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Capacitor Manufacturers

109 Old Lajpat Rai Market, Delhi - 110006 Delhi, India

Phone :+91-011-23861914 / 23863630
Fax :+91-011-42821260
Mobile :+91-9810022539

Business Profile : Dtr for: Electrolytic Capacitors (all types) & Resistors DC diodes, CTR, Metal Film Precision Resistor, Carbon Film Resistor, Wire Wound Resistor, NKD Elcos and many more other electronic parts.

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Ramaratnam & Co., Bangalore

83 5th Cross 2nd Main MSR Nagar, Bangalore - 560054 Karnataka, India

Phone :--23605452/23604345/23605452
Fax :--080-23600322

Business Profile : Mktg Agents for : (1) Tokyo Sangyo Yoshi Co. for capacitor raw materials; (2) Zinacor Belgium for Zinc wires/rods; (3) Leineki Rubber Malaysia for Rubber bungs for E caps. Chf Extv: R.C. Chandru; Prop: K. Ramarathnam.

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Ramanuj Porcelain Factory, Khurja

B-2 Indl Estate, G.T. Road, Khurja - 203131 Uttar Pradesh, India

Phone :--231208/232208
Fax :--05738-231208
Mobile :-92194 11801

Business Profile : Mfr: Ceramic pipes (ovel square round) for resistance Soldering porccelain items Technical & electronics porcelain Ceramic absorbents Refractories Muffle Grinding & polishing media Ind. heating ceramic base & various other pressed items Capacitor porcelain and High tension (high volt porcelian). Prop: Ram Niwas Dir: Pankaj Gupta.

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electro Enterprises, Mumbai

2 Ganesh Niwas, Tara Temple Lane, Lamington Road, Mumbai - 400007 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--223894800/1/2/3
Fax :--022-23874539

Business Profile : Imp/Stks for: BOURNS/BI trimpots AVX capacitors/mylers Mosfets Box capacitors and Integrated circuits.

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Caps (India) Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

27 Pioneer Indl. Estate, Subhash Road, Jogeshwari (E), Mumbai - 400060 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--28241956 28251411
Fax :--022-28206886

Business Profile : Dtr for: Epcos India Pvt Ltd for Epcos Capacitors MPP Film & elements Philips India Ltd for Ballasts & Lamps (OEM Sales). Dir: G.S. Karta.

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Cedicom electronics, Palakkad

Regd Off. & Fcty: P.B. No. 9, VII/416A Post Office Road, Shoranur Palakkad Distt, Palakkad - 679121 Kerala, India

Phone :--2222558
Fax :--0466-2222128

Business Profile : Mfr: High voltage and Extra high voltage DC ceramic capacitors Safety standard recognised AC ceramic capacitors Metal oxide varistors and Piezo buzzers Telephone ringers and electronic flashers.

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Chandra electronic, Mumbai

1 Yamuna Building Tara Temple, Lane Lamington Road, Mumbai - 400007 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--23860309/23827833
Fax :--022-23872151

Business Profile : Authorised Dtrs for: (1) Essen Deinki for FRC Euro conn Relay bases Micro switches D-type connectors & covers LED modules pilot lights; (2) J-Tronics for MS connectors; (3) Prime P/SE for PCB connectors; (4) Vital for Terminal blocks; (5) Sricom for SMA & BNC connectors; (6) Premier for electronically controlled soldering & de-soldering station; (7) Time Engg. for PCB assembly jigs Axial and radical lead cutter/bender. Also stockist of: Imported ICs IGBTs SCRs Transistors Diodes Trimpots Tantalum capacitors Connectors Flat cable and Round cables. Prop: Mahendra P. Chandra.

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General electronics, Ambala Cantt

4377 Science Market, Ambala Cantt Haryana, India

Phone :--2642717
Fax :--0171-2642717

Business Profile : Mfr: Ammeters Voltmeters Multimeters Digital LCR meters Battery chargers Battery eliminators Bridges (impedance inductance decade boxes kelvin double bridges LCR resistance wheatstone universal) Capacitance meters (analogue and digital) Digital and linear IC trainers Function generators Decade capacitor boxes Decade resistance and inductors Absorption wave meters electronic clocks Education kits Digital electronics trainers/expts Frequency meters Signal generators (audio/signal/AF/RF/pulse/ HF/RF) Oscilloscopes Oscillators Marker generators DC power suppliers Power meters VTVMs Voltage stabilisers Twilight switches Teaching and demonstration aids Training kits Dynamic demonstration TV training boards Microprocessor training kits on 8085/8086 CPU Microcomputer trainee/development card on 68000CPU and monitors Attenuators VU meters Signal tracers Photoelectric relays DC regulated power supplies Transistor testers pH meters Null detectors and dB meters Large and detailed VCRs Trainers boards CTV training books B&W TV training boards AM/FM signal generators Microwave instruments Wobbulo scopes TV test equipments/instruments Power electronics Communication Computer training board Information & technology trainers Computer training boards. Ptnrs: V.K. Jain.

