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Hex Nipple Manufacturers


# 952/8, 8th "A' MAIN, PRAKASHNAGAR,, Bangalore - 560021 Karnataka, India

Phone :--918023134344
Fax :--918023123615

Business Profile : swivel elbows, tee fittings , swivel elbows, tee fittings, swivel elbows, straight adapters, 90 & 45 elbows, reducers, hex nipples, orfs fittings, manifolds, hose stems, pipe nipples, machine tools Pipes & Pipe Fittings

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NO. 1284 & 1285/2, 6TH 'D' MAIN ROAD, PRAKASH NAGAR,, Bangalore - 560021 Karnataka, India

Phone :--918023323809
Fax :--918023323809

Business Profile : Precision components, Hydraulic Fittings, Swivel Elbows, Tee Fittings, Straight Adapters, 90?? & 45?? Elbows, Reducers, Hex Nipples, ORFS Fittings, Swivel Tees, Manifolds, Hose Stems, Pipe Nipples, ?ÇÿO?ÇÖ Ring Boss & plugs with UNF, BSP, BSPT, NPT and metric threads Hoses

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Plot No. 649/A, GIDC, Phase-II, Dared,, JAMNAGAR - 361004 Gujarat, India

Phone :--912883291515
Fax :--912882730903

Business Profile : Manufacturers & Exporters of Brass Electronic Parts, Fire Extinguishers, Valve, Brass Turned Components, Auto Parts, Brass Anchors, Brass Components, Fasteners, Electronic Parts, Electric Parts, Brass Fasteners, Brass Fittings, brass, Brass Loop, Brass Elecronic Parts, Brass Electric Parts, Brass Fire Fighting Parts, Brass Precision Turned Components, Brass Gas Parts, Brass Auto Parts, Brass Male Bush, Brass Haxagonal Nuts, Washers, Brass Tnc, Brass Bnc Socket, Uhf Plug Socket, Rf Connectors, Brass Hex Nipple, Brass Molding Inserts, Brass Nurling Molding Bush, Brass Fire Fighting Components, Brass Cable Gripper Electrical / Lighting Products & Components

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Plot No 19, GIDC, Phase II,, JAMNAGAR - 361004 Gujarat, India

Phone :--912882730190/2560856
Fax :--912882750480

Business Profile : brass cable glands, brass parts, brass electrical accessories, earthing accessories, sanitary fitting, pipe fitting, earthing equipments, sanitary fittings, pipe fittings, aluminium cable glands, marine cable glands, split bolt, earth rod, coupler, clamp, dc tape clip, multi points, wipping gland, stop plug, flexible adaptor, hex nipple, reducer, adaptor, extension piece, tank pipe, tank connector, bw type gland, cw type gland, a1/a2, bw 2 part, cw 3 part, alco, rod to tape clamp, split connected clamp, square tape, u bolt connector, Reality Exports, jamnagar products Pipes & Pipe Fittings

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