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Microcontroller Manufacturers

Dart Techniques, Bangalore

#217, 2nd Main Road,, AECS Layout, 1st Stage,, Sanjaynagar,, Bangalore - 560094 Karnataka, India

Phone :--23515509
Fax :--080-23515509
Mobile :-98861 83558

Business Profile : Mfr: Annunciators, DC voltage monitor, Earth leakage relay with CBCT (digital), Earth fault relay, Digital ammeter, Digital voltmeter, Digital frequency meter, Frequency monitor (under & over, microcontroller-based), Line voltage monitor (under & over, 1-phase & 3 phase), Phase failure relay, Custom-designed microcontroller-based instruments. Prop: Pradeep N. Kaushik.

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Laktronics, Bangalore

120/1, First Floor, Malleshpalaya Road, Thippasandra PO, Bangalore - 560075 Karnataka, India

Phone :--080-25340871

Business Profile : Mfr: PGM-51 Microcontroller programmer. Prop: K. Narayanan.

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Team Technology, Bangalore

3302, 12th `A' Main,, HAL IInd Stage,, Bangalore - 560008 Karnataka, India

Phone :--25261102
Fax :--080-25263148

Business Profile : Dtr for: (1) Silicon Storage Technology Inc. for Flash based EPROM's, EEPROM's, Microcontrollers and Compact flash cards; (2) Nemic Lambda for DC/DC converters, AC/DC converters, Rectifiers; (3) Kemet Electronics for Ceramic & tantalum capacitors; (4) Inchang Electronics for CRT sockets, Thermostats; (5) Ultra Batteries for Littium batteries; (6) Wave Com for GSM solutions. Director: B.R. Ganesh.

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National Semiconductors India Designs Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

7/6, Brunton Road,, Bangalore - 560025 Karnataka, India

Phone :--080-5587918/19/20

Business Profile : Mfr: Microprocessors/Microcontrollers/ICs, Design and simulation software. Dir: Ashok Kumar.

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Electro Systems Associates Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

4215, J.K. Complex,, First Main Road, Subramanyanagar,, P.O. Box. No. 2139,, Bangalore - 560021 Karnataka, India

Phone :--23577924/23576700
Fax :--080-23475615

Business Profile : Mfr: Microprocessor/Microcontroller development tools, In-circuit emulators for 8- & 16-bit processors, Microprocessor/Microcontroller Trainers (8085, 8086, 8031, Z80, 6809, 80C196, 68000, 16F876, 16F877, TMS6711), Trainer interface modules like A/D Converters, Stepper motor controller, Traffic light controller, Logic analyser, etc, 24-col. dot-matrix printers, Power adaptors, Digital storage oscilloscopes, PC add-on cards like Data acquisition, digital I/O, Opto isolators, Serial communication etc, PC bus interface protectors & PC compatible systems. Dtr for: Software and hardware development tools for embedded systems from leading international vendors like (1) Advantech Equipment Corp. intelligent universal programmers (LabTool û 48XP) and gang programmers; (2) ADDI-DATA GmbH Mess and Steuerungstechnik digital I/O boards, multifunction and counter boards, A/D and D/A converters, serial communication interfaces and axis control boards; (3) Ashling Microsystems Inc. embedded system development solutions; (4) AIJI Systems evaluation boards, emulators, programmers etc for Samsung MCUs; (5) American Arium emulators for Intel Pentium and other advanced processors; (6) Ceibo in-circuit emulators for 8051, 8051XA, 80251, 186, 386 microprocessors and microcontrollers; (7) CMX Systems Inc. real-time multi-tasking operating systems for microcontrollers/microprocessors/DSPs and TCP/IP stacks for 8-/16-bit processors; (8) LeCroy Protocol Solutions Group (formerly CATC) test systems and networking devices, bus and protocol analysers, traffic generators; (9) Dataman hand-held EPROM programmers; (10) Diamond Systems Corporation PC/104 modules for embedded systems; (11) Lautenlach - TRACE32 microprocessor development tools, Emulators, Deluggers and Simulators; (12) Hi-Tech Software, Australia for ANSI C compilers; (13) Jungo Ltd driver development tool kits; (14) Keil software tools for 8051, 80251 & 80c166 microcontrollers; (15) Lanner Electronics India single-board computers, embedded Computers. Mg Dir: G.V. Gurunatham.

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Microchip Technology Inc., Bangalore

Divyasree Chambers,, 1st Floor, Wing A (A3/A4),, No. 11, O, Bangalore - 560025 Karnataka, India

Phone :--080-2290061/2072165/166

Business Profile : Mfr: Microprocessors/Microcontrollers/ICs. Chf Extv: Vaidyanathan.

