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Pressure Recorders Manufacturers

Instrument Research Associates Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

`Subhavan P.NB. No. 22913, Plot No. 73-F businesspagesctronics City, Hosur Road, Bangalore - 560100 Karnataka, India

Phone :--28520590/592/594/595
Fax :--080-28521525

Business Profile : Mfr: Pressure Instruments: Digital pressure indicators/controllers Microprocessor based pressure dataloggers Pressure transmitters (sensor) Over pressure for low pressure applications Pressure transmitters for low pressure applications Circular chart pressure recorders. Humidity Instruments: Portable RH & dry bulb temperature indicators RH & Dry bulb temperature indicators with sensors (local/remote) Indicating RH & Temperature controllers Thermo hygro recorders Humidity dataloggers High temperature humidity transmitters Low temperature humidity transmitters Circular chart RH & Temperature recorders. Temperature Instruments: Portable battery powered temperature indicators Mains powered single point temperature indicators Digital indicating temperature controllers Temperature scanners Digital indicating chart recorders Temperature dataloggers Temperature transmitters Circular chart temperature recorders Miniature temperature recorders for blood bank. Flame & Weather-proof enclosures for temperature & pressure instruments. Process Indicators/controllers/counters: Process indicators/controllers Preset and Batch counters Event counters. For HAVAC applications: Differential pressure transmitters Very low differential pressure & over pressure switches. Mg Dir: H.S. Nagraj.

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Machine Tools Centre, Kolkata

40 N. S. Road, Kolkata - 700001 West Bengal, India

Phone :--22432001/22433131
Fax :--033-22433131

Business Profile : Mfr: Portable digital temperature indicators Dial thermometers Pressure gauges Thermocouples Temperature/pressure recorders and transmitters Oxygen and CO2 analysers Total water management instrument Conductivity meters pH meters Redox meters Resistivity meters and Turbidity meters. Ptnr: M.A. Zakir.

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Safe-Equip Engineers, Dhanbad

Mahavir Nagar, Katras Road, Dhanbad - 826001 Jharkhand, India

Phone :--0326-2305365

Business Profile : Mfr: Automatic contrivances Automatically recording speed indicators ,Power brake engines Fan drift pressure recorders Emergancy steam stop valves Regulating valves Water level alarm systems Digital and bar graph type speed indicators Battery-operated recorders Depth and distance indicators Pit bottom buffers Cage Catchers and Audiovisual alarms.Ptnrs: Chunilal Rathore Mrs Kalpana Rathore Mrs ,Naina Rathore Chhagan Lal Rathore; Mgr: P. Rathore.

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Safe-Equip Engineers, Dhanbad

Mahavir Nagar,, Katras Road,, Dhanbad - 826001 Jharkhand, India

Phone :--0326-2305365

Business Profile : Mfr: Automatic contrivances, Automatically recording speed indicators, Power brake engines, Fan drift pressure recorders, Emergancy steam stop valves, Regulating valves, Water level alarm systems, Digital and bar graph type speed indicators, Battery-operated recorders, Depth and distance indicators, Pit bottom buffers, Cage Catchers, and Audiovisual alarms.Ptnrs: Chunilal Rathore, Mrs Kalpana Rathore, Mrs Naina Rathore, Chhagan Lal Rathore; Mgr: P. Rathore.

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