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Measuring Microscope Manufacturers

Sipcon Instrument Industeies, Ambala Cantt

116, Hsidc, Industrial Estate, Jagadhri Road, Ambala Cantt - 133006 Haryana, India

Phone :--91-171-2699668, 2699120
Fax :--91-0171-2699768

Business Profile : Profile Projectors, Video Inspection Microscope, Depth Measuring Microscope, Industrial Zoom Microscopes, Tissue Processors, Refractometers, Digital Microscopes, fluorescent Ring Illuminators, Photo Micrography Equipments, Precision Tooling System, 2D Coordinate Measuring machine, Moisture Balance Etc.

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Indian Scientific Instruments Factory, Ambala Cantt

H.O.: 106 Mahesh Nagar, Ambala Cantt - 133001 Haryana, India

Phone :--2661618/4008118
Fax :--0171-2661559
Mobile :-94160 20018 - Sanjay Jain

Business Profile : Mfr: Absorption wavemeters AF output meters Ammeters Ammeters milli/micro Ampere meters Audio frequency generators Audio frequency,meters Audio generators Audio oscillators Battery testers Blind controllers Brightness/opacity testers Calibration furnances ,Calorimeters Capacitance meters/testers Capacitor testers Co-ordinate ,measuring microscope Colorimeters Conductivity bridges Conductivity ,meters Controllers Counters DC meters Digital potentiometers Digital ,standard cell Digital trainers Diode testers Dissolved oxygen analysers ,Dosimeters electrophoresis apparatus Fet voltmeters Frequency counters ,Frequency generators Frequency indicators Frequency meters Function ,generators Galvanometers Gauss meters Humidity indicators IC testers ,Karl fischer titrimeters Kelvin bridges Laser with power supply LCR ,bridges Line frequency meters Line voltmeters Digital lux meters Mains ,frequency meters Megohmmeters MHOS-pH meters Micro ammeters Micro ,Ohmmeters Micri voltmeters Microprocessor test kits Microtomes Milli ,ammeters Milli voltmeters Moving coil meters Multi testers Oscillators ,Oscilloscopes Over head projectors Panel meters PCB projector/inspector ,PCB visual monitors pH meters Photometers Power factor meters Moisture ,eters Power frequency meters Profile projectors Pulse generators ,Pyrometers Resistance meters Rheostats Semi conductor device testers ,Signal generators Signal tracers Sine square generators Signal ,analysers Signal generators Signal tracers Soil moisture meters Spectro ,photometers Temperaature indicator/controller thermocouples Timers ,digital/analogue Training boards electronics Transistor testers Vacuum ,tube voltmeters Voltage testers Voltameters Voltmeters milli/micro ,Water pollution monitors Water quality analysers Wheatstone bridges ,Zener testers Test lab equipment. Ptnrs: Sanjay Jain Manmohan Jain.

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H.O.: Nirmal Bhawan,, Iqbal Ganj Road,, Ambala Cantt,, Ambala Cantt - 133001 Haryana, India

Phone :--2619118/2619317
Fax :--0171-2619218

Business Profile : Mfr: Absorption wavemeters, AF output meters, Ammeters, Ammeters milli/micro, Ampere meters, Audio frequency generators, Audio frequency meters, Audio generators, Audio oscillators, Battery testers, Blind controllers, Brightness/opacity testers, Calibration furnances, Calorimeters, Capacitance meters/testers, Capacitor testers, Co-ordinate measuring microscope, Colorimeters, Conductivity bridges, Conductivity meters, Controllers, Counters, DC meters, Digital potentiometers, Digital standard cell, Digital trainers, Diode testers, Dissolved oxygen analysers, Dosimeters, Electrophoresis apparatus, Fet voltmeters, Frequency counters, Frequency generators, Frequency indicators, Frequency meters, Function generators, Galvanometers, Gauss meters, Humidity indicators, IC testers, Karl fischer titrimeters, Kelvin bridges, Laser with power supply, LCR bridges, Line frequency meters, Line voltmeters, Digital lux meters, Mains frequency meters, Megohmmeters, MHOS-pH meters, Micro ammeters, Micro Ohmmeters, Micri voltmeters, Microprocessor test kits, Microtomes, Milli ammeters, Milli voltmeters, Moving coil meters, Multi testers, Oscillators, Oscilloscopes, Over head projectors, Panel meters, PCB projector/inspector, PCB visual monitors, pH meters, Photometers, Power factor meters, Moisture meters, Power frequency meters, Profile projectors, Pulse generators, Pyrometers, Resistance meters, Rheostats, Semi conductor device testers, Signal generators, Signal tracers, Sine square generators, Signal analysers, Signal generators, Signal tracers, Soil moisture meters, Spectro photometers, Temperaature indicator/controller, thermocouples, Timers digital/analogue, Training boards electronics, Transistor testers, Vacuum tube voltmeters, Voltage testers, Voltameters, Voltmeters milli/micro, Water pollution monitors, Water quality analysers, Wheatstone bridges, Zener testers, Test lab equipment. Ptnrs: Sanjay Jain, Manmohan Jain.

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Phone :--914023078371/23478639/23720589
Fax :--914023077104

Business Profile : ENGINEERING GOODS AND TOOLS & OPTICAL MEASURING, Low Cost Profile Projector, Vertical Profile Projector, Horizontal Profile Projector, PCB Inspection Projector, Profile Projector, Accessories Advanced Digital Measurement System, Centering Microscope, CNC Tool, Presenter Video Measuring Microscope Dispergraph, Microscope Engineering Goods & Equipment

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