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Infant Feeding Tube Manufacturers

Agofa Laboratory, Ahmedabad

3, Bal Gayatri Society, Opp. Gokul Raw House, Manekbag, Polytechnic, Ahmedabad Gujarat, India

, --079-26638213
Fax :--079-26638213

Business Profile : Tubes : Ryles Tubes, Tubes : Infant Feeding Tubes, Measure Volume Set, Microdrip Set, Foley's Ballon Catheter, Male External Catheter, Urethral Catheter, Suction Catheter, Nasal Oxygen Catheter, Gibbon's Catheter, Oxygen Mask, Surgical Latex Tubing, Infant Muscus Extractor, Clamps : Umbilical Cord Clamps, Infusion Sets, Bags, Urobag, Disposable Syringe, Scalp Vein Set, Tubes : Living Tubes, Blood Donor Set, Blood Administration Set, Bags : Urine Collection Bags, Bags : Waste Bags, Chartered Rubber Products, Disposable Needle, Gloves : Surgical Gloves

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108, Ambica Arcade, Plot No. 300, 12/B,, GANDHIDHAM - 370201 Gujarat, India

Phone :--912836324882/324883
Fax :--912836230322

Business Profile : Water for injection, Disposable syringes, surgical gloves, IV Sets, BT Sets, Urine Bags, pharmaceutical formulations, nutraceuticals, protein powder, dietary supplements, tablets, capsules, oral liquids, ointments, injectable, formulation for general remedies, formulations for antibiotics, formulations for antiulcerants, formulations for cephalosporines, formulations for life saving drugs, Disposable syringes & needles, infusion sets, intravenous infusion sets, blood administration sets, I.V. Cannula, Urine collection bags, Male external catheter, nilaton catheter, Ryle's Tube, Stomach tube, infant feeding tube, latex surgical gloves, examination gloves, Umbilical Cord / clamp, surgical disposables, surgical & Pharmaceuticals Equipments Medical Equipment

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"Nimble House", Next to Ambli Primary School Ambli Bopal Road, Bopal,, Ahmedabad - 380058 Gujarat, India

Phone :--917926440601/2717-230265/231147
Mobile :-917926427897/2717-231147

Business Profile : INFUSION THERAPY : I.V.Cannula, I.V.Cannula With 3 Way Stop Cock, Intravenous Infusion Set, Micro Drip Set, Blood Administration Set, Scalp Vein Set, Measured Volume Set, 3 Way Stop Cock, Disposable Syringe, Disposable Syringe (With Needle) ANAESTHESIA : Suction Catheter, Suction Catheter with Thumb Control, Endotracheal Tube (Plain), Oxygen Mask UROLOGY : Foley Baloon Catheter (2 Way ), Foley Baloon Catheter (3 Way), Urine Collection / Drainage Bag, Uridrop (External Male Catheter), Nelaton Catheter GASTROENTEROLOGY : Ryles Tube, Infant Feeding Tube GENERAL SURGERY : Sterile Surgical Latex Gloves, Examination Gloves, Surgical Blades, Umblical Cord Clamp, Mucus Extractor, Adhesive Tape (Zinc Oxide), Cotton Crape Bandage, Plaster Of Paris Bandage (P.O.P) Tubes & Tube Fittings

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Phone :--917926420281/64402336/30080501/30080502
Fax :--917926560904

Business Profile : surgical dressings & disposable, healthcare products, medical disposables products, disposable medical devices, iv sets, blood administration set, disposable syringes & needles, urine collection bag, oxygen mask, infant feeding tube, nelaton catheter, suction catheter, oxygen mask for adult, paediatric, endotracheal tube, ryle's tube, intravenous infusion sets, i.v. set, scalp vein set, measure volume set, disposable syringes, disposable needle, i.v. cannula, urine bag, tubes, catheters, cord clamp, mucus extractor, surgical gloves, examination gloves, oxygen mask infusion therapy: disposable syringes & needles, infusion sets, intra venous infusion sets, burette sets, butterfly vein sets, i. v. cannula, three way stop cock, anaesthesia, guedel airways, urology: urine collection bags, male external, foley balloon catheter, stomach tube, general surgical disposables, latex surgical gloves, thoracic catheter, chest catheter, umbilical cord/clamp, mucus exthracthor, vac sets, surgical disposables, blood set, scalp vien set, coro clamps, muccus extractors, sway stop cock, close wound suction set, urine drainage bag, medical devices, blood transfusion set, saline set, other medical & hospital disposables, i.v. infusion set, tubs & catheters, umbilical cord clamp, sterile latex surgical gloves, latex examination gloves, male external catheter Medical, Diagnostic & Hospital Supplies

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F-1, Maruti Industrial Estate, CTM Cross Roads, CTM,, Ahmedabad - 380026 Gujarat, India

Phone :--917925855411
Fax :--917925855411

Business Profile : surgical medical disposable products for urology, anaesthesia, transfusion, surgery, gastroenterology and paediatric applications.,Urine Collection Bag, Nelaton Catheter, Tur Set, Balloon Catheter, Male Catheter, Oxy Set, Suction Catheter, Uretheral Catheter, Infusion Set, Blood Administration Set, Measured Volume Set, Scalp Vein Set, Peritoneal Dialysis Transfusion Set, A-One Vac Set, A-One Mini Vac Set , Chest Drainage Catheter, Ryle's Tube, Infant Feeding Tube, Infant Mucus Extractor, Karman Cannula, Umbilical Cord Clamp, Corrugated Drainage Sheet, Gloves, Umbilical Catheter Surgical Dressings & Disposable

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Tiger Surgical Disposable Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad

80/4, Phase I, , Vatva G.I.D.C., Ahmedabad - 382 445 Gujarat, India

Phone :--079-25892792, 98240 54002
Fax :--079-25892793

Business Profile : Blood Transfusion Set, Infant Feeding Tube, Disposable : Surgical Disposable Products, Tubes : Ryles Tubes, Measure Volume Set, Urethral Catheter, Suction Catheter, Nasal Oxygen Catheter, Tubes : Living Tubes, Blood Donor Set, Bags : Urine Collection Bags

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48/52, 2nd Floor, West Punjabi Bagh,, Delhi - 110026 Delhi, India

Phone :--911142466196/42466396
Fax :--911125220907

Business Profile : Manufacturers & Exporters of Urology, Foley Balloon Catheter, Urine Collecting Bag, Male External Catheter, Nelaton Catheter, Gastro-entrology, Salem Sump Tube, Infant Feeding Tube, Blood Lancet, Red Rubber Products, Non Woven Products, Surgeon Cap, Nurses Cap, Surgeon Face Mask, Surgical Gown, Medical Disposables, Adhesives & Silicon Coated Papers, Surgical Equipments, Gastrology, Disposable Surgical Instruments, Urine/stool Specimen Container, Cytobrush, Corrugated Drainage Sheet, Surgical Pad, Urine Bag. Medical, Diagnostic & Hospital Supplies

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