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Blood Collection Tube Manufacturers


3, DR. G.C. NARANG MARG,, Delhi - 110007 Delhi, India

Phone :--911127667131/27667734/27667845/27662915/16
Fax :--911127667361/27667395

Business Profile : MEDICAL DISPOSABLE, HOSPITAL PRODUCTS, Infusion Therapy, I.V. Catheter, MEDIFLON (I.V. Catheter with Injection Port & Wings), MEDICAN (I.V. Catheter without Injection Port with Wings), MEDICAN ALPHA (I.V. Catheter without Injection Port & Wings), NEOCAN (I.V. Catheter without Injection Port with Wings for Neonats), ENFANCIE (I.V. Catheter 26G without Injection Port with Wings for Pre Mature Babies), KETHIN (I.V. Catheter with Injection Port & Wings), MEDICATH (I.V. Catheter with Integrated Three Way Stop Cock), ABOVAL (I.V. Catheter with Injection Port & Colored Suturable Wings), MEDIKIT (I.V. Catheter with Injection Port & Wings with extra thread stopper), Three Way Stop Cock (MEDIFLEX), Extension Tubing with Integrated Three Way Stop Cock (MEDIFLEXO), Extension Tubing (MEDIVEINS), I.V. Infusion Set (MEDIDRIP ALPHA & MEDIDRIP), Measure Volume Fluid Infusion Set (MEDIVOLS), I.V. Fluid Flow Regulator Extension Set (MEDIREG), Obturator for I.V. Catheter: (MEDIOBT), I. V. Cannula, Critical Care, blood collection tube exporter, blood collection tube suppliers, blood bags manufacturer, Central Venous Catheter (Single Lumen) Through the Catheter Technique (MEDICENT, Central Venous Catheter (Double / Triple Lumen) Seldinger Technique (CENTUM DUO / CENTUM TRIO), High Pressure Extension Tubing (MEDIVEINS ALPHA), Respiratory Care, Endotracheal Tube Plain (MEDIEAL), Endotracheal Tube Cuffed (MEDIEAL ALPHA), Lung Excerciser (MEDICISER), Nebuliser Kit with Face Mask (EASTNEB (Neo/Adult), Oxygen Mask (MEDIMASK), Twin Bore Nasal Oxygen Set (MEDIWIN), Blood Banking, Blood Collection Bag (Single / Double / Triple / Quadruple / Penta) (MEDIBAG), Evacuated Plastic Container for Blood Collection (VACUSET), Multi Drawing Needle for Blood Collection with Holder, Safety Devices, Safety I.V. Catheter, ADIVeC (Safety I.V. Catheter with Injection port & Suturable Wings), ADIVeC ALPHA (Safety I.V. Catheter without Injection port & Wings), Haemodialysis, A.V. Fistula Needle (Single) (MEDIFIN), A.V. Fistula Needle Set (Single) (MEDIFIN TWIN), LUER CAP (Individually Blister Packed), INJECTION STOPPER Medical Equipment

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406, Shefali Shopping Centre, Near Paldi Char Rasta, Paldi,, Ahmedabad - 380007 Gujarat, India

Phone :--917965230116/27472298/26578824/26577088
Fax :--917926585050

Business Profile : SURGICAL DISPOSABLES & EQUIPMENTS, Blood Collection Tubes, Plain Clot Activator Tube, Gel and Clot Activator Tube, K3 EDTA Spray Dried Tube, Lithium Heprin Tube, Lithium Heprin and Gel Tube, K3 EDTA + Sodium - Fluoride Tube, Sodium Citrate Tube Coagulation Medical, Diagnostic & Hospital Supplies

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9, Pragathi Park, Nr. Dwaraka Nagar, Kuber nagar,, Ahmedabad - 380030 Gujarat, India

Phone :--917922808143

Business Profile : Ophthalmic Surgical Knives, Eye drapes, Eye Shields Ophthalmoscopes, Lens Meter, Surgical Gloves, Forceps, Surgeons Chair, Surgical Sutures, Disposable Syringes & Blood Collection Tube Ophthalmic Surgical Knives, Cannula, Eye Drapes, Eye Shield, Trolly Cover Gloves & Mittens

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Alchem Diagnostics, Coimbatore

219, 5th Street, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore - 641012 Tamil Nadu, India

Phone :91-422-2491492, 91-422-2491455/2491456
Mobile :91-9790499796

Business Profile : Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes, Multi Sample Needles, Multi-Sample Needle Holders, Disposable ESR Pipette, Stool Concentrator Kits, Disposable Sample Containers, Disposable Stool Containers, Disposable Petridishes, DNA & RNA Extraction Kits

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