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Girdhari Ram, Distt. Giridih

HO&Wks: S.B.I. Road, Pachamba, Distt. Giridih - 815316 Jharkhand, India

Phone :--06532-24327

Business Profile : Mfr: All kinds of pure natural mica Fabricated cut mica parts/spares/insulators/washers (punched/stamped mica) Mica gaskets Gauge glass Shields Plates Circles Semiconducting mounting mica washers Micanite insulation sheets Tubes tapes Bounded washers Mica flakes for Mica power Silvered mica plates Corrugated mica Calcined mica for mica pigments Transistor for mounting washer mica foils Strips for soldering iron elements Mica insulators Capacitors mica Specialising in manufacture of 1000 types of mica cut pieces for wirewound resistors Heating elements Power stations and various electrical and electronics industries. Prop: Girdhari Ram; Mktg Mgr: Gopal Krishna.

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Globetek, Bangalore

122/49 27th Cross 7th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore - 560082 Karnataka, India

Phone :--26635776
Fax :--080-26534020

Business Profile : Rep for: (1) Helmut Fischer elektronik Und Messtechnik Ag Switzerland for Plating thickness & coating thickness instruments based on X-ray fluorescence Eddy current Magnetic & coulometric principles PTH measuring instrument for PCB inspection Instrument to measure the ferrite content of the metals; (2) LEM S.A. Geneva for Hall effect current and voltage transducers Thyristor meters & diode meters IGBT tutors Transistometers GTO testers Press and handling devices; (3) MBW Switzerland for Dew point measuring instruments Humidity measuring instruments Hygrometer; (4) Saunders and Associates USA for Crystal impedance meters Temperature test chambers for crystals and capacitors Crystal test systems; (5) Temptronic Corpn. USA for Thermostream for generating temperature on the spot for thermal characterisation of devices and modules (6) Vitrek Corporation USA for Insulation resistance and earth continuity testers. Chf Extv: G. Venkatesh.

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Gururaj Engineers, Sangli

Fcty: F-7 MIDC Kupwad, Tah. Miraj, Sangli - .

Phone :--344467
Fax :--322835

Business Profile : Mfr: Airconditioner cum energy saver guard (single phase) Auto capacitor switching unit Power factor controller Home equipment protection unit (single phase) Water level controller Single phase preventors Automatic/servo controlled stabilisers Inverter Battery chargers. Mg Dir: Vishwas K. Purandare.

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G.H. Associates Pvt Ltd, Distt Dharwad

Fcty: RS 56 B/1 Hubli-Karwar Road, ChalamattiPost Ugginkeri Taluka, Kalaghatagi , Distt Dharwad - 581204 Karnataka, India

Phone :--303187/08370-64655
Fax :--0836-372559/64701

Business Profile : Mfr: Aluminium electrolytic capacitors. Chmn & Mg Dir: G.H. Dyamangoudar.

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Incap Limited, Andhra Pradesh

1-58 Nidamanur, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh - 521104

Phone :--2842479/2842571
Fax :--0866-2842572

Business Profile : Mfr: Aluminium electrolytic capacitors (dia 5mm to 63mm Can size) Radial Snap-in type to IEC 384-4 and Lug type Screw type Motorstart capacitors as per national/international standards in technical collaboration with Lelon electronics Corporation Taiwan. ,OEMs: BPL Telecom Bharathi Teletech Genus Overseas electronics ITI Punjab Communications Asian electronics Ltd Ahuja Radios Tata motors Emerson American Power Conversion Larsen & Toubro Wep Peripherals and Numeric Power Systes. Dtrs/Dlrs: (1) electromark Devices (Bombay) Ltd Mumbai; (2) elektronika Sales Corporation Chennai; (3) Vam elecgtronics Delhi; (4) Texonic Instruments Bangalore; (5) electro Enterprises Pune; (6) Shriram Marketing New Delhi; (7) Telirama Enterprises Ltd Secunderabad; (8) JVC electronics & Components Hyderabad; (9) Sri Vishnu electronics Coimbatore. Mg Dir: C. Bhagavantha Rao; Tech Dir: P.K. Purushothaman.

