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Electrolytic Capacitor Manufacturers

Saini Devices Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Building No 24, First Floor, Central Market, Ashok Vihar , Phase-1 , New Delhi - 110006 Delhi, India

Phone :91-11-45660453, 91-11-27417302
Mobile :91-9899266621, 91-9810406951

Business Profile : Electronics Components, Semiconductors, Rectifiers, MLCC, Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors, Radial MLCC, Axial MLCC, DCC, Disc Ceramic Capacitors, Disc Varistors, Aluminium E Caps, Polymer Al E Caps, Surface Mount Al E Caps, Miniature Al E Caps, Large Al E Caps, Magnetic Powder Cores, Toroid Cores, E Cores, U Cores, Block Cores, CY Diodes, Glan E Caps, Diodes, Bridge Rectifiers, Thin Film Resistors, Metal Film Fusible Resistors, Metal Oxide Film Resistors, Metal Film Resistors, Carbon Film Resistors, Tubular Thick Film Resistors, TO 220 Resistors, Thick Film Voltage Dividers, High Voltage Hybrid Resistors, Wire Wound Resistors, Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors, Axial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors, Aluminium Polymer Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors, Surface Mount Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors, Miniature Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors, Large Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors

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Formax Electronics, Delhi

Shop No. 27, 2nd Floor, Gopal Market, Bhagirath Place, Delhi - 110006 Delhi, India

Phone :--011-23860414,(M): 9313039232
Fax :--011-23860414

Business Profile : Manufacturer and supplier of ; Electrolytic Capacitors, Discrete IGBT, IGBT Module, Integrated Cicuits, SCR Diode Module.

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Nav Bharat Enterprises, Delhi

109 Old Lajpat Rai Market, Delhi - 110006 Delhi, India

Phone :+91-011-23861914 / 23863630
Fax :+91-011-42821260
Mobile :+91-9810022539

Business Profile : Dtr for: Electrolytic Capacitors (all types) & Resistors DC diodes, CTR, Metal Film Precision Resistor, Carbon Film Resistor, Wire Wound Resistor, NKD Elcos and many more other electronic parts.

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VAM Electronics, Delhi

Shop No. 1-2, 1690, Sunder Bhawan,, Bhagirath Palace, Delhi - 110006 Delhi, India

Phone :--011-23868159
Fax :--011-23868459
Mobile :-09810062977

Business Profile : Distributors of All Types of Fues/ Ptc/ Thermal Fuse/ Hardware Components, All Types of Resistors: CFR/ MFR/ High Voltage, All Types of Capacitors, World Class Wire Wound Resistors, All Types of Electrolytic Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors/ Mov/ Piezo Buzzers.

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Shri Ram Marketing, New Delhi

D-3, House No. 162,, Street No. 7, Mahavir Enclave,, New Delhi - 110045 Delhi, India

Phone :+91-011-25034853 / 25039213
Fax :+91-011-25034853
Mobile :+91-98111 34910

Business Profile : Dtr/Importers of: (1) Incap Ltd, Vijayawada for Electrolytic capacitors; (2) Aurangabad for Metallised polyester capacitors; (3) Desai Electronics (P) Ltd, Pune for Polyester capacitors; (4) Paramount Industries, Bangalore for Relays; (5) Krish Electronics Ltd, Bhubaneshwar for Crystals; (6) Gujrat Poly-AVX Electronics Ltd, Gandhinagar for Multilayer ceramic capacitors; (7) Elpro International Ltd, Pune for MoVs; (8) Filcon Electronics Pvt Ltd, Bangalore for Polyester/polyesterene capacitors; (9) Namtec Electronics Devices Ltd, Bangalore for GDTUES and crystals and (10) Ceremet Resistronics Pvt Ltd, Pune. Prop: G. S. Sharma, Metal Oxide Varistors, Auto Fuses, Motor Start Capacitors, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Chip Tantalum Capacitors

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N.K. Devices (P) Ltd, Delhi

B-4, Derawal Nagar,, Opp. Model Town,, IInd Stop,, Delhi - 110009 Delhi, India

Phone :91-011-27223838, 91-011-23861914
Fax :91-011-27426226
Mobile :91-9971622424, 91-9810022539

Business Profile : We Supply Capxon electrolytic capacitors and DC diodes.

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Victory Devices Pvt. Ltd. , New Delhi

No. 1663, , Bhagirath Place, , Chandani Chowk , New Delhi - 110006 Delhi , India

Mobile :-9810566442

Business Profile : We are one of the well-established distributors and stockists of an extensive range of Diodes, Electronic Capacitors, Integerated Circuits, Ferrite Antenna Rods, Electrolytic Capacitors,Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors, High Voltage Ceramtic Capacitors, Digital Video Recorder, Micro Phones, Laser Lights, Mobile Chargers, Tape Deck Mechanism, CRT Sockets and other Electronic Components. These are procured from renowned organizations based at Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, which ensures that the products we offer stand high of quality. Widely used in numerous industries,Diodes and other Electronic Components are appreciated for their application specific design, high performance and energy saving features.

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Swastik Radio, Delhi

Shop No. 483, Old Lajpat Rai Market,, Delhi - 110006 Delhi, India

Mobile :91-9891598417 / 9213226432

Business Profile : Swasstik Radio is a manufacturing and supplier company as like ; Induction Cooker Capacitors, transistors, Induction cooker Fan, Glass Fuse, IC Socket, Integrated Circuit, Induction Cooker Coil, and Rocker Switch, Power Transistor, LED PCB, Electrolytic Capacitor, Tect Switch, PCB Fuse Holder and many other types of Industrial and Electronics Componenets.