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EM Electronix Ltd, Bangalore

Regd Off: 91/2, 3rd Main, 2nd Stage, Industrial Suburb,, Yeshwantpur, Bangalore - 560022 Karnataka, India

Phone :--23579103-06
Fax :--080-23579107

Business Profile : Unit 2 & R&D Centre: 26, 4th Stage, West of Chord Road, Industrial Town, Rajajinagar, Bangalore 560044 (Fax: 080-3303199; Ph: 3359959/3409086). Mfr: Power Electronic Products: Power supply units (fixed, variable and multioutput), High voltage/dual tracking power suipply units, Defence grade power supply units, Battery chargers; Microprocessor based products: Defence grade microboards, Custom-built microboards, Process instrumentation microboards (AMS and ESTD bus-based), Temperature scanners (upto 256 channels), Data loggers, Data scanners, Motor speed control systems, Speed processors, Intelligent digital read outs, Electronic controllers for packaging machines, 24 column alpha numeric industrial printers, Handheld terminals with printers, Automatic transmission controllers, Intelligent industrial terminals, Electronic vehicle monitoring systems, Custom built projects on any microcontroller, Products on weight batching plants, Real time embedded software; General products: Digital panel meters, DC-DC convertors, RS 232-RS 485 convertor, Digital temperature indicators/controllers, Digital ammeters/voltmeters, RPM stroke counters; Digital preset counters, Digital line frequency counters, Electronic products for textile/horological cigarette industries, Custom built electronic automobile products, Digital timers, Signal lamp posts, Tacho generators; Transducers: Digital analogue magnetic pickups, Inductive proximity switches, RTD sensors, Thermocouple sensors; Turnkey projects: With out vast experience and infrastructure can take up any kind of turnkey projects in the field of process control instrumentation, power electronics, processor based OEM products. Dirs: N.G. Tukaye, C. S. Kattishetti, S. Mukerjee

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Nagoba Electronics, Bangalore

18, 3rd Cross,, Malleswaram,, Bangalore - 560003 Karnataka, India

Phone :--23316233/28361150
Fax :--080-23316233

Business Profile : Work & Branch Offs: (1) Bangalore (Ph: 080-8361150); (2) Mumbai (Telefax: 022-28018380; Ph: 28331806; E-mail:; (3) Chennai (Telefax: 044-2322752; Email:; (4) Secunderabad (Ph: 040-31136180). Mfr: Relays (earth fault/earth leakage/phase failure/under voltage/over voltage/under frequency/over frequency/reverse power), Airconditioning monitor relays/panels, Digital panel meters, Microcontroller timers, Microcontroller engine relays, Microcontroller idle stop relays, Switch mode power supplies, Linear regulated power supplies, Impressed current cathodic protection equipments, 3-over current plus 1 EF relay, Microcontroller alarm annunciators, and Temperature indicators/controllers (digital), AMF relays for diesel generators. Chf Extv: V.N. Govindaraj.

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M.V. Instruments, Bangalore

No. 507, 3rd Cross,, 8th Block, Off. 80 Feet Main Road,, Koramangala,, Bangalore - 560095 Karnataka, India

Phone :--080-25702673
Mobile :-98452 25674

Business Profile : Mfr: Electronic liquid level controllers, Indicators, Timers, Microcontroller based custom-built products, Microprocess system designers, Electronic infra-red security systems, Alarm systems. Ptnrs: Omprakash K.; Madhuchandra.

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C-1/164, Yamuna Vihar,, New Delhi - 110053 Delhi, India

Phone :--011-22919467
Fax :--011-22913805

Business Profile : Mfr: Informative moving display boards, Token number display boards, Digital clocks systems and fixed LED advertisement boards, Token display with speaker bell for Hospitals, Fast food corners & Hotels, Token display with voice for Illiterate persons & Old age persons, Token display indicators for banks, Timer microcontroller for glow sign board and geyser to save electricity, Timer programmable for Factory staff, Mandir & Maszid hooters. Prop: Neeraj Jain.

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A-34, Mangol Puri Industrial Area, Phase-II,, NEW DELHI - 110034 Delhi, India

Phone :--911142863034
Fax :--911127019520

Business Profile : Logic IC, Consumer IC, Telcom IC, Network IC , Regulartor IC, RF ICs & Modules, Electronic IC, Linear IC, Memory, Microcontroller, Power IC, Automotive IC, Zener Diodes, Transistors, Led, Diodes, Electronic Diodes, Triacs, Diacs, Crystal Oscillators, Auto Fuse, Silicon Diodes Electronic Products & Components

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Servotronics, Ahmedabad

50 Adarsh Indl Estate,, Near Chakudia Mahadev,, Rakhial,, Ahmedabad - 380023 Gujarat, India

Phone :--22743315/22760578
Fax :--079-22742814

Business Profile : Mfr: Temperature indicators/controller and sensors, Electronic timers in digital and analogue versions, RPM indicators and other Microcontroller based instruments. Ptnr: Kishen T. Mudabidri.

