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Microcontroller Manufacturers

Sigma Industrial Control, Ludhiana

New Model Town, Sahnewal, Ludhiana - 141120 Punjab, India

Phone :--2845986
Fax :--0161-2845986

Business Profile : Mfr: Power factor controllers Digital panel meters Power analysers DC drives Microcontroller bases and Process control instruments. Prop: Pritam Singh.

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Spiba electronics, Rajkot

318 Sagar Arcade, Gondal Road Opp. Gurukul, Gondal Road, Rajkot - 360001 Gujarat, India

Phone :--0281-5591165
Mobile :-98253 54628 - Anil Sangani

Business Profile : Mfr: Opp. Kothariya Solyent Bus Stop Rajkot Gondal Highway Station: Kothariya Dist. Rajkot (Ph: 5591165; Mob: 98253 54628). Mfr: electronic power generator Battery chargers UPS CVT Sevo stabilisers DC-DC converters Single phasing preventers electronic doorbells and Embedded products using microcontrollers. Ptnr: Anil Sangani.

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Static Systems, New Delhi

Off & Works: WZ-A/116, Ram Datt Enclave, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi - 110059 Delhi, India

Phone :--25636011/25634754
Fax :--011-25630378

Business Profile : Mfr: Scanning hand held metal detectors (palm/pocket scanner Super scanner Weapon scanner Metal scanner) Auto-set microcontroller based door frame metal detectors Deep search metal detectors Mail bomb detectors Mine detectors Guard watch & monitoring systems Remote controlled cash bag alarms Random check security systems Defence electronic equipment RF remote control systems Microcontroller based search lights with RF remote control Traffic controlling light bars Under vehicle search mirrors Remote controlled wire cutter for bomb disposal and RSP tool kit. Ptnr: Surinder S. Grover & Ved P. Juneja.

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Syslab Automation Pvt Ltd, Pune

S.No. 98A/15B PELCO Park, Hadapsar Industrial Estate, Pune - 411013 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--26873655
Fax :--020-26872634

Business Profile : Mfr: Attendance recording systems Data loggers Microcontroller based products. Mg Dir: K.C. Jambhekar.

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Micro Conelec Industries, Mumbai

D/203 Ghatkopar Indl Estate, Off. L.B.S. Marg, Ghatkopar (W), Mumbai - 400086 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--25008600
Fax :--022-25008600

Business Profile : Mfr: AC synchronous motors Microcontroller based process controllers Integrated controller for servo stabilisers. Prop: Maneesh Desai.

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Team Technology, Bangalore

3302 12th `A Main, HAL IInd Stage, Bangalore - 560008 Karnataka, India

Phone :--25261102
Fax :--080-25263148

Business Profile : Dtr for: (1) Silicon Storage Technology Inc. for Flash based EPROMs EEPROMs Microcontrollers and Compact flash cards; (2) Nemic Lambda for DC/DC converters AC/DC converters Rectifiers; (3) Kemet electronics for Ceramic & tantalum capacitors; (4) Inchang electronics for CRT sockets Thermostats; (5) Ultra Batteries for Littium batteries; (6) Wave Com for GSM solutions. Director: B.R. Ganesh.

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Timonic electronics Co, New Delhi

302 Capital Plaza, Inder Enclave (Opp. Udyog Nagar, Indl. Area Rohtak Road, New Delhi - 110087 Delhi, India

Phone :--25272598/7487
Fax :--011-25277487
Mobile :-98111 53767 - Saxena

Business Profile : Mfr: Digital temperature indicators and controllers Digital temperature scanners Thermocouples Temperature ,sensors Digital electronic thermometers and heat controllers electronic timers (analogue digital repeat cycle sequential programmable) Digital time interval meters Digital time totalisers Time switches Digital stop watches electronic counters Preset counters Batch counters rotation Stroke length counters RPM meters Digital tachometers Controllers for mains frequency/voltage current/digital frequency counters/meters Digital mains frequency meters High/Low mains voltage cutoff systems Infrared sensors and switches Solidstate flashers photoelectric switches and custom-built industrial control devices Humidity indicators/controllers Data loggers Recorders Digital panel meters for voltage/current/frequency Digital humidity pH load and pressure indicators/controllers Microcontroller based sequence controllers and custom-build industrial control devices; Proximity switches Infrared sensors and other industrial transducers. Prop: Ashok Saxena.

