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Physics Instruments Manufacturers

Popular Science Apparatus Workshops Pvt. Ltd., Ambala-Cantt

3724, Opposite Kali Bari Mandir, Ambala-Cantt - 133001 Haryana, India

Phone :--+91-171-2600082, --+91-171-4006082
Fax :--+91-171-2641462
Mobile :-+91-09416020462

Business Profile : Oil & Petroleum Testing Instruments, Physics Instruments, Microscopes, Biology Instruments, Chemistry And Other R & D Equipment, Laboratory Equipments, Laboratory Instruments, Laboratory Glassware, Pharmaceutical Equipments, Food And Supplies Instruments, Laboratory Plasticware

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electrocine (Sales) Corporation, New Delhi

1801/5-6 businesspagesctrical Market, Bhagirath Place Chandni Chowk, P.B. No. 1174, New Delhi - 110006 Delhi, India

Phone :--23860386/23868842
Fax :--011-23861315

Business Profile : Mfr: Automobile instruments Auto monitors Anemometers Auto variable regulators Ammeters AVW meters Air Purifiers Altimeter Audio output power meters Ampere hour meters Acidity kit set Battery chargers Breath analysers Bridge insulation testers Brazing transformers Battery capacity testers Battery hydrometers Bells Bank token display Busy (flashing unit) buzzers Blood pressure (digital) measurement Capacitance meters Cable fault locators Cooling fans Counters Continuitytesters Clocks Cam timers Countdown timers Current detectors Current and potential transformers Computerised programmable timers Calorimeters Conductivity meter Cup warmer Dwell tachometers Dimmers Disco controllersDigital instruments Decade resistance boxes Digital earth testers Emergency lighting equipment Energy meters Exhaust fans Earth resistance testers Earthing terminal testers Emergens Earth leakage circuit breakers Frequency meters Foot switches Low and high frequency cut-off Float switches Finger test apparatus Frequency counters (digital) Field failure relays Flow detectors Fire lighting equipment Foot massager Galvanometers Gas guards GOP detectors Growlers Go/No Go gauges Gauss meter Gong bells Hygrometers High voltage testers Hydrometers Hour meters Humidity (digital) meters Hooters Halls probes Insect killers Insulation testers Intermediate switches Impulse counters Inverters Infra-red sensors Amplifiers Fire alarm-system Isolation transformer IC testers Joint testers (amps/volts/watts) Joint testers (insulation/voltage and resistance in one) Joint testers (insulation voltage earthing resistance and current in one) Kelvin bridges KVA meters KW meters KVAR meters KWH meters Knife switch Lux meters Light chasers Liquid level controllers Loading transformers Loading rheostat Leakage indicators LCR meters/bridges Logic probes Live cable detector Load analysers Mercury switches Multimeters Million Megohms-meter Maximum demand indicators Moisture meters Meggers Metal detectors Moving message display Multicum/MCB/special multimeters Null detectors Neon sign transformers Noise level meters Oil testing sets Ohmmeters Oscillosopes Optical pyrometers Phase sequence indicators Power meters pH meters Power factor meters Power factor correction relays Power supplies Power detectors Pattern generators Pulse generators Paddo meters Proximity switches Phase angle meters Pyrometers Post office boxes Primary injection test sets Phantom load test set Pest repeller Preset counter Physics instruments Quadrant meters Q meters Remote control switches Relay testing sets Rechargeable lamps and light Resistance testers Root tracers (cables) Recording instruments Revolving table Rheostat Stroboscopes Synchroscopes Strobelights Shock control devices Sequencers Sound level meters Stabilisers Search light growlers Buzzers and gong bells Spike suppressors Synchronous motors Smoke sensor and alarms Scanners/single phase preventers Sealing machine Soldering station Timers and time switches Temperature indicators and controllers Thermocouples Transformer radio test sets Tacho generators Toroidal rheostats Tong testers Trivector meters Tachometers Turntables Test terminal blocks Time interval meters Thickness gauge Transducers Transformer Thyristor control devices Turn table three phase monitor scanners Transistor tester Ultra violet lamps/tubes Ultrasonic cutters/ sensors and testers Utility gadgets Ultrasonic flaw detectors Ultrasonic pest repeller/thickness gauge Vibration meters Voltage testers Variacs Viscometer Video expander controllers VTVM Whirling psychometer Water acidity test kit Rope lights Transducers Remote data acquisition systems Computerisation of process control systems.

