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Hydroxypropyl Guar Gum Manufacturers


Plot-227/233, GIDC Indl. Estate, Naroda,, Ahmedabad - 382330 Gujarat, India

Phone :--9179228225 48/59
Fax :--917922822393

Business Profile : Manufacturers & Exporters of Hydroxyethyl & Hydroxypropyl Guargum & Tamarind, Cm Tamarind For Textile Printing Thickener, Oil Drilling, Paint, Guar Hydroxypropyltirammoniumchloride, Catonic Guar, Hp Cationic Guar, Nonionic Hp Guar, Cationic Derivatives Of Guargum, Encocat4530, Cosmetic Grade Guar, Personal Care Grade Guar, Detergent Grade Guar, Quick Hydrating Guar, Fast Hydration Guar, Rapid Hydrating Guar, High Viscosity Gelling Agent, High Viscosity Highly Disperse Guar, Printing Thickener, Printing Gum, Tamarind Gum, Guar Thickener, Finishing Agent For Textile Printing, Textile Printing Chemicals, Silk Printing Thickener, Polyester Printing Thickener, Nylon Printing Thickener, Carper And Acrylic Printing Thickener, Thickener For Food Products, Binding Agent For Food Application, Icecream Stabilizer, Emulsion Stabilizer, Thickener For Dairy Products, Galactomannan Gum, Food Grade Guargum, Emulsion Stabilizer For Food Application, Building Additives, Thickener And Rheology Modifer For Construction, Additives For Tile Adhesive, Mortar, Grouts, Concrets, Skim Coat, Stucco, Putty, Plaster, Crack Filler, Floor & Leveling, Cementetious Formulation, Gypsum Based Formulation, Thickenr For Paint, Rheology Modifier For Waterbased Paint, Rheology Control For Aquabased Paint, Hpg For Paint, Heg For Paint, Hydroxypropyl Ether Of Guar, Hydroxypropyl Ether Of Galactomannan, Hydroxyethylether Of Guar, Non Ionic Guar For Paint, Hydroxyethyl Guar, Hydroxypropyl Guar, Hydroxyethyl Tamarind, Carboxymethyl Tamarind, Modified Guar, Modified Tamarind Carpet Printing, Blenket Printing Thickener, Quick Hydrating Guargum, Quick Hydrating Guar Gum, Guar Gum, Hydroxypropyl Guar Gum, Hydroxy Ethyl Guar Gum, Hydroxy Ethyl Tamarind, Cross Link Guar Derivatives, Cationic Guar Gum Agro Products & Commodities

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