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Trident Infosol Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

1 Upper Ground Floor, Devika Tower, Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110019 Delhi, India

Phone :--41008155 (4 lines)
Fax :--011-41017055

Business Profile : Dtr for: (1) Adlink Technology Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore for PCI/I/O cards CPCI I/O cards IPCs and CPCI SBCS; (2) Advin Systems Inc. USA for Universal Device programmers; (3) Basler GmbH Germany for CCD cameras; (4) Blue Wave Systems Ltd UK for Power PC in SHARC DSP resource board on PCI VME and CPCI; (5) Chroma Ate Inc. Taiwan for DC/AC power supplies DC electric load Power analysers; (6) Coreco Inc. Canada for Imaging products like frame grabbers; (7) IAR Systems Sweden for Embedded softwares for various microcontrollers and microprocessors; (8) Intelligent Instrumentation Inc. USA for Ethernet based data acquisition systems and micro-terminals; (9) ISystem GmBH Germany for In-circuit emulators (microprocessor development system); (10) Iwatsu electric Co. Ltd Japan for Analog and digital storage oscilloscope; (11) Leutron Vision AG Switzerland for Frame grabber cards; (12) Relex Softwares for Reliability analysis software; (13) SBS Technologies UK for Rugged SBCs and I/O products on VME bus CPCI bus PMC PC/104 & CAN I/O; (14) Spectrum Digital USA for DSP EVMs and emiulator for Texas Instruments; (15) Transtech DSP UK for PowerPC in SHARC DSP resource board on PCI VME and CPCI; (16) Thulby Thandar Instruments Ltd UK for Test & measurements like multimeters Logic analysers Function generators AC/DC power supplies; (17) White mountain DSP USA for Analog devices EVMs and emulators; (18) Aldec. Inc. USA for Digital circuit simulation software tools VHDL modelling FPGA design tool; (19) Intusoft USA for Analog and mixed mode circuit simulation software package Inductor and transformer design software HDL modelling tools; (20) Protel International Pty Ltd Australia for PCB design software package. Dir: Ashok Gupta.

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Trinity Microsystems Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

313 IIIrd Floor Triveni Complex, E-10-12 Jawahar Park, Vikas Marg Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi - 110092 Delhi, India

