :--91-11-22541173
Mobile :-919810149486

Business Profile : We are one of the leading Importer, Exporter, Manufactures and Supplier of Optical Measuring Instruments like Profile Projectors, Metallurgical Microscopes, Stereo Stereo-Zoom Microscopes, Vickers Hardness Testers, Micro Vickers Hardness Testers, Rockwell Cum Brinell Hardness Testers, Universal Testing Machines, Specimen Preparation Equipments like Abrasive Cut off Machines, Polishing Machines, Hot Mounting Presses etc.

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Indian Scientific Instruments Factory, Ambala Cantt

H.O.: 106 Mahesh Nagar, Ambala Cantt - 133001 Haryana, India

Phone :--2661618/4008118
Fax :--0171-2661559
Mobile :-94160 20018 - Sanjay Jain

Business Profile : Mfr: Absorption wavemeters AF output meters Ammeters Ammeters milli/micro Ampere meters Audio frequency generators Audio frequency,meters Audio generators Audio oscillators Battery testers Blind controllers Brightness/opacity testers Calibration furnances ,Calorimeters Capacitance meters/testers Capacitor testers Co-ordinate ,measuring microscope Colorimeters Conductivity bridges Conductivity ,meters Controllers Counters DC meters Digital potentiometers Digital ,standard cell Digital trainers Diode testers Dissolved oxygen analysers ,Dosimeters electrophoresis apparatus Fet voltmeters Frequency counters ,Frequency generators Frequency indicators Frequency meters Function ,generators Galvanometers Gauss meters Humidity indicators IC testers ,Karl fischer titrimeters Kelvin bridges Laser with power supply LCR ,bridges Line frequency meters Line voltmeters Digital lux meters Mains ,frequency meters Megohmmeters MHOS-pH meters Micro ammeters Micro ,Ohmmeters Micri voltmeters Microprocessor test kits Microtomes Milli ,ammeters Milli voltmeters Moving coil meters Multi testers Oscillators ,Oscilloscopes Over head projectors Panel meters PCB projector/inspector ,PCB visual monitors pH meters Photometers Power factor meters Moisture ,eters Power frequency meters Profile projectors Pulse generators ,Pyrometers Resistance meters Rheostats Semi conductor device testers ,Signal generators Signal tracers Sine square generators Signal ,analysers Signal generators Signal tracers Soil moisture meters Spectro ,photometers Temperaature indicator/controller thermocouples Timers ,digital/analogue Training boards electronics Transistor testers Vacuum ,tube voltmeters Voltage testers Voltameters Voltmeters milli/micro ,Water pollution monitors Water quality analysers Wheatstone bridges ,Zener testers Test lab equipment. Ptnrs: Sanjay Jain Manmohan Jain.

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Qualitech Systems, Ludhiana

15- N, First Floor,, Anami House, Jeevan Nagar Chowk, Focal Point, Ludhiana - 144010 Punjab, India

Phone :--0161-6513449
Fax :--0161-2222522

Business Profile : Metallugical Microscope, Image Analyser, Micro Hardness Tester Welding Penetration Analysis System,Profile Projectors,

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Arun Engineers , Bangalore

No.: 97, 3rd Main, 3rd Stage, , 3rd Block, , Basaveshwarnagar,, Bangalore - 560079 Karnataka, India

Phone :--080 - 23223111
Fax :--080 - 41535134
Mobile :-+91- 9448015492

Business Profile : ALL TYPES OF LABORATORY EQUIPMENTS: - Autoclave, Bacteriological Incubator, BOD Incubator, Blood Bank Refrigerator. - Carbon & Sulphur Determinator, Constant Temperature Bath, CO2 Incubator, Deep Freezer, Environmental Chamber, De-Humidifier. - Hot Air Oven, Vacuum Oven, Hot Plate, Furnaces, Heating Mantle, Heating Tape. - Humidity Chamber, Fume Hood, Magnetic Stirrer, Melting Point Apparatus, Oil Bath, - Phosphorous Determinator, Rotary Flask Shaker, Test Sieve, Sieve Shaker, Stirrer, Seriological Water Bath, Vacuum Pump, Water Distillation Plant, Tray Drier. LABORATORY CLEAN ROOM SYSTEMS : - Laminar Flow Cabinet, Bio-Safety Cabinet, Fume Exhaust Hood, Sterile Air Tent, Air Curtain, Garment Storage Cabinet, Material Storage Cabinet, Wall Storage Cupboard, Chemical Storage Cupboard, Revolving Stool, Inoculation Hood. : 2 : OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS: • Medical Microscope, Inclined Microscope, Binocular Microscope • Digital Video Microscope, Metallurgical Microscope • Trinocular Research Microscope, Multipurpose Stereo Microscope • Student Dissection Microscope, Profile Projector ALL TYPES OF LABORATORY GLASS WARES: - Beakers such as – Low Form, Graduated, Tall Form. - Bottles such as – B.O.D., Reagent, Dropping, Washing, Gas Washing. - Burettes such as – Single/Double Bore Screwcock, Center Filling Glass - Condensers such as – Liebig, Jacketed Coil Vertical, Combined Double Coil, - Cylinders - Measuring, Nessler, Crow Receiver, Desiccators with Cover - Flasks such as – Boiling, Flat Bottom / Round Bottom / Two Neck / Three Neck, Distilling, Conical With Screw Cap, Iodine, Volumetric, Le Chatelier. - Funnels such as – Buchener, Plain, Powder, Separating - Pipettes such as – Automatic with Overflow, Bacteriological, Measuring, Volumetric, Pyknometer & Crucible such as – Gooch. - Still Heads such as – Plain Still Head, Splash Head, Steam Distillation Head, Thermometer with adjustable PTFE Cone, Drying Tubes. - Stirrers such as – Fixed Paddle, Anchor, Centrifugal, Blanded. - Tubes such as – Centrifuge, Test Tube with Screw Cap, Test Tube Stopper, Melting Point Tubes, Calcium Chloride Tubes, Blood Sugar Tubes, - Adapters such as – Reduction, Expansion, Multiple Adapters - Assemblies such as – Reflux, Reaction, Distillation, Preparation, Fractionation, Steam Distillation, Vacuum Sublimation, Solvent Recovery - Apparatus such as - Arsenic Determination, Particle Determination, Alkoxyl Group Determination, Acetyl Determination, Bas Analysis, Bag Burettes

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100, INDUSTRIAL AREA, PHASE-II,, PANCHKULA - 134113 Haryana, India

Phone :--911722591267
Fax :--911722593802


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15, 3RD CROSS, 4TH MAIN, VANNARPET, LAYOUT, VIVEKNAGAR, P.O. ,, Bangalore - 560047 Karnataka, India

Phone :--918025362917/25911701
Fax :--918025910045/25916571

Business Profile : Illuminated Magnifiers. MAGNIFIER, PROFILE PROJECTORS Projectors

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