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Power Transducers Manufacturers

Control Dynamics Systems, Ahmedabad

E-118 Mahavir Chambers, Salapose Road, Ahmedabad - 380001 Gujarat, India

Phone :--(O)25507193/
Fax :--079-25500124
Mobile :-98244 71252

Business Profile : Mfr: Instrumentation: Temperature controllers Timers Level indicating controllers Speed indicators Pressure indicators Flow indicators Vacuum indicators Microprocessor based systems PID controllers Dataloggers Data acquisitions systems Computer based systems Scanners Transmitters DIN rail mounting systems Thermocouples and Totalisers. Process Control Instruments: electro chemical analyser- controller like pH/ORP/DO/Turbidity/Residual chlorine Fermentation controllers DIN mounting rail mounting Transmitters and Batch weighing systems. Transducers/Sensors: Thermocouple Tachometers Proximity switches Infra red sensors RTDs Ultra sound transducers Pressure transducers Vacuum transducers Humidity transducers Loadcells Gas sensors Encoders Power transducers Line frequency transducers and Displacement transducers Drives(ACstepper motors and servo). Chf Extv: Juzar S. Gandhi.

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Inter-tech, New Delhi

B-83 Flatted Factory Complex, Near Modi Flour Mills, Okhla Phase-III, New Delhi - 110020 Delhi, India

Phone :--26312127/26832127
Fax :--011-26832127

Business Profile : Dtr for: Southern Transducers. Mktg: electronic test and measurement instruments Process control instruments for measuring indication and control like temperature pressure flow etc. Temperature transmitters infrared radiation thermometer Power transducers Data loggers Paper shredders Office equipment UPS/CGTs Pollution monitoring instruments Software packages. Mg Ptnr: Jangsher Singh; Chf Extv: Charanjeet Singh.

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Kana electromechs, Pune

17/1-B Kothrud Indl. Estate, Pune - 411038 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--25439630/7905/4021715
Fax :--020-25461772

Business Profile : Mfr: Inductive proximity switches Non-contact type electronic speed switches/zero speed switches Pulse Jet bag filter Timers Power transducers (KW / mA converters) 4-20mA signal convertors (transducers) in 2 & 4 wire systems Temperature Transmitters Microprocessor based temperature scanners mA/mA Isolators & signal multipliers Loop-powered isolators Loop powered indicators Temperature/digital indicators and controllers Large Display ,Units Anemometer (wind speed monitors) Tilt Switches Three-phase current monitors/shock relays electronic ear for ball mill automation. Pull Cord and Belt Sway Switches. Ptnrs: D.R. Naniwadekar A.R. Naniwadekar; Gnl Mgr (Mktg): A.B. Inamdar.

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Systems & Devices, Noida

D-24 Sector IX, Noida - 201301 Uttar Pradesh, India

Phone :--0120-2520728/2553471
Fax :--0120-2526454

Business Profile : Mfr: Solidstate industrial buzzers Solidstate timers Digital DC/AC voltmeters/ammeters Digital frequency meters Digital process indicators (SDPM) Temperature indicators Digital temperature controllers Over current relays Flasher relays Under/over voltage relays Current/voltage/power transducers Digital power factor meters Digital watt meters Digital VA meters Micro alarm annunciators Alarm annunciators(multichannel) Power analyser Automatic digital power factor correction relays. Ptnrs: R.K. Bajpee A.K. Sharma.

