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Cresta Instruments, Mumbai

9/A Sitladevi Industrial Estate, 140 Sitladevi Temple Road, Mahim, Mumbai - 400016 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--24465101/4801/4946
Fax :--022-24457230

Business Profile : Dtr for: (1) Semiconductors :- Mosfets IGBTs Power ICs Standard recovery and Fast recovery diodes Ultrafast and Schottky diodes Converter/Inverter SCRs Power Blocks Moulded Bridge rectifiers; (2)Capacitors :- Aluminum electrolytic ? Screw terminals & Snap ? in - type Metallised Polyester Polypropylene Water Cooled capacitors for AC & DC applications etc. (3) Ferrites :- Soft Ferrites - Torroids EE ETD EFF RM UU I Cores etc. (4) Amorphous Cores :- Powerlite Microlite Sensors Magamp Pulse Cores etc. (5) Rare Earth Magnets. (6) Heat Sinks & Assemblies ? Air / Water cooled. (7) Connectors (8) Metal Oxide Varistors and Surge suppressors. Ptnrs: V.N. Butani L.J. Butani.

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R.S. Pumps & Electricals, Ajmer

Opp. Power House, Mokhampura, Nasirabad Road, Ajmer Rajasthan, India

Mobile :-09352822234

Business Profile : Manufacturer of Submersible Pumpset, Openwel Pump, Motor Starter, Panel, Capaciter & Parts.

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Unistar Enterprises, Pune

27-B, Shriniwas Chambers,, Appa Balwant Chowk,, Pune - 411002 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--24456080/24480647
Fax :--020-25438920

Business Profile : Dtr for: (1) Desai Electronics Pvt Ltd for Metallised polyester capacitors; (2) Punsumi India Ltd, Jaipur for Electrolytic capacitors; (3) Watts Electronics, Cochin for CFR resistors; (4) Trishala Electrolytics, Bangalore for Can size PG capacitors. Also stockists for ICs, Triacs, SCRs, Diodes and Mosfets. Prop: S.C. Gupta.

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5-2-130/131, A. R.D. ROAD, OPP. BIBLE HOUSE,, SECUNDERABAD - 530003 Andhra Pradesh, India

Phone :--914027541028/55568372
Fax :--914027533576


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Rajdhani Enterprises, New Delhi

29, Netaji Subhash Marg, Darya Ganj, New Delhi - 110002 Delhi, India

Phone :--011-23245533
Fax :--011-23245834

Business Profile : Ampere Meter Vot MeterC.T Capacitor Condensor Apfc Panel Wire Cable

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Iee Engg Enterprises Private Limited, Bangalore

B-94 2nd Cross, 1st Stage Peenya Industrial Est., Bangalore - 560058 Karnataka, India

Phone :--28395546/28396063
Fax :--080-28372099

Business Profile : Mfr: Metallised polypropylene film capacitors-MPP for A.C. applications L.T. shunt power capacitors. Dirs: Gowri Shankar Sarda Dinesh Kumar Sarda.

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Grace Consultants Pvt Ltd, Noida

D-100 Ground Floor, Sector 30, Noida - 201301 Uttar Pradesh, India

Phone :--120-2451528/2451530
Fax :--120-2450144

Business Profile : Mfr: Heat shrink tubings/sleeves for capacitors Batteries Coils Bus bars Wiring harnesses and Shbrink packing film/tubes/sleeves/pouches. Prop: Mrs Usha Edward.

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Chandra Electronic, Mumbai

1, Yamuna Building, Tara Temple, Lane, Lamington Road,, Mumbai - 400007 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--23860309/23827833
Fax :--022-23872151

Business Profile : Authorised Dtrs for: (1) Essen Deinki for FRC, Euro conn, Relay bases, Micro switches, D-type connectors & covers, LED modules pilot lights; (2) J-Tronics for MS connectors; (3) Prime P/SE for PCB connectors; (4) Vital for Terminal blocks; (5) Sricom for SMA & BNC connectors; (6) Premier for Electronically controlled soldering & de-soldering station; (7) Time Engg. for PCB assembly jigs, Axial and radical lead cutter/bender. Also stockist of: Imported ICs, IGBTs, SCRs, Transistors, Diodes, Trimpots, Tantalum capacitors, Connectors, Flat cable and Round cables. Prop: Mahendra P. Chandra.

