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Capacitor Box Manufacturers

Dot Technologies, Bangalore

H.O: 25 2nd Floor, Victoriya Road, Above Vijaya Bank, Bangalore - 560047 Karnataka, India

Phone :--25549344
Fax :--080-25542753
Mobile :-98440 10308 - Pradeep

Business Profile : Mfr: Ohm meters milli ohm meters Micro ohm meters Function generators pH meters Conductivity meter High voltage testers HV testers Hi pot testers DC power supply DC regulated power supply Panel meters Volt meters Ampmeters Frequency meters Decoder resistor box Decode capacitor box Decode inductance box Tacho meters Multi meters Tong testers Capacitor meters LCR meters Anemometers Sound level meters Torg testers AC & DC. Mktg Mgr: Pradeep Agarwal.

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General electronics, Ambala Cantt

4377 Science Market, Ambala Cantt Haryana, India

Phone :--2642717
Fax :--0171-2642717

Business Profile : Mfr: Ammeters Voltmeters Multimeters Digital LCR meters Battery chargers Battery eliminators Bridges (impedance inductance decade boxes kelvin double bridges LCR resistance wheatstone universal) Capacitance meters (analogue and digital) Digital and linear IC trainers Function generators Decade capacitor boxes Decade resistance and inductors Absorption wave meters electronic clocks Education kits Digital electronics trainers/expts Frequency meters Signal generators (audio/signal/AF/RF/pulse/ HF/RF) Oscilloscopes Oscillators Marker generators DC power suppliers Power meters VTVMs Voltage stabilisers Twilight switches Teaching and demonstration aids Training kits Dynamic demonstration TV training boards Microprocessor training kits on 8085/8086 CPU Microcomputer trainee/development card on 68000CPU and monitors Attenuators VU meters Signal tracers Photoelectric relays DC regulated power supplies Transistor testers pH meters Null detectors and dB meters Large and detailed VCRs Trainers boards CTV training books B&W TV training boards AM/FM signal generators Microwave instruments Wobbulo scopes TV test equipments/instruments Power electronics Communication Computer training board Information & technology trainers Computer training boards. Ptnrs: V.K. Jain.

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General Electronics, Ambala Cantt

4377, Science Market,, Ambala Cantt Haryana, India

Phone :--2642717
Fax :--0171-2642717

Business Profile : Mfr: Ammeters, Voltmeters, Multimeters, Digital LCR meters, Battery chargers, Battery eliminators, Bridges (impedance, inductance, decade boxes, kelvin, double bridges, LCR, resistance, wheatstone, universal), Capacitance meters (analogue and digital), Digital and linear IC trainers, Function generators, Decade capacitor boxes, Decade resistance and inductors, Absorption wave meters, Electronic clocks, Education kits, Digital electronics trainers/expts, Frequency meters, Signal generators (audio/signal/AF/RF/pulse/ HF/RF), Oscilloscopes, Oscillators, Marker generators, DC power suppliers, Power meters, VTVMs, Voltage stabilisers, Twilight switches, Teaching and demonstration aids, Training kits, Dynamic demonstration, TV training boards, Microprocessor training kits on 8085/8086 CPU, Microcomputer trainee/development card on 68000CPU and monitors, Attenuators, VU meters, Signal tracers, Photoelectric relays, DC regulated power supplies, Transistor testers, pH meters, Null detectors and dB meters, Large and detailed VCRs, Trainers boards, CTV training books, B&W TV training boards, AM/FM signal generators, Microwave instruments, Wobbulo scopes, TV test equipments/instruments, Power electronics, Communication, Computer training board, Information & technology trainers, Computer training boards. Ptnrs: C.P. Jain, V.K. Jain.

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