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Kusam electrical Industries Ltd, Mumbai

P.O. Box No. 6390, Sewree, Mumbai - 400015 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--24124540/24181649
Fax :--022-24149659

Business Profile : Mfr: Capacitance meters and testers Digital capacitance meters Clip-on meters/tong testers Continuity testers Controllers (power) Energy management systems Energy monitors Frequency meters/counters Digital frequency meters/counters Insulation testers (meggars) and meters LCR meters (digital) Line frequency monitors (digital) Max. demand indicators.monitors (digital) Multimeters Digital/Autoranging digital multimers Multimeters (digital) Ohmmeters and megohmmeters Ohmmeters (digital) Power analysers (digital AC) Power factor controllers Power monitors Records (AC/multichannel/potentiometric/strip chart/ X-Y) Relays (PF controller) Smart demand controllers Voltamp watt meters (digital) Voltampere meters Voltohm meters Wattmeters Digital wattmeters Diode testers and Transistor testers Signal generators Coating thickness gauge Volt/milliampere source for process calibration ,Thermocouple calibrator RTD calibrator Function generator Digital multimeter calibrators Vibration meters Phase sequence indicators Stroboscopes Currency note counting machines Power transducers Signal transmitters and Earth resistance testers.,Dir: Chandmal Goliya.

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Yokogawa India Ltd, Bangalore

Unit 2 Plot 96, businesspagesctronic City, Hosur Road, Bangalore - 560100 Karnataka, India

Phone :--51586000
Fax :--080-28528656

Business Profile : Fcty: $58 59 & 63 electronic City Hosur Road Bangalore (Fax: 080-28527157; Ph: 28523355). H.O.: Japan. Mfr: DC nano ammeters Digital/micro ammeters Kelvin bridges Resistance bridges Wheatstone bridges Energy meter calibrators Milli volt calibrators Temperature calibrators Gas/liquid chromatographs Clip-on meters/tong testers Controllers (PID/programmable/Single-loop) Digital (electronic) counters Data acquisition & Processing equipments Data loggers Earth resistance meters Eart testers Digital energy meters electronic energy meters Energy monitors Digital flow meters Magnetic flow meters Ultrasonic flow meters Frequency counters/meters Frequency counters/meters digital Gas detectors/analysers Insulation testers (meggers) & meters Insulation testers (digital) Gas leak detectors Leakage current meters Logic analysers Digital lux meters Moving coil meters Multimeters Multimeters (autoranging digital/analog) Ohmmeters & megohmmeters Digital ohmmeters Digital autoranging ohmmeters Oscilloscopes Digital oscilloscopes Oxygen analysers pH meters pH meters (digital) pH controllers Panel meters Panel meters (digital) Phase angle meters Phase angle meters (digital) Single pen (PC) plotters Digital AC power analysers Power factor meters Power monitors Digital pressure meters Process control instrumentation PC based Programmable process controllers Programmable process indicators Computerised process monitoring systems Process control indicators Recorders (AC/Digital X-T/Event sequence/multichannel/multipoint/potentiometric/strip-chart/tapeless/voltage trend/X-Y) Tachometers (digital/non-contact)Temperature controllers (PID) Temperature indicators/controllers Temperature indicators/controllers digital Temperature meters (digital) Digital electronic thermometers electronic thermometers Digital time interval meters AC current/voltage transducers Active/reactive power transducers DC isolation transducers Phase angle/power factor transducers Differential pressure transmitters Displacement transmitters Pressure transmitters Temperature transmitters Voltage/current to current transmitters Volt-amp watt meters (digital) Volt-ampere meters Volt-ohm meters Voltmeters Voltmeters (AC micro/AC mills/autoranging digital/DC micro/DC milli/Digital/milli) Wattmeters Wattmeters (digital) Multi channel Waveform analysers Waveform generators. Dtr of: Control systems electricity process control products. Reps: Yokogawa electric Corporation Japan. Mg Dir: Noriaki Hirose.

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Kana Electromechs, Pune

17/1-B, Kothrud Indl. Estate, Pune - 411038 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--25439630/7905/4021715
Fax :--020-25461772

Business Profile : Mfr: Inductive proximity switches, Non-contact type electronic speed switches/zero speed switches, Pulse Jet bag filter Timers, Power transducers (KW / mA converters), 4-20mA signal convertors (transducers) in 2 & 4 wire systems, Temperature Transmitters, Microprocessor based temperature scanners, mA/mA Isolators & signal multipliers, Loop-powered isolators, Loop powered indicators, Temperature/digital indicators and controllers, Large Display Units, Anemometer (wind speed monitors), Tilt Switches, Three-phase current monitors/shock relays, Electronic ear for ball mill automation. Pull Cord and Belt Sway Switches. Ptnrs: D.R. Naniwadekar, A.R. Naniwadekar; Gnl Mgr (Mktg): A.B. Inamdar.