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Techno Comp, New Delhi

Pocket A8/30, Basement,, Kalkaji Extn.,, New Delhi - 110019 Delhi, India

Phone :--55093383
Fax :--011-26086208

Business Profile : Authorised Rep for: Phoenix passive components (formerly Philips Passive Components), Brazil in India for their range of SFR, MFR, Wirewound resistors, Heating resistors for repellents, Resistors for Mercury and HID lamps, Noise suppression resistors for automobile industries and film capacitors. Also deals in all types of SMD components, Resettable fuses, MoVs, Disc capacitors both low & high voltage, Diodes, Transistors and Crystals. Ptnr: Subrahmanyam.

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Micronova Impex Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

43 W.A.T. Street, Basavangudi, Bangalore - 560004 Karnataka, India

Phone :--26675915/26527446/26617619/26602451
Fax :--080-26607353/26670896

Business Profile : Reps/Stockists/Dtr for: Fuses electronic fuses Power semiconductors RF power capacitors Chip capacitors Power resistors Modular/bar mounted contactors L/V switchgears RF & microwave components/systems Passive & active electronic components. Mg Dir: Suresh A. Rao.

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Chetna electric Corporation, Mumbai

165 K.M. Sharma Marg, Lohar Chawl Amrut Nivas, 1st Floor Room No. 11, Mumbai - 400002 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--022-22081356(O)/26281644

Business Profile : Dtrs for: Capacitor raw materials (Polyester film Aluminium foil) Transformer raw materials (Polyester film Press boards Pressphan paper Leatheroid paper Nomex paper Kapton film Kraft paper Glass epoxy sheets Syndanio sheets Silicon rubber sleeves and sheets PTFE wires & sleeves Fibre glass sleeving Tapes and wires Cotton and Webbing tapes) and other raw materials for lamp Dument wires Tungston wires Moly wires Cable (plain/numbering polyester film tapes aluminium laminated polyester film). Chf EXtvs: Bhavik Shah Mayur Shah C.J. Shah.

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Visha Electronics Corporation, Mumbai

17, Kalpana Building,, 349, Lamington Road,, Opp. Police Station,, Mumbai - 400007 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--23862650/22
Fax :--022-23884401

Business Profile : Dtr/Dlr for: Education electronics hobby `VISHA' kits and all industrial electronic components. Visha kits includes kits for robotics, RF kits, Remotes, Door bells, Alarms, Sound effects, Light effects, Domestic section, Games, Tone controls, Audio accessories, Preamplifiers, Power amps, timer, clock, lab instruments, Power supplies, Range of components varies from integrated circuits (ICs), capacitors, transistors, diodes, photo-diodes, triacs-diacs, crystals, zeners, SCRs, regulators, bridge rectifiers, connectors, RF chokes, IC sockets, LEDs, LED holders, displays, LDRs, switches (rotary, push, toggle, rocker and other), plugs and sockets, terminals, transformers, relays, trimpots, soldering irons, desoldering pumps, fast/slow blowing fuses, pots, presets, heatsinks, cabinets, breadboards, multimeters, speakers, and testleads Dlrs for: (1) Soldron-soldering irons; (2) IEC-switches; (3) CRC-Acryform; (4) CIE-multimeters; (5) Joint-solder wire; (6) P.I. heatsinks; (7) ATR chemicals - acrylcote/PCB cleaners. Ptnrs: Premji R. Gala, Shailesh P. Gala.