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Electrocine (Sales) Corporation, New Delhi

1801/5-6, Electrical Market,, Bhagirath Place, Chandni Chowk,, P.B. No. 1174,, New Delhi - 110006 Delhi, India

Phone :--23860386/23868842
Fax :--011-23861315

Business Profile : Mfr: Automobile instruments, Auto monitors, Anemometers, Auto variable regulators, Ammeters, AVW meters, Air Purifiers, Altimeter, Audio output power meters, Ampere hour meters, Acidity kit set, Battery chargers, Breath analysers, Bridge insulation testers, Brazing transformers, Battery capacity testers, Battery hydrometers, Bells, Bank token display, Busy (flashing unit) buzzers, Blood pressure (digital) measurement, Capacitance meters, Cable fault locators, Cooling fans, Counters, Continuitytesters, Clocks, Cam timers, Countdown timers, Current detectors, Current and potential transformers, Computerised programmable timers, Calorimeters, Conductivity meter, Cup warmer, Dwell tachometers, Dimmers, Disco controllers,Digital instruments, Decade resistance boxes, Digital earth testers, Emergency lighting equipment, Energy meters, Exhaust fans, Earth resistance testers, Earthing terminal testers, Emergens, Earth leakage circuit breakers, Frequency meters, Foot switches, Low and high frequency cut-off, Float switches, Finger test apparatus, Frequency counters (digital), Field failure relays, Flow detectors, Fire lighting equipment, Foot massager, Galvanometers, Gas guards, GOP detectors, Growlers, Go/No Go gauges, Gauss meter, Gong bells, Hygrometers, High voltage testers, Hydrometers, Hour meters, Humidity (digital) meters, Hooters, Halls probes, Insect killers, Insulation testers, Intermediate switches, Impulse counters, Inverters, Infra-red sensors, Amplifiers, Fire alarm-system, Isolation transformer, IC testers, Joint testers (amps/volts/watts), Joint testers (insulation/voltage and resistance in one), Joint testers (insulation, voltage, earthing resistance and current in one), Kelvin bridges, KVA meters, KW meters, KVAR meters, KWH meters, Knife switch, Lux meters, Light chasers, Liquid level controllers, Loading transformers, Loading rheostat, Leakage indicators, LCR meters/bridges, Logic probes, Live cable detector, Load analysers, Mercury switches, Multimeters, Million Megohms-meter, Maximum demand indicators, Moisture meters, Meggers, Metal detectors, Moving message display, Multicum/MCB/special multimeters, Null detectors, Neon sign transformers, Noise level meters, Oil testing sets, Ohmmeters, Oscillosopes, Optical pyrometers, Phase sequence indicators, Power meters, pH meters, Power factor meters, Power factor correction relays, Power supplies, Power detectors, Pattern generators, Pulse generators, Paddo meters, Proximity switches, Phase angle meters, Pyrometers, Post office boxes, Primary injection test sets, Phantom load test set, Pest repeller, Preset counter, Physics instruments, Quadrant meters, Q meters, Remote control switches, Relay testing sets, Rechargeable lamps and light, Resistance testers, Root tracers (cables), Recording instruments, Revolving table, Rheostat, Stroboscopes, Synchroscopes, Strobelights, Shock control devices, Sequencers, Sound level meters, Stabilisers, Search light growlers, Buzzers and gong bells, Spike suppressors, Synchronous motors, Smoke sensor and alarms, Scanners/single phase preventers, Sealing machine, Soldering station, Timers and time switches, Temperature indicators and controllers, Thermocouples, Transformer radio test sets, Tacho generators, Toroidal rheostats, Tong testers, Trivector meters, Tachometers, Turntables, Test terminal blocks, Time interval meters, Thickness gauge, Transducers, Transformer, Thyristor control devices, Turn table three phase monitor scanners, Transistor tester, Ultra violet lamps/tubes, Ultrasonic cutters/ sensors and testers, Utility gadgets, Ultrasonic flaw detectors, Ultrasonic pest repeller/thickness gauge, Vibration meters, Voltage testers, Variacs, Viscometer, Video expander controllers, VTVM, Whirling psychometer, Water acidity test kit, Rope lights, Transducers, Remote data acquisition systems, Computerisation of process control systems. Dtr for: (1) Atlas Radio & Electronic Industry (P) Ltd, Ahmedabad; (2) Electro-Acoustical Industries, Chandigarh; (3) Shanti Instrument Agency, Mumbai; (4) Nippen Electrical Instrument Co, Mumbai; (5) Marvello Instrument Co, Calcutta; and (6) Electrical Instrument Co, Delhi. Mg Ptnrs: Mohinder Kumar, Kamal Kumar, Atul Kumar.

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