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Ciprofloxacin Tablets Manufacturers


7/B, Medicare Centre, B/h M.J. Library, Ellisbridge,, Ahmedabad - 380006 Gujarat, India

Phone :--917926574432/26577097/91-2717-268632/268360
Fax :--917926579047/91-2717-268481

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B1 25 gm., Vit. B2 4.1 mg, Vit B6 2.5 mg, Nicotinamide 100 mg, D. Penthenol 5 mg/ML, 30 ml VIAL, LIVS UP VET Injection Thiamine HCL 10 mg, Riboflavin 3 mg, Niacinamide 100mg., Vitamin B12 10 mcg. With Liver Extract/ML, 30 ml VIAL, MOXILOX 3000 VET Injection Amoxycillin 1.5 gm., & Cloxacillin 1.5 gm., Vial With W.F.I, MOXILOX 1000 VET Injection Amoxycillin 1.5 gm & Cloxacillin 1.5 gm., Vial With W.F.I., CEPAM VET Injection Chlorpheniramine Maleate 10 mg/ML., 30 ml VIAL, AMCLOX VET Injection Ampicillin 1gm & Cloxacillin 1 gm, Vial With W.F.I, AMPIS VET Injection Ampicillin 2.5 gm Vial, DEX VET, Injection Dexamethasone 4 mg/ML, 5 ml VIAL 30 ml VIAL, PREGNIS 750 VET Injection Hydroxy progesterone Caproate 250 mg/ML, 3 ML Ampoule, DICS-P VET BolusDiclofenac Sodium 200 mg & Paracetamol 500mg, 4 Bolus, DICS-P VET Injection Diclofenac Sodium 25 mg & Paracetamol 150mg/ML, 30 ml VIAL, RUMECURE BOLUS Antimony Potassium Tart rate 2 mg & Dried ferroussulphare1.26gm, 4 Bolus, COTRE FORTEBOLUS Trimethoprime 400 mg & Sulphamethoxazole 200 mg, 4 Bolus, OTET VET BOLUSOxtetracycline HCL 500 mg, 4 Bolus, SWISDIN VET BOLUSSulphadimidine 5 gm, 4 Bolus, FEBZOLE VET, BOLUSFenbendazole 1.5 gm, 4 Bolus, FEBZOLE PLUS VET BOLUSFenbendazole 150 gm, & Praziquantel 50 mg, 4 Bolus, INVECTIN VET Injection Ivermectin 10 mg /ML, 10 ml VIAL, ERGOS VET Injection Methyl Ergometrine Maleate, COTRE VET Injection Trimethoprim 160 mg, Sulphamethoxazole, LIDO VET Injection Lignocain Hcl21.33 & Adrenaline Bititrate 0.01 mg/ML., 30 ml VIAL, LEVA VET Injection Levamisole HCL 75 mg/ML., 30 ml VIAL, LASWIS VET Injection Frusemide 50 mg/ML. 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