Phone :--22016186/22458310
Fax :--011-22541518

Business Profile : Mfr : Digital electronics Trainers Linear/Analog electronics Trainers electrical & electronics Circuit Trainer General Purpose electronics Trainers Bread Board Trainers Gates/Flip-Fops/Counters/Shift Registers/Multiplexers & De-Multiplexers ADC?s & DAC?s etc Digital & Analog Communication Trainers Power electronics Trainers Instrumentation Trainers electronics Device Characteristics Network Analysis Theorems & Filters Amplifier Circuits Oscillators & Wave Shaping Circuits Multivibrators Op-Amp based Trainers Bridges Fiber Optics Trainers Satellite Communication Trainers Transmission Line Trainer Decade Resistance/Inductance/Capacitance Boxes DC Regulated Power Supplies & Function Generators etc. Advance Communication Trainers like Telephone Handset Trainer Mobile Trainer Pazer Trainer Chordless Trainer Intercom Trainer EPABX Trainer Modem Trainer Fax Trainer and VCR Trainers. Dtr for : (1) Advance Micronic Device Ltd. Bangalore for Orcad PSpice A/D Mixed Mode Simulation Orcad PCB Layout Plus Orcad Optimizer Softwares VHDL Simulator Verilog HDL Simulator PCB Design Studio (Cadence Design Systems Inc.) (2) Anshuman Pune for 8/16 Bit Microprocessor / Microcontroller Trainer cum Development Kits MDS 8/16 Bit In-Circuit Emulators PC based Add-on Cards Cross Assemblers Simulators Cross C Compilers PLC PID Transducer and Process Control Trainers PC Trainers SMPS Trainers (3) Cranes Softwares International Ltd. Bangalore for MATLAB Software & Different Tool Boxes and Simulink Software (Math Work Inc. USA); & Digital Signal Processor Trainers/ Starter Kits Based on TMS 320C50/5416/6711/2407/30/31/32/40/80 and Analog Devices DSP Cards and C Compilers / Code Composer Emulators EVM?s ( Texas Instruments Sigapore) (4) Go4Fiber Hongkong for Fiber Optics Power Meters Power Source Continuity Testers Talk Set OTDRs Fiber Optics Cables Connectors Attenuators Couplers Laser Source and Holography Trainer (5) Opti-Wave for Fiber Communication System Design Software Optical Fiber Design Software Integrated & Fiber Optical Gratings Design Software Optical Fiber Amplifier & Laser Design Software Waveguide Optics Modeling System Software Time Domain Photonics Simulation Software Semiconductor Heterostructure Modeling Software etc. (6) Simulation Research Netherlands for Caspoc Power electronics and electrical Drives /Motor Modeling and Simulation Software; Microwave & electromagnetics Design Softwares (7) Minmax electronics Bangalore for Digital & Analog IC Testers In-Circuit IC Testers EPROM Programmers Eraser Soldering and Desoldering Stations and Telephone Exchange Tutor (8) Signet electronics Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai for Antenna Systems Trainers Microstripline Trainer Colour Pattern Generators Spectrum Analysers Wabboloscopes Digital Field Strength / Signal Level Meters Cable and TV Analysers Poliscope (9) Hem electronics Miraj for Instrumentation Advanced Control / Power electronics Lab Trainers (10) Data Translation Inc. USA for Image Processing Systems; (11) Microwave Technologies Inc. for Microwave Test Bench both C-Band and Q-Band VSWR Meters Klystron and Gunn Power Supplies and Microwave Components;(12) Cresent Agencies Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai for PCB Lab Equipments Artwork-Tapes and (13) EZ Digital Co. Ltd. Korea / Goodwill Taiwan for Test & Measurement Equipments Like Analog / Digital Storage.,Oscilloscopes of 20/30/50/60/100/150/250 MHz Digital Multimeters Function Generators AM/FM Signal Generators Autoranging Digital Multimeters and Digital Frequency Counters Logic Analysers Power analysers Plotters Spectrum Analysers Programmable Power Supplies. Dlr of HUNS for ARM processor development kit Embedded system and SoC development kit. Mg Dir: M. Yesurathnam.

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Vinytics Peripherals Pvt Ltd., Delhi

WB-10 Shakarpur, Delhi - 110092 Delhi, India

Phone :--22462826
Fax :--011-22515127
Mobile :-98110 87080 - Vinod Verma

Business Profile : Mfr: Microprocessor training kits based on 8085/8086/8031/8097/ 80C196/68000 Study modules and interfacing modules for microprocessor/microcontroller trainers PLC trainers & its interfacing modules Digital and Analog Communication trainers like AM FM PCM PAM PPM DM TDM PWM ASK FSK PSK QPSK DPSK FSK DSB/SSB trainers Super heterodyne receiver trainer Data conditioning Digital and Analog Fiber optic trainers PC trainers & demonstrators Logic analysers PC based handy EPROM/microcontroller programmers Eprom eraser Digitial & analog IC testers EPROM erasers Regulated power supplies Oscilloscopes PC based digital storage oscilloscope Function Generators Transducer/instrumentation trainers like level pressure load cell LVDT Load cell Level indicator Temperature controllers PID controllers Stepper motor controllers Magnetic pickup/Inductive pickup Capacitive pickup Photovoltaic transistor Frequency & RPM Measurement AC/DC motor controllers Power electronics trainers like SCR/TRIAC/DIAC/UJT trainers Commutation circuit trainers Lamp dimmer AC phase control circuits traines Chopper circuit trainer Series & parallel inverter Dsp trainers EPABX & telephone trainers Fiber optic trainers Digital and analog IC trainers Linear trainers OPAMP trainers and Basic electronics trainers based transistor filter amplifier multivibrator multiplexer oscillator counters decoder and network trainers Control lab trainers like Light Intensity Controllers Linear system simulators Synchro transmitter and receiver PID controllers Stepper motor controllers AC/DC motor position controllers DC speed controllers Magnetic Amplifier controllers Compensation design Digital Control system Temperature system simulator Relay control system FPGA/CPLD trainers Modile communication trainers CDMA/GSM trainers Blue tooth trainers Antenna trainers Transmission line trainers ISDN trainers Radar trainers Fuzzy logic PLC trainers Laser trainers Microwave trainers Satellite trainers Black & White and colour TV trainers Microwave trainers electrical machine trainers Tape recorder/DVD trainers and Frequency counters. Dir : Vinod Verma.