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02 & 505, Vishal Bhawan, 95 Nehru Place,, NEW DELHI - 110019 Delhi, India

Phone :--911141618100/26418118
Fax :--911126437849

Business Profile : EXPORTERS AND MANUFACTURES OF transducers & sensors:pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, humidity transmitters, dp transmitters, draft pressure transmitters, flow transducers, current transducers, voltage transducers, frequency transducers, power transducers, load cells, inductive proximity switches, capacitive proximity switches, thermocouples & rtds:mineral insulated, ceramic, ss310, compensating cables, rpm meters & counters:hand held tachometers, mains operated tachometers, preset counters, event counters, power supplies:smps ?Çô switched mode power supplies, dc-dc converters, variable dc power supplies, ups, cvt, float cum boost chargers, transmitter power supplies, other equipment:humidity indicators, humidity controllers, digital voltmeters, digital ampere meters, digital anemometers, digital frequency meters, hour meters, digital sound level meters, voltage scanners, peak load indicators, sealed maintenance free batteries, offering temperature indicators, temperature controllers, pid controllers, calibrators, scanners & data logger, bar graph indicators thermocouples, recorders, tachometers, digital timers, pressure transmitters and smps/power supplies, circular chart recorders, strip chart recorders, g-tek, digital promoters, power supply, mean well, smps, temperature equipment, timers, pressure transmitter, smps/power supplies, other equipments. Electronic Products & Components

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Control Dynamics Systems, Ahmedabad

E-118, Mahavir Chambers,, Salapose Road,, Ahmedabad - 380001 Gujarat, India

Phone :--(O)25507193
Fax :--079-25500124
Mobile :-98244 71252

Business Profile : Mfr: Instrumentation: Temperature controllers, Timers, Level indicating controllers, Speed indicators, Pressure indicators, Flow indicators, Vacuum indicators, Microprocessor based systems, PID controllers, Dataloggers, Data acquisitions systems, Computer based systems, Scanners, Transmitters, DIN rail mounting systems, Thermocouples and Totalisers. Process Control Instruments: Electro chemical analyser- controller like pH/ORP/DO/Turbidity/Residual chlorine, Fermentation controllers, DIN mounting rail mounting, Transmitters and Batch weighing systems. Transducers/Sensors: Thermocouple, Tachometers, Proximity switches, Infra red sensors, RTDs, Ultra sound transducers, Pressure transducers, Vacuum transducers, Humidity transducers, Loadcells, Gas sensors, Encoders, Mfr: Power transducers, Line frequency transducers and Displacement transducers. Chf Extv: Juzar S. Gandhi.

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Masibus Process Instruments Pvt. Ltd., Gandhinagar

Plot No. B-30,G.I.D.C. Estate, Electronics Estate, Sector - 25, G.I.D.C. Electronic Estate, Gandhinagar - 382 044 Gujarat, India

Phone :--079-23242949, 23242950, 23242879
Fax :--079-23242888, 23242889

Business Profile : Signal Isolators, Pressure Transmeter, Scanners, SCADA, Power Transducers, Indicators : Process Indicators, Indicators : Bargraph Indicators, Oxygen Probes, Sequence of Event Recorders, I/P Transducers, Calibrator : Pressure And Multifunction Calibrator, Controllers, Humidity Transmeter, Quenchmaster, Instruments : Dew-Point Measuring Instruments, Thermometer : Infrared Non Contact Thermometer, Micron, Automated Surface Inspection Systems, Paperless Recorders, Head Mounted Temperature Transmeter, Instrumentation, Software, Flow Totalizers, Instruments, Data Loggers, Calibrator

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