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Aluminium Melting Furnace Manufacturers

electronic Equipment Company, Mumbai

Amin Estate, Sonawala Cross Road, Goregaon (E), Mumbai - 400063 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--26858864/26858868
Fax :--022-66103821

Business Profile : Mfr: Muffle furnace Tubular furnace High temperature furnace Hydrogen atmosphere conveyor furnace Conveyor belt furnace Protective atmosphere furnace Aluminium melting furnace Laboratory oven Air circulating oven Vacuum oven 24/48/96/192 tray dryers Gas dryer for hydrogen/nitrogen/Air Infra-red dryer Temperature indicators Blind controllers On/off temperature controllers Proportional temperature controllers PID temperature controllers Temperature controller Thermocouples Solid state relays Photo resist spinner. Ptnr: S.A. Parkhani Abhay Mulmullay.

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Electronic Equipment Company, Mumbai

Amin Estate,, Sonawala Cross Road,, Goregaon (E),, Mumbai - 400063 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--26858864/26858868
Fax :--022-22080404

Business Profile : Mfr: Muffle furnace, Tubular furnace, High temperature furnace, Hydrogen atmosphere conveyor furnace, Conveyor belt furnace, Protective atmosphere furnace, Aluminium melting furnace, Laboratory oven, Air circulating oven, Vacuum oven, 24/48/96/192 tray dryers, Gas dryer for hydrogen/nitrogen/Air, Infra-red dryer, Temperature indicators, Blind controllers, On/off temperature controllers, Proportional temperature controllers, PID temperature controllers, Temperature controller, Thermocouples, Solid state relays, Photo resist spinner. Ptnr: S.A. Parkhani, Abhay Mulmullay.

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Badkhal Pali Road, Opp. Sec-49, Bhankari,, FARIDABAD - 121002 Haryana, India

Phone :--911292480080,4025099
Fax :--911294025099

Business Profile : Manufacturers & Exporters Of Combustion Equipments, Refractory Material, Furnaces, Aluminium-hydraulic Furnace, Tilting Furnace, Melting Furnace, Billet Heating Furnace, Aging Oven & die Oven nitriding, Forging Furnace, Rolling Nil Furnace, Heat Treatments, Iso Annealing Treatment, Online Heat Treatment, Normalising Treatment, Hardening Treatment, Gas carbonising And Annealing Treatment, Copper Furnace, Hydraulic Furnace, Crucible Furnace, Copper Billet Heating Furnace, Copper Mill Furnace, Aging Oven, Stationery Aluminium Melting Furnace, Billet Re Heating, Aluminium Homozenizing, Die Oven, Rotary Furnace, Electrically Heated Tempering Furnace, Furnace Manufacturers. Furnace Manufacturers

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