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United electrotechnologies, Bangalore

No. 59 2nd Floor, 4th Main, Ganganagar Extn., Bangalore - 560032 Karnataka, India

Phone :--23548225/23337970
Fax :--080-23548225

Business Profile : Mfr: Digital communication lab trainers (DCLT) Data communication concept trainer (DCCT) systems Network concept trainer (NCT) systems Advanced microcontroller laboratory Advanced centralised/distributed automation Lab Industrial bus communication lab Protocol development under layered architecture (PDLA) Embedded data communication & Networking laboratory (EDCN) VLSI laboratory and Data aquisition cards. Chf Extv: T.R. Ranganath.

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Authentic Engineers, Gurgaon

Phase-VI, Sector 37, Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon - 122001 Haryana, India

Phone :--95-124-4031003/4030925
Fax :--95-124-4109503

Business Profile : Mfr: Customised automation using microcontrollers Design and development of SMPS. Prop: Sunil Lahoti.

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Veratroniks, Hyderabad

1-8-44/1/1 North Kamalanagar, Besides ETDC, ECIL (Post), Hyderabad - 500062 Andhra Pradesh, India

Phone :--27132209/27134927/27127991
Fax :--040-27123070

Business Profile : Mfr: Noise level detectors Audio visual alarms Digital clocks Large digital alpha numeric and 7 segment display systems Solid state heater controllers Battery chargers Trolley with batteries Power supplies Custom design microcontroller based control system/modules Test jigs/systems as per customer requirements 16/8/4/2 channel DINRAIL relay modules DINRAIL interface modules DINRAIL low current DC power supplies Digital panel meters Digital process indicators PCO call monitors Coin operated pay phone. Prop: Mrs M. Anjali Devi; Chf Extv: M. Veerabrahmam.

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Vikas electro Sales, Mumbai

3/722 Navjivan Society, Lamington Road, Mumbai - 400008 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--23087114/23081966
Fax :--022-23076836

Business Profile : Sales Off: H-16 First Floor Lajpat Nagar-II New Delhi 110024 (Fax: 011-29810582; Ph: 29810582/29819203; Email: Dtr for: Philips Semiconductors Hongkong for Integrated circuits such as Logics Microcontrollers and other semiconductor devices. Dealer in components of other brands also. Prop: V. N. Saboo Chf Extv: Arun Saboo.

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Opto Instruments Pvt Ltd, Kolkata

Regd Off & Works: 627/1, Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata - 700034 West Bengal, India

Phone :--24682275/2492/8615
Fax :--033-24684645

Business Profile : Mfr: Automatic voltage stabilisers Servo-controlled voltage stablisers Digital line frequency monitors Battery chargers DC power supplies Isolation transformers Temperature controllers Inverters CVTs UPS Trip units SMPS Min/max voltmeters Ammeters Microcontroller based equipment and other electronic instruments. Dirs: Alok Nath Mukherjee Subendu Sinha.