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Max Electronics, Delhi

323, 3rd Floor, Gopal Market, Bhagirath Palace, Chandni Chowk,, Delhi - 110006 Delhi, India

Phone :91-11-30141742
Mobile :91-9999252418/ 9958776412

Business Profile : Max Electronics deals in Industrial Electronics Components, DIP Components, SMD Components, Semiconductors, Power Modules, Power Semiconductor, Led Displays, Relays, Electrolytic Capacitors, Resistors, Ceramic Capacitors, Diodes and many more.

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Jyotronics, Delhi

Shop No. 1, Gopal Market, 2nd Floor, Pyare Lal Building,, Near Moti Cinema, Chandni Chowk,, Delhi - 110006 Delhi, India

Phone :91-11-23867583
Mobile :91-9810107667

Business Profile : Jyotronics deals in Electronic Electrolytic Capacitors.

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Taitech Corporation,

, India

Mobile :91-9712900275 / 7622829761

Business Profile : Electrolytic Capacitors, Film Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors, Drum Cores, SMD Diodes, Bridge Rectifier, MOVs

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AVM Traders, Delhi

1696/7, Mohan Building, Bhagirath Palace,, Delhi - 110006 Delhi, India

Phone :91-11-23866956, 91-11-23865374, 23865365, 23866957
Fax :91-11-23865367

Business Profile : Importers & Distributors Royal (MFT. Leaded/SMD Resistors), Yageo Multilayer Chip Cpacitors, High VOltage Electrolytic Capacitors.

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Cosonic Components Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

10 Rams Apartments, 26 South Mada Street, Srinagar Colony, Saidapet, Chennai - 600015 Tamil Nadu, India

Phone :--+91 44 4211 9733
Fax :--+91 44 2235 5596

Business Profile : Electrolytic Capacitors,Disc Ceramic Capacitors,Plastic Film Capacitors, Resistors, Lite-Max LEDs Applications,Trading Range

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J M Enterprises, Delhi

382, Lajpat Rai Market, Delhi - 110006 Delhi, India

Phone :--011-2385455, 23867919
Fax :--011-23867651

Business Profile : Distributors for Diodes & Rectifiers, Resistors, Electrolytic capacitors etc.

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Le Champ P.Ltd, Bangalore

2148, Iird 'A' Main Road, RPC Layout, Bangalore - 40 Karnataka, India

Phone :--080-23115840,(M): 9845833318

Business Profile : Hirose Connectors,Johanson Caps, Little Fuse Products, Electrolytic Capacitors,Metal Film Caps.

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Alcon electronics Pvt Ltd, Nasik

Fcty: 34-B MIDC, Industrial Estate Satpur, Nasik - 422007 Maharashtra

Phone :--2350237/2350533
Fax :--0253-2351682
Mobile :-98229 14164 -Rajesh D. Bhope

Business Profile : Mfr: High CV aluminium electrolytic capacitors with screw terminals Polypropylene film-foil capacitors Condition cooled capacitors for Induction heating application. Mg Dirs: Anup R. Sachdev; G.M. Sudhir Unde.

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Allied Devices Singapore, New Delhi

Apt. No. 03, Taj Apartment Complex, 02 Raotula Ram Marg, New Delhi - 110022 Delhi, India

Phone :--26189257/26188872
Fax :--011-26196497
Mobile :-98100 81532 - Mr Hemant Batra

Business Profile : Dtrs of: (1) Bourns Inc. for Resistor networks Potentiometers & Encoders; (2) Hosonic for Sensors; (3) Everlight for LEDs & electrolytic capacitors; (4) Linpo Japan Corpn.

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Hicomp Inc., Delhi

1702-3.309 IIIrd Floor, Bhagirath Palace, Delhi - 110006 Delhi, India

Phone :--23864282/4250
Fax :--011-23864250

Business Profile : Dtr for: Trimpots Crystals LEDs Diodes Tantalum capacitors ICs SMD resistors & Capacitors MOVs SMD ICs electrolytic capacitors Trs Mosfets LCDs and Displays & Relays. Ptnrs: Naresh Sachdeva Rakesh Sachdeva.

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Intercode Technology, Mumbai

A-401 Shivyog, S.V. Road, Ashokvan Dahisar (E), Mumbai - 400068 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--28966401
Fax :--020-28966401

Business Profile : Rep of: (1) Cinetech Industrial Co. Ltd Taiwan for various types of resistors include Carbon film Metal film Metal oxides Wire wound Flame proof resistors Resistors networks Ceramic disc capacitors Surface mount chip capacitors/resistors Ceramic multilayer capacitors Capacitor networks Crystals Aluminium electrolytic capacitors Surface mount devices electrolytic capacitors; (2) Brilliance Semiconductor Inc. Taiwan for Broadest portfolio of Ultra low power SRAM and low power OLED display controller/driver.

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N.K. Devices (P) Ltd, Delhi

B-4 Derawal Nagar, Opp. Model Town, IInd Stop, Delhi - 110009 Delhi, India

Phone :--27223838
Fax :--011-27426226

Business Profile : Dtr for: Capxon electrolytic capacitors and DC diodes. Dir: Narender Aggarwal.

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