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Ethylene Oxide Manufacturers

Deekay Trading Co., Ahmedabad

4/B, 2nd Floor, Gold, Coin Cpix, Jodhpur, Cross Road, Ahmedabad - 380001 Gujarat, India

Phone :--91-79-29090979
Mobile :-91-9376195885

Business Profile : Ethylene Oxide Condensates, Triethanolamine, Castor, Oil Ethoxylates, Solvents, Ethylene Glycols, Aomatics, Phenol

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STAR METAL COMPOUND, , L.B.S. MARG,, VIKHROLI - (W),, Mumbai - 400083 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--91-22-25782559
Fax :--91-22-25792895

Business Profile : Manufacturers of water for injection plants, sterilisers, filtration equipments, packaging machinery & process equipments for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetic & allied industries, Water for Injection Manufacturing and Distribution system thru distillation, Purified water Manufacturing and Distribution Systems, Pure Steam Generators, Filtration Equipment, Process Equipments for Sterile & Non Sterile Liquids, Ointments, Liquid and Powder Packaging Equipments for Orals and Sterile, Steam Sterilizers, Ethylene Oxide sterilizers, Super Heated Water Spray Sterilizers Pharmaceutical Machinery

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118, Panorama, R.C. Dutt Road,, VADODARA - 390007 Gujarat, India

Phone :--912652331119/6621219
Fax :--912652331119

Business Profile : Surfactants, Emulsifiers, Process Chemicals, Ethylene Oxide Condensates, Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics Industries Chemicals: Solubilising & Emulsifying Agent, Solubilising & Coupling Agent, Ointment base & formulations like Cetomacrogol-1000, Emulsifying Wax (Nonionic), Non-silicone defamer in fermentation & other processes, cosmetics, VOC Free perfumes, after-shaves, cologne, Solubiliser & Humectant, Emulsifier for Simethicone, Demulsifier for Penicillin Purification by solvent extraction Nonoxynol-9 : Dispersing Agent for Spermicidal, Nonionic Emulsifiers like Octoxynol-10 Polidocanol - Emulsifier & solvent in pharmaceutical & Cosmetics formulation, As topical anaesthetic, anti-pruritic & sclerosing agent. Emulsifier for Vitamin E, Polysorbates - 20/40/60/80/81/85, Textile Industries Chemicals : Dispersing Agents Scouring Agents, Emulsifier for solvents, Solubiliser for oily products, Detergent & Wetting for higher temperatures and High Concentrations of Electrolytes, High Concentrations of Electrolytes., Wetting agents, Washing agents, Emulsifiers, APEO free Detergent and Wetting agents, APEO free Dispersing agents, After dyeing washing agents, Oil emulsifiers, Anti-static agent for man-made fibers, Spin finish components, Emulsifier component for mineral oil, Level dyeing Agents, Softening Agents, Emulsifier for kerosene for pigment printing paste, Low Foaming Wetting Agent with Scouring, Leveling with wetting agent for polyesters fabrics & yarn, Leveling agents for dying wool/blends, acrylics, polyamides, Paint Industries Chemicals : Pigment Grinding Aid, Wetting Agent & Emulsifier, Wetting Agent, Emulsifier & Dispersing Agent, Dispersing Agent, Stabiliser in water based paints, Leather & Leather Chemical Industries: Wetting Agent & Emulsifier, Emulsifiers for Fat liquors, APEO free Biodegradable for Wetting Detergent APEO free Biodegradable for De greasing, APEO free Biodegradable for Dispersing, Emulsifiers for Oils, Solvents & Waxes: Emulsifiers for Paraffin Wax, Polyethylene wax or any other waxes or its mixtures, Emulsifiers for Liquid Shoe Polish, Emulsifiers for Silicone Oil, Emulsifiers for Amino Silicone Oil, Emulsifiers for Cutting oil Emulsifiers for White Oil, Emulsifiers for Kerosene, Emulsifiers for Jute Batching Oil, Detergent Industries Chemicals: APEO Free, Biodegradable Cleaning Agents, APEO Free, Biodegradable De greasing Agents, Thickener & Emulsifier for acid based toilet cleaner with germicidal properties, Dairy Industries Chemicals, Sugar Industries Chemicals Solvents

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B/102, Vishal Towers, Anandnagar Cross Roads,P.O. Vejalpur, Satellite,, Ahmedabad - 380051 Gujarat, India

Phone :--917922814510/26923703
Fax :--917922823920

Business Profile : ETO Sterilizer, Steam sterilizer, Dry heat sterilizer, UV sterilizers, Steam generators, Multi column distilled water plant, ethylene oxide sterilizer, autoclave sterilizer, autoclave sterilization, pharmaceutical sterilizer, medical sterilizer, cosmetic sterilizer, food sterilizer, sterilization for laboratory Water Treatment Plants

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2/810, Hargovan Marg, Khatriwad, Nr. Juna thana,, NAVSARI - 396445 Gujarat, India

Phone :--912637225613
Fax :--912637225013

Business Profile : ETHYLENE OXIDE CONDENSATES AND BRAKE FLUIDS, LUBRICANTS, mono ethylene glycol, methyl cellosolve, methyl carbitol, ethyl cello solve acetate, ethyl cellosolve, butyl carbito, Swasslove Acetate Oil & Lubricants

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7, Anand Society Part - I, Opp. Jay Mala Society, Nr. Bhadwad Nagar, Ghodasar,, Ahmedabad - 380050 Gujarat, India

Phone :--912716231684/91-79-25323523(R)
Fax :--912716231684

Business Profile : ethylene oxide derivatives, ethylene oxide condensate, fatty alcohol ethoxylate, alkyl phenol ethoxylate, fatty acid ethoxylate, ethoxylated fatty amines, Castor oil ethoxylates, non-ionic self emulsifying wax, esterification, polyethylene glycols, glycerine ethoxylates, paraffin wax emulsifier, demulsifier, amino oil emulsifier, silicon oil emulsifier, speciality chemicals, lauryl alcohol ethoxylate, lauryl stearyl alcohol ethoxylate, tridecyl alcohol ethoxylate, octadecyl alcohol ethoxylate, undecyl alcohol ethoxylate, myristyl alcohol ethoxylate, cetostearyl alcohol ethoxylate, cetyl alcohol ethoxylate, behenyl alcohol ethoxylate, oleyl alcohol ethoxylate, nonyl phenol ethoxylate, octyl phenol ethoxylate, dodycyl phenol ethoxylate, stearic acid ethoxylate, lauric acid ethoxylate, oleic acid ethoxylate, myristic acid ethoxylate, coconut fatty acid ethoxylate, tallow amine ethoxylate, stearyl amine ethoxylate, coco amine ethoxylate, polyoxyethylene Castor oil derivatives, Triethanolamine (T.E.A) Oxide

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107, ALLIED HOUSE, OLD ROHTAK ROAD,, Delhi - 110035 Delhi, India

Phone :--911123659804/23659805
Fax :--911123659805


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