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Inderchand Rajgarhia And Sons (P) Ltd, Kolkata

Flat 2C Urvashi Apartment, 3 Hungerford Street, Kolkata - 700017 West Bengal, India

Phone :--22879450/4477/5175
Fax :--033-22877622

Business Profile : Mfr: Mica capacitors Silvered mica plates Processed mica Mica powder/flakes and all types of Mica products. Dir: G.S. Rajgarhia.

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Indian Scientific Instruments Factory, Ambala Cantt

H.O.: 106 Mahesh Nagar, Ambala Cantt - 133001 Haryana, India

Phone :--2661618/4008118
Fax :--0171-2661559
Mobile :-94160 20018 - Sanjay Jain

Business Profile : Mfr: Absorption wavemeters AF output meters Ammeters Ammeters milli/micro Ampere meters Audio frequency generators Audio frequency,meters Audio generators Audio oscillators Battery testers Blind controllers Brightness/opacity testers Calibration furnances ,Calorimeters Capacitance meters/testers Capacitor testers Co-ordinate ,measuring microscope Colorimeters Conductivity bridges Conductivity ,meters Controllers Counters DC meters Digital potentiometers Digital ,standard cell Digital trainers Diode testers Dissolved oxygen analysers ,Dosimeters electrophoresis apparatus Fet voltmeters Frequency counters ,Frequency generators Frequency indicators Frequency meters Function ,generators Galvanometers Gauss meters Humidity indicators IC testers ,Karl fischer titrimeters Kelvin bridges Laser with power supply LCR ,bridges Line frequency meters Line voltmeters Digital lux meters Mains ,frequency meters Megohmmeters MHOS-pH meters Micro ammeters Micro ,Ohmmeters Micri voltmeters Microprocessor test kits Microtomes Milli ,ammeters Milli voltmeters Moving coil meters Multi testers Oscillators ,Oscilloscopes Over head projectors Panel meters PCB projector/inspector ,PCB visual monitors pH meters Photometers Power factor meters Moisture ,eters Power frequency meters Profile projectors Pulse generators ,Pyrometers Resistance meters Rheostats Semi conductor device testers ,Signal generators Signal tracers Sine square generators Signal ,analysers Signal generators Signal tracers Soil moisture meters Spectro ,photometers Temperaature indicator/controller thermocouples Timers ,digital/analogue Training boards electronics Transistor testers Vacuum ,tube voltmeters Voltage testers Voltameters Voltmeters milli/micro ,Water pollution monitors Water quality analysers Wheatstone bridges ,Zener testers Test lab equipment. Ptnrs: Sanjay Jain Manmohan Jain.

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Indian Technological Products Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

D-75 Okhla Industrial Area, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase 1, New Delhi - 110020 Delhi, India

Phone :--52701150/26371670
Fax :--011-52701152

Business Profile : Mfr: Challenger do-it-yourself educational kits for electronic projects Hot-wire strippers and harnesses. Dtr for: (1) O/E/N for Relays Switches and Keypads; (2) YOI for Telecom PCBs and Automotive relays; (3) Wanjia for High current relays and Rotary switches; (4) Gruner Germany for Latching relays; (5) Wakai for Batteries; (6) Reliance for Glass and Ceramic fuses; (7) Omlilas & GH Industries for Low cost PCB connectors; (8) Wago for Screwless cage clamp DIN rail and PCB terminals/connectors; (9) Framatome Connectors OEN (FCI) for Euro D-sub FRC MIL circular connectors and IC sockets; (10) ION for Piezo electric buzzers Ringers and transducers; (11) Xebor/DEC/Deki for Plastic film capacitors; (12)KOME for Chip Resistors Chip capacitors and Chip inductors; (13) Suscon/Incap for electrolytic capacitors; (14) Kwality/YOI for 7-segment displays Bargraphs Arrays Dot matrix and LEDs; (15) 3M for,Static Control products such as Bags Wrist straps Floot mats Test,equipments; (16) YOI for Counters for energy meters; (17) ELCOM,for electronic hardware and RFI filters; (18) Deltron for electronic,hardware; (19) Tact switches (20) SDE for Crystals Resonators Filters and Oscillators; (21) CNR for MOVs; (22) LCDs & VFDs. Rep for: Erachem for Manganese salts and conductive carbon black. Mg Dir: Brij Mohan Vaish.