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Process Care Systems (India) Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

#1723 Mahakavi Kuvempu Road, Rajaji Nagar 2nd Stage, Bangalore - 560010 Karnataka, India

Phone :--23328097/0875/2242
Fax :--080-23322242

Business Profile : Branches: (1) #201 2nd Floor Vastu Building LBS Marg Kolbad Naka Thane (W) Mumbai 400601 (Telefax: 022-25471142; (2) Old No. AF-2 (MIG-94B) IV Avenue Shanthi Colony Annanagar Chennai 600040 (Telefax: 044-26280768; (3)6-3-903/A/4/1 1st Floor Somajiguda Hyderabad (Ph: 040-64506621). Mfr: Scan-08 Smart Timer-ST06 Scan RTD-04 Annunciator Smart alarm-12 Smart counter-SC06 DTC/DTI Nurse call systems (NCS) Automative electronics Engine monitoring systems Controllers for vending machines LCD guage Heater failure annunciator Machine down time recorder and microcontroller based customised products. Ptnrs: K.V. Nagesh; Gopal Bapat.

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Concept electronics, Mumbai

D-24 Shalimar Indl. Estate, M.L. Camp, Next to Tata Power House Matunga, Mumbai - 400019 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--65859888
Fax :--022-24076606
Mobile :-98212 85902

Business Profile : Mfgr : Weigh Bridge Interfaces -00 electronic Weigh Bridges Digital Indicator Weighing Scales Weighing Scales Baby Weighing Scales Chemist/Jewellers Weighing Systems - Batch Weighing Systems - Conveyor Belt Weighing Systems - electronic Weighing Systems In-Motion Weighing Systems Platform Weighing Systems Postal Weighing Systems Price Computing Weighing Systems Table Top Weighing Systems Tank Scale Weight Indicators - Digital Alarms Photoelectric Balancing Equipments Dynamic Controllers - bag filter Controller Batch Controllers electronic Controllers Loom Controllers Packaging Controllers ? Pressure Controllers Programmable Controllers RPM Converters RS232/RS485 Counters - Event/Object Counters Length Counters - Microcontroller Based Counters - Universal Counting Scales electronic - Display Devices ? LED Display Systems ? Digital Indicators Digital Indicators Load Indicators ? Load Indicators RPM Load Cells Load Monitors ? electronic Micro Controller Based Equipment Microprocessor Based Equipments Process Control Instruments Temperature Indicators / Controllers ? Digital Timers ? Digital. Dtrs: (1) A. G. Associates Mahim; 2) Aakar Controls Chennai; (3) Titan Scales Ulhasnagar; (4) Mark Sensors Ahmedabad; Principals: (1) Adi Artech Transducers Pvt. Ltd.; (2) China Sea electronic Co. Prop: Hiren Ajmera.

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Metatech (S) Pte Ltd, Bangalore

205 Infantry Court, 130 Infantry Road, Bangalore - 560001 Karnataka, India

Phone :--41513069
Fax :--080-41513069

Business Profile : Products: Microcontrollers Memories GPS modules Blue tooth modules Power conversion ICs and ASICs.

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Erhardt+Leimer (India) Ltd, Ahmedabad

Survey No. 320, Odhav Road, Ahmedabad - 382415 Gujarat, India

Phone :--22873180/1578/1579
Fax :--079-22873184

Business Profile : Mfr: Load cells and Microcontrollers. Dtr: A.T.E. Enterprises Ltd Mumbai (Ph: 022-4922423).

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Nagoba electronics, Bangalore

18 3rd Cross, Malleswaram, Bangalore - 560003 Karnataka, India

Phone :--23316233/28361150
Fax :--080-23316233

Business Profile : Work & Branch Offs: (1) Bangalore (Ph: 080-28361150/65672090); (2) Mumbai (Telefax: 022-28018380; Ph: 28331806; E-mail:; (3) Chennai (Telefax: 044-2322752; Email:; (4) Secunderabad (Ph: 040-98850 51020). Mfr: Relays (earth fault/earth leakage/phase failure/under voltage/over voltage/under frequency/over frequency/reverse power) Airconditioning monitor relays/panels Digital panel meters Microcontroller timers Microcontroller engine relays Microcontroller idle stop relays Switch mode power supplies Linear regulated power supplies Impressed current cathodic protection equipments 3-over current plus 1 EF relay Microcontroller alarm annunciators and Temperature indicators/controllers (digital) AMF relays for diesel generators. Chf Extv: V.N. Govindaraj.

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