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Spiba Electronics, Rajkot

318, Sagar Arcade, Gondal Road, Opp. Gurukul,, Gondal Road,, Rajkot - 360001 Gujarat, India

Phone :--0281-5591165
Mobile :-98253 54628 - Anil Sangani

Business Profile : Mfr: Opp. Kothariya Solyent Bus Stop, Rajkot Gondal Highway, Station: Kothariya, Dist. Rajkot (Ph: 5591165; Mob: 98253 54628). Mfr: Electronic power generator, Battery chargers, UPS, CVT, Sevo stabilisers, DC-DC converters, Single phasing preventers, Electronic doorbells and Embedded products using microcontrollers. Ptnr: Anil Sangani.

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Dijitex, Surat

98, Radhakrishana Indl. Society,, Opp. Homeopathic College,, Udhna Magdalla Road,, Surat - 395017 Gujarat, India

Phone :--2230439/2238667
Fax :--0261-2238667

Business Profile : Mfr: Dropbox controller for looms, Loom stop programmers, Electronic controllers, Sequence controllers, Counters (digital/universal/event/preset/preset/length), Temperature controllers (digital/blind/2 set point/microcontroller base), Temperature indicators, Temperature scanners, Speed indicators (rpm with 2 channel/programmable), Timers (digital/blind/cyclic/dark room/microcontroller base), Flame detectors, Airconditioner controllers for energy saving, Programmable bell. Ptnrs: Kaushal Sheth.

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Vital Technologies, Vadodara

A/19, Shrenikpark,, Near Stadium,, Akota,, Vadodara - 390020 Gujarat, India

Phone :--0265-5591613

Business Profile : Design house for electronic product: LED scrolling displays, digital clocks, attendence recorders, data loggers and any sort of microcontroller based customized products. Chf Extv: Hitesh Mahant.

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Sunrom Technologies, Ahmedabad

33/FF, Yash Niketan, Khokhra, Maninakar, Ahmedabad - 380008 Gujarat, India

Phone :--98258 58509/93749 91180

Business Profile : Mfr: Microcontroller programmer, Development board software, Books and Components. Prop: Viral Purohit.

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Appalto Electronics, Indore

45, Electronics Complex,, Indore - 452010 Madhya Pradesh, India

Phone :--5030250/5080250
Fax :--0731-5030558

Business Profile : Mfr: Computer sub-systems, Data switches, Data acquisition and processing equipment, Data Loggers, Microprocessor systems designers, Programmable process controllers, Electronic weighbridge interface, Temperature controllers, Programmable logic controllers, UPS systems, Computer interfaces, Computer printer sharers/Digital weight indicators, Telephone/fax activated switches, Microcontroller based equipment, Microprocessor based equipment. Ptnrs: Anil Khasgiwala, Manoj Kataria.

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Chip Integration Technologies Ltd, Bangalore

#56, IInd Floor, Pushpagiri Complex, 17th Cross 8th Main,, Opp. Water Tank, Vijayanagar, Bangalore - 560040 Karnataka, India

Phone :--080-23208045/23207367

Business Profile : Products: Hardware trainer kits, Boards & Compiler/simulator software. In circuit emulator/jtag supporting 8 to 32 bit microprocessor and microcontroller, Advance board like Intel RISC based PXA255/270, ARM9 board, Embest university and keil software and new modular electronics trainer kits based on transducers, Internet, Mobile telephony, Bluetooth, CAN and LIN BUS, PIC micro, Sensors, CPLD & FPGA and Programming. Developing embedded and Real time system solutions.

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Authentic Engineers, Gurgaon

91-C, HSIDC Sheds,, Udyog Vihar,, Phase-VI, Sector 37,, Gurgaon - 122001 Haryana, India

Phone :--2371459/5031003/5030925
Fax :--0124-5030925

Business Profile : Mfr: Customised automation using microcontrollers, Design and development of SMPS. Prop: Sunil Lahoti.

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Star Link Communication Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

HR132/6 & HR114/6, Pulpehaladpur,, Suraj Kund Road,, New Delhi - 110044 Delhi, India

Phone :--26364861/26363033
Fax :--011-26360612

Business Profile : Mfr: EEPROM and Microcontroller programmers, Attendance and Time recording systems, STD PCOs, Auto callers and Conference systems. Chf Extv: Promod Yadav; Dirs: Vipin Yadav, Promod Yadav, Ms Sarita Yadav.

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