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F-8, MIDC, Ambad, Nashik - 422010 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--2382158 / 2382958
Fax :--2381227

Business Profile : ELCB, ELMCB, Energy Meter, P F Correction Equipments, Design & Mfg. of Moulds & Capacitors

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A-8, AHMED CHAMBERS, 2nd FLOOR, 386, LAMINGTON ROAD,, Mumbai - 400004 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--912266587574/23808760/23808762
Fax :--912266370605


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Sahyadri Foils Pvt Ltd, Pune

J-49 S Block, MIDC Bhosari, Pune - 411026 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--27120483/24116900
Fax :--020-27120483

Business Profile : Mfr: electrolytic capacitors. Dtrs/Dlrs: (1) Maheshwari Industries Delhi (Ph: 011-23873278); (2) Apex Agencies Mumbai (Ph: 022-3863592); (3) electronica Chennai (Ph: 044-8587165). Mg Dir: Neeraj Maheshwari.

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Monarch Engineers, New Delhi

110 DSIDC Okhla, Phase-1, New Delhi - 110020 Delhi, India

Phone :--26817567/26811936
Fax :--011-6810203
Mobile :-98681 21872 - Mr Rajeev Sood

Business Profile : Mfr: Capacitors for fans Motors Airconditioners Washing machines CVTs Inverters Automatic electric irons Immersion water heaters Ceiling fans Gysers and Fluorescent chokes. Also starting Capacitors for electric motors and electrolytic capacitors. Prop: H.R. Sood.

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Basaveshwara electronics Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

#45 10th Cross, 17th Main, Muneshwara Block, Bangalore - 560026 Karnataka, India

Phone :--080-26755581

Business Profile : Mfr: Metalised polyester capacitors Metalised polypropylene capacitors Capacitors-polyester Polypropylene CDI Capacitors Dipped capacitors X2-capacitors Made to order special capacitors. Dtrs: (1) AVM Traders Delhi (Fax: 011-23865367; 23866956/957); (2) VAM electronics Delhi (Fax: 011-23868459; Ph: 23868159); (3) Isha Agencies Delhi (Fax: 011-22139127; Ph: 22132445); (4) NEC Kolkata (Fax: 033-2155697; Ph: 22154962). Mg Dir: Ravindra S. Javali.

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Desai Engineering Pvt Ltd, Pune

870/5, Bhandarkar Institute Road,, Pune - 411004 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--25654553/554
Fax :--020-25654273

Business Profile : Mfr: Metalised & Film foil capacitors - Polyester & polypropylene, Interference suppression capacitors (Class X2 & Y2).Dlrs: (1) Amar Radio Corpn, Bangalore; (2) Avani Electricals, Ahmedabad; (3) Apex Agencies Pvt Ltd, Mumbai; (4) Electromark Devices (Bombay) Pvt Ltd, Mumbai; (5) Ingata Laboratories, Coimbatore; (6) Madhu Subtronics Components Pvt Ltd,, Mumbai; (7) Radio Electronics, Ahmedabad; (8) Veltron Electronics Devices Pvt Ltd, Mumbai; (9) Unistar Enterprises, Pune; (10) Roni Electronics, Cochin; (11) Venture Electronics, Mumbai and (12) CDS Component Sources, Bangalore. Mg Dir: V.M. Desai.

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Precious Industries, Mumbai

19 Municipal Indl Estate,, K. Khadye Marg,, Jacob Circle,, Mumbai - 400011 Maharashtra, India

Phone :--23085458/23082506
Fax :--022-23085666

Business Profile : Mfr: Heatsinks, Mechanical accessories such as Instrument handles, Capacitor clamps, Aluminium anodised knobs and Nylon transistor bushes and Pads. Ptnr: Popatlal D. Gosar.

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Arihant Electricals, Delhi

24/4866,Ansari Road, Daryaganj, Delhi - 110002 Delhi, India

Phone :91-11-23262176 , 91-11-23269011
Fax :-11-23273554

Business Profile : Capacitors, Thermistors, EMC Filters, Relays, Mosfets, Diodes, Semiconductors Fuses etc.

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