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Aarjay International Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

583 12th `A Cross, 8th Main J.P. Nagar-II Phase, Bangalore - 560078 Karnataka, India

Phone :--26586844
Fax :--080-26586845

Business Profile : Dtr for: (1) Vectron International for crystal/SAW oscillators & filters; (2) Advanced Control Components for Digital/voltage variable attenuators PIN diode switches Detectors Limiters (upto 40 GHz); (3) Airpax for Magnetic circuit breakers; (4)POLEZERO for Digitally Tunable Filters; (5) Lorch Microwave for Cavity Ceramic Discrete filters & Tunable filters in SMT & connectorised package; (6) Astrolab for Microwave cable assemblies Connectors and adapters; (7) CML Microcircuits for Mixed signal ICs for Wireless Wireline Data Military voice security and General purpose; (8) Coilcraft for Tunable & fixed SMT inductors Wide band RF transformers LC filter network and Designer kits; (9) CTI - Herley for Synthesisers DROs CROs PLOs PLDROs; (10) Dielectric Lab for MLCC chip capacitors High voltage upto 7200 volts 100 GHz Single; (11) Fiberspan for Transmitter and Receiver modules for RF on Fiber applications; (12) Skyworks for RF modules for GSM/CDMA/WLAN discrete and passive RF components like diodes attenuators and phase detectors (13)Synergy Microwave for synthesisers vcos mixers power dividers and phase detectors;

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Bright Stars electronics, Pune

43/2 Erandawana, Off Karve Road, Pune - 411038 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--25430768/25461007
Fax :--020-25434428

Business Profile : Mfr: Digital AC/DC ammeters Alarm annunciators-solid state B/H loop tracers for hard & soft magnetic materials Capacitors discharge welding machines Computer controlled equipments/systems Counter up/down batch process Demagnetiser Digital panel meters Direct current voltage transformers Mains digital frequency meters Digital flux meters Digital gauss meters Industrial control consoles/systems Magnetiser Magnet processors Microcontroller based industrial control unit/consoles Parameter indicators RPM indicators (digital) Rapper controllers for industrial esp. Motor testing equipments Response time measurement system for temperature sensors Special machine controllers Safety ohms meters Thermocouple testing systems Thermocouple welding machines Two wire transmitters Vibrator controllers for ESPs. Ptnr: P.W. Kelkar.

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Crown Metals, Ahmedabad

Off & Fcty: Desai Industrial, Estate Near Railway Crossing, Sarkhej-Sanand Road Sarkhej, Ahmedabad - 382210 Gujarat, India

Phone :--(F) 26891759
Fax :--079-26891757
Mobile :-99980 66642 - Deepak Parikh

Business Profile : Mfr: Aluminium extruded cans for capacitors - Housing and cans for tubelight starters Aluminium bottles for packing pesticides Aluminium slugs as raw materials for cans Collapsible tubes and bottles. Ptnrs: Deepak Parikh Deepen D. Amin.

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Hindusthan Mica Mart, Giridih

H.O.: Main Road, Giridih - 815301 Jharkhand, India

Phone :--222493/222223/224112
Fax :--06532-22493

Business Profile : Fcty: Shiv Mohalla Giridih 815301; Muslim Bazar Giridih 815301. Mfr: Semiconductor hardware mounting kits Mica spacers/insulators Mica parts Foils Strips Shields Plates Circles Washers Armature-slot mica Commutator mica sheets/parts Micanite insulation sheets Tapes Tubes Bonded washers Powders Silvered mica Capacitors mica etc. for electronics and electrical industries. Ptnrs: R.P. Ram R. Lall.

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Jay Krishna Khaitan, Giridih

H.O. & Works: Argaghat Road, Giridih - 815301 Jharkhand, India

Phone :--226485(Fcty) 222865/224805 (R)
Fax :--06532-223275
Mobile :-94311 44106/98355 72066

Business Profile : City Off: F-163 1st Floot Gali No. 5 Pandav Nagar Delhi 110091 (Ph: 011-30911325); Mailing Address: 3/2 Raja Rajbauav Street 1st Floor Kolkata 700003. Mfr: All kinds of pure natural mica Fabricated cut mica parts/spacers/insulators/washers (punched/stamped mica) Mica gaskets foils strips shields plates circles semiconducting mounting mica washers Micanite insulation sheets tubes tapes bonded washers Mica flakes powder Silvered mica plates Mica capacitors etc. for electrical/electronics/industries Silicon bonded mica paper sheets/tubes/components Epoxy bonded mica paper sheets. Dir: J.K. Khaitan.

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